Anne Frank

Anne Frank was a jewish girl of an elite bloodline who lived in Amsterdam during the nazi occupation of the Netherlands, taken to Auschwitz and later Bergen-Belsen. After her death, Miep Gies and her father Otto Frank published her diary in 1947 (year of death Crowley). She was used to represent the child Horus in the Aeon of Horus, in Hollywood propaganda (use of the Holocaust to push a political agenda). Her friend Hanneli Goslar was related to Alfred Klee (leader of German Zionism with Theodor Herzl). Her cousin, Swiss actor Buddy Elias was president of the Anne Frank Fonds. He played in The Magic Mountain (Thomas Mann) with Rod Steiger.

In 1960 the Anne Frank House was opened in Amsterdam.

Austrian journalist Melissa Müller (editor of book of Traudl Junge, used for Downfall with Bruno Ganz) wrote a biography in 1998.

Meyer Levin (like Rosemary's Baby writer Ira Levin) wrote a play based on the book and worked with hoaxer Orson Welles. He was married to Tereska Torres (lesbian agenda), previously married to stepson of Léon Blum (pm of France, Dachau).

The bookshelves hiding a secret doorway represents the kabbalistic sepirah Da'ath (also in Rosemary's Baby).

Storm Jameson wrote an introduction to her diary. He was a member of the Peace Pledge Union with Aldous Huxley, Bertrand Russell, CEM Joad, Gerald Heard, George Lansbury (grandfather of Angela Lansbury), 

In 1978 Robert Faurrison (Buchenwald, Willis Carto's Institute of Historical Review and William Luther Pierce's National Alliance, trial of Ernst Zündel, promoted by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Dieudonné M'bala M'bala) wrote The Diary of Anne Frank - Is It Authentic?.

born 6/12/1929 (216 nr of Geburah, William born 6/21), date Rosemary's Baby, David Rockefeller, Samuel Arkoff, George HW Bush, Otto Skorzeny, Frank Rosenthal, d Jozef Retinger, Jordan Peterson, d Gregory Peck (played Josef Mengele), the Orlando shooting.

died february 1945.

Anne Frank in popular culture

1959 The Diary of Anne Frank George Stevens Millie Perkins (married to Dean Stockwell who played in Disney's Snow White) Ed Wynn (Alice in Wonderland) Shelley Winters 20th Century Fox. Stevens worked for the US army under Dwight Eisenhower, filmed the landing of Normandy and liberation of Paris, made footage for the Nuremberg trial.
1967 The Diary of Anne Frank Max von Sydow Lili Palmer (=diary of Laura Palmer) Donald Pleasence
1980 The Diary of Anne Frank Maximilian Schell Melissa Gilbert (NBC show Little House on the Prairie, ABC show Dancing with the Stars)
1985 Het Dagboek van Anne Frank Jeroen Krabbé
1988 The Attic: the Hiding of Anne Frank Mary Steenburgen (Malcolm McDowell) Huub Stapel Eleanor Bron (Beatles movie Help!) Tom Wilkinson 1988 Last Seven Months of Anne Frank Hanneli Goslar
1995 Anne Frank Remembered Kenneth Branagh Jon Blair (Order of the British Empire)
1995 Anne no Nikki (Japanese anime) Madhouse
1997 Broadway play with Natalie Portman as Anne Frank
2001 Anne Frank: the Whole Story ABC Ben Kingsley Lili Taylor
2001 The Short LIfe of Anne Frank Jeremy Irons
2007 Freedom Writers Hilary Swank
2009 The Diary of Anne Frank BBC Felicity Jones
2016 Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank Lea van Acken
2021 Where is Anne Frank
2021 My Best Friend Anne Frank Netflix