Alfred Kinsey

Alfred Charles Kinsey was a biologist and CIA agent, used in the fake Sexual Revolution to push the gay-transgender agenda and pedophilia agenda. He founded the Institute for Sex Research at the University of Indiana in 1947 (Pluto in Leo era, year of death Aleister Crowley and founding of the CIA and Tavistock Institute), similar to the Institute of Sexual Science of Magnus Hirschfeld.

Alumni of the University of Indiana are: jesuit Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games), Mike Pence, Mark Cuban (Mellon Bank).

He was raised in South Orange New Jersey (orange=33=sodomy, Jack Parsons lived at Orange Grove), was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and trained at Harvard.

He wrote a Darwinistic high school text book An Introduction to Biology.

He was promoted in Time magazine. Through controversy in the media, his Sexual Behaviour in the Human Male (1948) was given extra publicity.

Judith Reisman played the role of Kinsey's conservative opponent (Los Angeles City College, professor at Liberty University of Jerry Falwell of Unification Church) with Laura Schlessinger (Sirius XM Radio of Martine Rothblatt, controversy with Media Matters for use of word 'nigger').

In 1949 he testified fore the California General Assembly’s Subcommittee on Sex Crimes, urging them to liberalize sex offense statutes and to grant immediate paroles to suspected child molesters, warning that societal 'hysteria' does more harm to children than the actual molestations.

In 1950 he worked with Harry Hay of the OTO.

In 1953 he published Sexual Behaviour in the Human Female.

In 1955 he visited Aleister Crowley's Abbey of Thelema with Kenneth Anger (friend of Bobby Beausoleil of the Manson Family).

He was funded by the CIA (Rockefeller Foundation as front, Pluto: oil, dark secrets).

His book was shown on the bookshelf of Mia Farrow in Roman Polanski's Rosemary's Baby (which also featured a scene at the Radio City of Rockefeller Center), next to a book on witchcraft with a picture of Eliphas Lévi's Baphomet.

The Kinsey Institute shaped the policy of Planned Parenthood.

His wife Clara McMillen, born 10/2 like Jack Parsons, died 4/30/1982, 2 months before William V, child of Charles and Diana.

Liam Neeson played Kinsey in Hollywood movie Kinsey of jesuit Bill Condon with Laura Linney (The Truman Show, Kinsey died date of Truman Capote), jesuit Chris O'Donnell, Peter Sarsgaard, John Lithgow, David Harbour (Stranger Things), Tim Curry, Lynn Redgrave.

The Kinsey Institute published Homosexualities with contribution of Edward Sagarin (CCNY, gay agenda), Albert Ellis (NYU, American Psychological Association), who also contributed to Paul Krassner's The Realist. It was promoted in The New Republic of Walter Lippmann and The NY Times.

June Reinish of the Kinsey Institute managed the Cafe a Go Go in Greenwich Village.

Sue Carter as director of the Kinsey Institute, pushed the transgender agenda (son Seth Porge worked for History and National Geographic of Hearst/Disney.

Astrological chart

born 6/23/1894, date St John's Eve, Selma Blair, Alan Turing, Frances McDormand, Paul James Tate (father of Sharon Tate), Michael Middleton, Hitler's conquest of Paris.

Dom: Cancer (the Chariot), Gemini, Pisces - Mars (like Mia Farrow), Neptune, Saturn.

Mars in Aries, Venus in Taurus, Pluto, Neptune, Jupiter in Gemini, Sun in and Mercury in Cancer, Saturn in Libra, Uranus in Scorpio, Lilith in Capricorn, Moon in Pisces.

died 8/25/1956, date death Friedrich Nietzsche (Death of God), Wizard of Oz, Tim Burton, death Truman Capote, death Tim Kennedy, death John McCain, Sean Connery, Tom Skerrit, Alexander Skarsgard, month of Elvis Presley appearance on Ed Sullivan Show as sex symbol, month before Brigitte Bardot's first famous movie.

Aleister Crowley

Kenneth Anger