16 the Tower

16 the Tower (letter pei 80: mouth, that brings reality into being as vehicle of the Word- the Hebrew word 'pei' contains letter kaf and yod) the collapsing tower, hit by lightning, represents destruction of old values, of the old, false ego self, war between the sexes (Venus and Mars), collective upheaval. Saturn and Uranus, element fire, planet Mars. Path 27 from Netzach (Venus, 7) to Hod (Mercury, 8). The tower was built by Nimrod, who rebelled against God (or the Lord), representing the intellect, hunting for prizes and other rewards of pride, goals and ambitions out of false premises.

Adam and Eve expelled from Eden, the House of God, the Holy Trinity, the supernal triad, fall into lower Eden, the magical triad. Sudden revelation, realisation of the truth, of true will.

Lightning hits the tower (777 lightning flash=Kundalini energy rising from root chakra, Spirit descending into matter) Nimrod the builder and hunter, the false king loses his crown at the breaking point of his arrogance. The tower or house is solid but built on a rocky mountain, the rock, foundation of Yesod that in this case is still unsolid. Coins falling from tower in the shape of yods: the tower is the obelisk, phallus during orgasm, spilling the cup of Hermes with sexual energy. 22 flames, 10 sepiroth 12 constellations, sign of divine interventions.

The shaman getting hit by lightning, falling from world tree. He becomes a trickster, upsetting establishment, breaking rules of moral convention, an agent of chaos. Obliterating the self, the man in the mirror and becoming new individual (Vanilla Sky). On some cards arrow of light. The sometimes deceiving nature of Venus, (Eve who took a bite from the apple) needs a sobering wake up call, that releases the demons of despair and madness.

The first lateral path, as the main girder of the personality. The fall of man, fall of lucifer, thrown into abyss, the pentagram becomes inverted. Hod (16=8+8), the intellect has tried to build a skyscraper in the world of air, intellect but under impulse of Mars, the emperor, as a phallus to rule. The tower of logic has to collapse to come to true understanding, a magician with balanced personality that acts out of true will and doesn't crown the ego as king.

Synonym for war between conflicting forces (white and black pillar, creative emotions Netzach, male intellect of Hod Mercury), the breakdown of a jail, a world order, crisis, revelation, disruption, realizing the truth (storming of Bastille tower, Pearl Harbour, 911,..). Pei means mouth, oral tradition, confounding of speech through different languages, path to mercury, Toth taught language. Egyptiian opening of the mouth ceremony, to let the soul return to body during dog days. The ziggurat of Babylon to worship Marduk/Jupiter.

Toth deck: Eye of Shiva, dove (spirit) and lion headed serpent (form of Abraxas, the demiurg), mouth of Dis -Pluto, the underworld, harrowing of hell, freeing those trapped in 'sheol' or limbo- 911 the tower was attempt to open the abyss, a dimensional portal. Distortion of the concept of destroying the ego to find the true self, using ritual of key of Solomon, anal rape causing lightning flashes in the brain, to split the mind to create alters. The lightning is also a symbol of Satan: 'I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven' (Luke 10:18).

To Anton LaVey, in his book Satan Speaks, the Sign of the Spear is the inverted pentagram. The pentagram (the satanic five-pointed star), according to LaVey represents, Excalibur, the Spear of Destiny, Wotan's spear point, the lightning bolt that created the protoplasm of life.
Pei: mouth, word, speech, breath, to blow, to scatter, edge, portion, opening, corner,..

Example: the 911 Twin Towers ritual in 2001.

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