Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was an Austrian-German political puppet, trained to play a role in the WW1 and WW2 ritual. He played an Antichrist figure, the Horus archetype in Crowley's Aeon of Horus, to announce the birth of Antichrist William V (he married Eva Braun on 4/29 like William and Catherine). His nazi party with members of the Thule Society became the blueprint for the Right Wing Church.

At the Realschule in Linz he was a classmate of Ludwig Wittgenstein, who was later mentored by Fabian Bertrand Russell.

In 1923 he played the lead role in the Beer Hall Putsch in Munich Bavaria with Ernst Röhm, Rudolf Hess, Ludwig von Scheubner-Richter, Erich Ludendorff, Heinrich Himmler, Robert Wagner and Hermann Göring. They were imprisoned in Landsberg Prison.

His book Mein Kampf was written by jesuit Bernard Staempfle. It was published by Eher-Verlag of Franz Xavier Josef Eher (named after Franz Xavier, co-founder of the jesuits) and mason Rudolf von Sebottendorf.

He was interviewed by MI6 agent George Viereck, who worked with Aleister Crowley.

He promoted Madison Grant's The Passing of the White Race. He played the role of antagonist of Richard Kalergi who worked with Knight of Malta Otto Habsburg to rebuild the Roman Empire (European Union/Empire). He became associated with the swastika symbol of death and rebirth.

He came into power in 1933, most important nr in Scottish rite masonry, year of birth Jayne Mansfield (name of town of Martin Luther) and Roman Polanski (Antichrist movie Rosemary's Baby).

He was promoted in the British press (Harold Harmsworth), and used as a puppet of the Catholic Church (pope Pacelli), to impose a fascist regime (4 the Emperor) as a step towards a Totalitarian World State (United Nation WHO). The nazi's founded the SS, a Saturnian death cult like the Jesuits with sodomy lightning symbol, led by Heinrich Himmler.

He was a guest at the wedding of Oswald Mosley (Fabian Society) and Diana Guinness Mitford, at the home of Joseph Goebbels, with Robert Gordon-Canning, MI5 agent Bill Allen (in anticipation of the wedding of Charles and Diana. Robert Gordon-Canning was married to Hollywood actress Mary Maguire, a friend of John Farrow, the father of Mia Farrow, who played the mother of the Antichrist in Rosemary's Baby. Maguire played in Warner Bros movie Sergeant Murphy with Knight of Malta Ronald Reagan.

In 1936 he played a role in the Berlin Olympics with Luciferian torch ceremony and Jesse Owens (Alpha Phi Alpha like MLK).

In 1941 his book My New Order was published (=Fabian HG Wells' The New World Order). His nazi party made antisemitic propaganda and glorified the Aryan bloodline like the Theosophical Society as the Uebermensch of Friedrich Nietzsche. Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin played the role of opponents in the WW2 ritual.

Like jesuit trained Napoleon who came into power on 11/9 he embodied Apollyon the Destroyer from Revelation 911. He was born 129 years after Napoleon, came into power 129 years later, invaded Russia 129 later and was defeated 129 years later. Both were defeated with the same burned earth policy as Roman Emperor Fabius Maximus (Massimo family who control the Fabian Society).

He idolized homosexual mason Frederick the Great.

Howard Hughes had an associate Noah Dietrich like Hitler Dietrich Eckhart. Otto Rahn (the Court of Lucifer) saw Hitler's fight against the establishment as the gnostic Cathars against the Empire.

He played a role in the fake assassination attack media ritual on 7/20/1944 with jesuit trained brothers Boeslager and Claus von Stauffenberg (follower of Stefan George).

The wedding of Hitler and Eva Braun represented the alchemical marriage like Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart in the previous Thirty Years War, on april 29 st Catherine day, announcing antichrist William wedding Catherine apil 29 2011. His death was announced may 2 (like Osama after the 911 ritual).

His death represented the defeat of Draco Orion empire (Draco north star =swastika symbol).

Although he was a mere puppet in a ritual of mass sacrifice, revisionist history books painted him as the ultimate bad guy and the millions of other participants in the ritual as victims of his evil magic power or good guys that saved the world. Knight of Malta Reinhard Gehlen developed an intelligence network with the CIA.

This trauma and strict duality (Britain US jewish open minded vs white German xenophobic) serves to present the Left Wing Church and fascist world empire United Nations as benign and peaceful cooperation and the Right Wing Church as dangerous, while Left Wing politicians still use the same propaganda tricks, playing a father figure for voters with childlike mentality, use movie propaganda, censorship and intimidation (the Covid19-ritual).

Joachim Fest published a biography of Hitler in 1973. He later became co-editor of the Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung and died on 9/11 (Revelation 911).


Astrological chart

born 4/20/1889, date death Bram Stoker, Jessica Lang, mind control Project Bluebird, Andy Serkis, Crispin Glover, Carmen Electra, Columbine shooting, Deepwater Horizon oil spill, 42 nr rabbit hole, endlosung for the jews started in 1942, year Jack Parsons became head of OTO Agape Lodge), 4 days after Charlie Chaplin.

Asc Libra, mc Leo. Dom: Taurus (the Hierophant), Libra (adjustment), Leo (lust) - Sun (antichrist, Beast, like Crowley), Venus (Eva Braun), Mercury (the Fool).

Houses 7, 6, 3. 7: Mars conj Venus (love=war), Lilith and Sun in Taurus, 6: Mercury in Aries, 3: Jupiter and moon in Capricorn. 8 (shadow): Neptune and Pluto in Gemini, 10: Saturn in Leo, 12: Uranus in Libra.

died 4/30/1945, Walpurgus Night, date Lars von Trier, Kirsten Dunst, date Anton LaVey founded the Church of Satan.

Adolf Hitler in popular culture

1939 painted by Salvador Dali (friend of the Rothschilds)

1940 Charlie Chaplin (cc=33) in The Great Dictator.

1941 Citizen Kane played by Carl Ekberg

1942 The Fuhrer's Face propaganda movie of Aryan Disney family. The Devil with Hitler played by Bobby Watson (Robert Knucher played Hitler 9 times, Apollyon from Revelation 9).

1943 Hitler's Madman John Carradine (sex magic cult OTO) as Reinhardt Heydrich

1944 The Hitler Gang directed by John Farrow, father of Mia Farrow.

1945 Herr meets Hare Bugs Bunny (rabbit 42 Alice in Wonderland programming)

1950 Project Bluebird on 4/20.

1951 the Desert Fox portrayed by Luther Adler

1955 The Last Days GW Pabst (UFA) written by Erich Ramarque (All Quiet on the Western Front, relationship with Marlene Dietrich).

1958 Savitri Devi The Lightning and the Sun. Savitri Devi, an associate of Knight of Malta Otto Skorzeny and Miguel Serrano, merged nazism with Hinduism, saw Hitler as an avatar of Vishnu the Destroyer (Apollyon), ending the Kali Yuga (she died in 1982, year of birth William).

1962 The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Yvette Mimieux (HPS) Bobby Watson as Hitler music by André Previn husband of Mia Farrow. Philip K Dick The Man in the High Castle (swastika cover).

1962 Black Fox: Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler Marlene Dietrich MGM

In the 60's the media introduced the Antichrist character Charles Manson with swastika on his forehead.

Superman as Nietzschean nazi Uebermensch alter ego Clark Kent (ck=311=33) with right parting in hair.

1973 Hitler: the Last Ten Days Alec Guiness (Obi Wan Kenobi fighting the Empire in Star Wars)

1976 The Boys From Brazil Ira Levin (author of novel Rosemary's Baby, made into movie with Mia Farrow by Roman Polanski who was born in 1933, year of rise Hitler and made Holocaust movie the Pianist).

1977 Star Wars Darth Vader US and jews fighting german nazi's. Sid Vicious (swastika symbol) and Nancy Spungen as new Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun. David Irving (MI6) Hitler's War.

1978 Boys from Brazil Gregory Peck (Antichrist the Omen) as Josef Mengele.

1979 Roots James Earle Jones (Darth Vader). Holocaust denier Ernst Zündel publishes Hitler on the South Pole.

1981 The Bunker played by Anthony Hopkins. AH=81, year wedding Charles and Diana to make an Antichrist baby.

1982 The Ace of Aces Gustav Meisner as Hitler and his sister Angela.

1985 Hitler Portrait of Evil David Warner (the Omen)

1989 Countdown to War by Ian McKellen. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Michael Sheard as Hitler.

1997 Contact Jodie Foster Matthew McConaughey James Woods Jake Busey alien message with images of Berlin Olympics with Hitler.

1999 Columbine shooting on 4/20 bday Hitler, fans of Marilyn Manson (Anton LaVey's Church of Satan).

2003 Hitler Rise of Evil Robert Carlyle as Hitler, Jena Malone (Contact) Joker Matthew Modine.

2004 Downfall Bruno Ganz Thomas Kretschmann. parody clips on Youtube, Hitler as internet meme. George Haffett Hitler Was a British Agent.

2008 Valkyrie Tom Cruise one eye of Horus (falcon) symbolism, Tom Wilkinson (Falcone in Batman Begins) Terence Stamp. Angela Merkel as the new Adolf Hitler (Angela name of his sister).

2009 Inglourious Basterds Christoph Waltz (also role of Friedrich Nietzsche), Martin Wuttke as Hitler (announced the James Holmes Phoenix ritual on 7/20 date of Hitler assassination attempt).

The Man in the High Tower Philip K Dick Rufus Sewell (gnostic movie Dark City).
In Left Wing media jesuit trained political puppet Donald Trump is presented as the new Adolf Hitler Antichrist (Jared Kushner= Robert Knucher).
2020 Angela Merkel as Hitler figure in the Covid19-ritual.


the WW1 and WW2 ritual