Alan Turing

Alan Mathison Turing was a British mind controlled MI6/CIA agent and mathematician, used to push the transhumanist AI agenda, gay and transgender agenda and the pedophilia agenda, the Luciferian sodomy religion of Aleister Crowley. He was educated at Cambridge (like cryptographer John Dee, lectures of bisexual Ludwig Wittgenstein) and Princeton University (by Alonzo Church). In 1936 he published On Computable Numbers, in 1938 Systems of Logic Based on Ordinals.

He worked with Dilly Knox (Room 40, Order of St Michael and St George, friend of John Keynes), Hugh Alexander, Peter Hilton (St Paul School) and Miriam Rothschild at Bletchley Park (Government Code and Cypher School) under Stewart Menzies (Bohemian Club) and Hugh Sinclair.

According to British propaganda they tried to crack the code of the Enigma machine of the nazi's with Miriam Rothschild when Adolf Hitler was invading Bohemia and Austria and Winston Churchill increased their funding after a personal letter from Turing.

In 1948 he worked with Max Newman.

Gordon Welchman, his colleague at Bletchley Park, later taught computer programming at MIT (teacher of Frank Heart, creation of ARPANET/Internet) and worked for the MITRE Corporation.

Andrew Hodges (gay agenda) wrote his biography Alan Turing The Enigma. Hugh Whitemore (The Blue Bird with Elizabeth Taylor and Jane Fonda=Project Bluebird) adapted it into the play Breaking the Code.

Peter Wright (MI5, friend of Guy Burgess) wrote a biography of Hugh Alexander.

In 1996 the BBC produced the movie Breaking the Code with Derek Jacobi (also gay agenda) as Turing.

In 2009 he was pardoned for his conviction for having sex with a 19y old boy to turn Turing into a gay martyr.

He was the subject of British propaganda movie The Imitation Game (2014) with Benedict Cumberbatch as Turing, Mark Strong as Stewart Menzies and Keira Knightley, produced by Teddy Schwarzman, the son of Stephen Schwarzman.

The BBC produced propaganda about Gordon Welchman as a genius who hacked Hitler in 2015.


Astrological chart

born 6/23/1912, date St John's Eve, Selma Blair, Edward VIII, Frances McDormand, June Carter Cash, Lauren Donner, Alfred Kinsey, Maureen O'Sullivan, Michael Middleton.

Asc: Gemini, mc: Aquarius. Dom: Cancer (the Chariot), Gemini, Aquarius - Uranus (genius), Jupiter, Saturn.

Houses 2, 10, 7. 2: Pluto in Gemini, Sun and Mercury in Cancer, 10: Uranus in Aquarius, 7: Jupiter in Sagittarius. 3: Neptune in Cancer, 4: Mars in Libra, 6: Moon in Libra, 12: Saturn in Taurus.

died 6/7/1954, date d Robert the Bruce, Karl Urban, Prince, Liam Neeson, d Christopher Lee, by suicide in Cheshire, 6 days after wedding of Diana's parents.

the Gay and Transgender Church