Athena is a Goddess (the God matrix) and mythological figure, daughter of Zeus, worshiped in Athens and the rest of Greece. She wore a helmet of invisibility, a magic shield aegis (switching between dimensions), a spear (technology of Atlantean giants with heavy spear, DNA, Kundalini serpent of sex magic) and snake (=electromagnetic or light wave,  myths of interdimensional shapeshifting reptilians). Like Lilith and Minerva she was associated with the owl (shapeshifting Greys) associated with wisdom (Chokmah, gnostic goddess Sophia).  She was one of the 12 Olympians that overthrew Cronos. Her epiteths were Pallas (sacred celestial pole with Draco on top, polis, policy, police), Parthenos (the virgin, Virgo House of Bread), Ergane (the industrious, goddess of craftsmen) and Hippo (of the horses, the Hyksos invented the chariots).  She transformed Medusa in a snakeheaded Gorgon (crecops serpent race). She played a role in the Golden Fleece legend (mystery of superconductive monoatomic gold powder).

She was associated with the olive tree (olive branch on flag of Israel and UN).

Egyptian god Atum was a self created god (Atlantean kings stressed their divine lineage as child of a virgin birth). 

Egyptian goddess Neith was also associated with an aegis, war, wisdom and weaving and worshiped in a cult of priestesses. Her cult was centered in Sais, the city in which Solon receives the story of Atlantis in Plato's Timaeus.

Akhenaten replaced Amun and Atum with the sun disk Aten, which became Adonai in the priesthood of Judaism. The priestesses of Hathor also wore an aegis.

Athena was also worshiped by the Spartans (long haired Tribe of Dan). Phidias, a friend Pericles (helmet to emphasize his large skull), made 2 giant statues of Athena. Artemis, Diana, Hestia, Hecate (goddess of witchcraft) were all virgin goddesses. Greek civilization was based on pedophilia, using virgins as an energetic food source.

Hadrian founded an Atheneum in Rome. She was depicted as slaying giants with Hercules on the Pergamon altar in Turkey.

The Parthenon of Athens became  a temple of virgin Mary in Christianity.

The sacred spear or lance (meridian, the bar of Isis crossing Paris in South of France with Basque bloodline) became Lancelot in King Arthur mythology and the Lance of Longinus with blood of Christ, the Imperial Regalia of the Roman Emperors. The Cathars worked as weavers.

A-ten=10, the High Priestess sits in front of a veil with 10 pomegranates representing the 10 sepiroth.

Raphael painted the School of Athens with Plato and Aristotle and statues of Apollo and Athena. Athena=Brittanica (8 pointed star of Ishtar).

1591 Bartholemeus Spranger (court painter of pope Pius V) The Triumph of Wisdom or Minerva Victorious Over Ignorance.
Thomas Blennerhassett (dolphins on coat of arms) portrayed Elizabeth I (called the Virgin Queen, depicted with serpent on the rainbow portrait) as Athena.

1607 founding of Virginia. Jesuit Peter Paul Rubens painted Marie de Medici as Athena.

1612 Francis Bacon Minerva Brittania.

1643 Francis Bacon New Atlantis with Athena on title page.

Rosicrucian Bacon invented pseudonym William Shakespeare (spear of Athena, William and Wilhelm are derived from word helmet) Bard of Avon (AV),  supposedly married to Anne Hathaway (head away, decapitation symbolism).

1776 JL David Minerva Fighting Mars. founding of Illuminati with owl symbol.

Athena used as symbol in the French Revolution and on Great Seal of California (Kali).

Athena emblem of city of Richmond in Virginia (VA male and female). Gustav Klimt Pallas Athena.

Athenaeum magazine promoted the Romanticism of Karl Wilhelm Schlegel.

1824 the Athenaeum Club  with Humpfrey Davy (Royal Society), Thomas Henry Huxley, pm Henry Temple, AC Doyle, Lewis Carroll, Charles Darwin, Arthur Wellesly, Michael Faraday, Robert Forbes, Benjamin Disraeli, James Maxwell, St John Philby, Rudyard Kipling, Robert Peel, John Ruskin, John Russell, Edward Bulwer-Lytton.

1872 Bohemian Club with owl symbol, phrase 'Weaving spiders' from Shakespeare. Fabian HG Wells wrote The Invisible Man.

1883 Austrian parliament with Athena statue.

1885 Quakers establish Bryn Mawr College with owl emblem and statue of Athena.

1886 assassination of Abraham Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth with phrase Sic Semper Tyrannis. science of electromagnetism leads to first antenna's.

Bael also teaches the art of invisibility. Crowley summoned Bael for 6 months at Boleskine House in Loch Ness.

1930s neo-paganism of the nazi's. Spear of Destiny in Vienna Austria.

1938 Snow White and the Seven Dwarves owl symbolism. Nazi's move the Imperial Regalia to Nuremberg.

1941 building of Pentagon on 9/11 in Arlington Virginia (war goddess Athena).

1970 Richard Branson founds Virgin.

1978 fashion label Versace (Giovanni Versace murder a month before Diana) uses the gorgoneion as logo.

owl logo of fraternity Phi Delta Theta  Neil Armstrong (moon landing), James McLamore (Burger King), Lorenzo Borghese, Dirk Benedict (The A-Team=Aten), Van Heflin, Benjamin Harrison, Frank Stanton (CBS).

1981 Clash of the Titans Beverly Cross Harry Hamlin Laurence Olivier Ursula Andress (James Bond) Susan Fleetwood as Athena with owl Burgess Meredith Tim Piggot-Smith (V for Vendetta) MGM.

1983 Project Athena of MIT and IBM (used by Pixar Animation Studios of Steve Jobs).

1987 Rutgers University published Martin Bernal (Cornell) Black Athena (Athena based on Egyptian Neith).

1989 Little Mermaid Athena as mother of Ariel. Richard Branson founds Virgin (record label, airline).

1997 founding of Athenahealth (bought by Bain Capital). funeral of Diana Spencer with John Tavener's Song for Athena.

1999 Eyes Wide Shut Tom Cruise with owl mask.

2000 The Beach Virginie Ledoyen Leonardo di Caprio as Richard. Britney Spears (Brittania, spear of Athena). Kendra Spears married prince Aga Khan, worked with Diane Furstenberg.

2002 CERN the Athena Experiment research on antimatter (antihydrogen, superconductivity), followed by the Aegis Experiment.

2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

2005 V for Vendetta introduces the Anonymous mask. Constantine about the spear of destiny. Jessica Alba (Baal) as Invisible Woman in Fantastic Four.  Mark Zuckerberg's sister Randi Zuckerg on the board of Athena Technology Acquisition Corp.

 Project Camelot disinfo of Max Spears. Sigieri Pallavicini (Black Nobility with double headed eagle emblem) Athena Investments.

2010 Percy Jackson & The Olympians: the Lightning Thief Logan Lerman Sean Bean Uma Thurman Rosario Dawson Chris Columbus. Clash of the Titans.

2011 X-men First Class Kevin Bacon (=Francis Bacon/Shakespeare, played in Hollow Man) with magic helmet.

2015  CERN produces antimatter (anti-hydrogen).

2016 Humans series Carrie-Anne Moss as dr Athena Morrow (AI transhumanist agenda)

2020 Kristen Wiig as Barbara Minerva in Wonder Woman 1984.

2022 Athena Netflix Romain Gavras.


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