7 the Chariot

7 the Chariot (letter chet 8, fence) Path 18 from Binah to Geburah (crosses the Abyss). Mars in connection with Sun or Mercury. The combined powers of male and female (2 sphinxes, black and white ) moving forward. The chariot on which the initiate departs from the Garden of Eden as Mars the emperor/warrior king. Cancer is the period of summer solstice, sun at its highest peak, used as a stargate in sex magic (mer-ka-ba, Sacred Marriage of Sun and Moon).

Constellation Cancer was seen by the Egyptians and Babylonians as a turtle (Sheta, Bab Ilu the golden gate with a shell of 13 parts), later symbolised by Kheper the scarab beetle, and the masonic keystone in the Royal Arch. The crab= blue blood Holy Grail bloodline.

Toth deck: A charioteer in golden armour, studded with sapphires, holding a ball shaped grail cup, with red tincture of the alchemists (used to astral project). Above his head, the crab of cancer, on roof (representing starry sky) the word Abrahadabra (in geomatria 418). Only the outside world is moving. described in 12th aethyr (the shining). Heth goes back to hieroglyph for courtyard, cheth: Wall, tent wall, fence, enclosure, half, outside, partition, gate, thread, to divide, mistake, fear, life-force, sin, new beginning.

Example: Dave Bowman in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

6 the Lovers

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