Business Roundtable

The Business Roundtable is a US think tank of CEO's of the biggest corporations in the world, that help shape policy, founded in 1972, with headquarter in Washington DC.

President of the BR is Joshua Bolten, whose father worked for the CIA. He was trained at Stanford, worked for Goldman Sachs, was Chief of Staff of George W Bush (S&B), member of Atlantik-Brücke.

In 1981 jesuit Carol Quigley wrote the Anglo-American Establishment with the theory that Alfred Milner, Cecil Rhodes and Nathan Rothschild were members of a secretive group named the Business Roundtable.


- 3M
- Accenture
- Amazon (Jeff Bezos)
- Apple (Tim Cook)

- AT&T (jesuit John Stankey, Vanguard)
- Bank of America (Vanguard)
- Bayer Corporation (nazi company IG Farben)
- Bechtel Group
- BlackRock (Larry Fink)
- BlackStone (Stephen Schwarzman S&B, Vanguard)
- BP (BP oil spill)
- Chevron (Vanguard)
- Chubb Limited (Evan Greenberg)
- Cisko Systems (Chuck Robbins BlackRock, Ford Foundation, WEF)
- Citigroup
- Comcast Corporation (NBC Universal)
- Dell Technologies
- Dow Chemical Company
- Dupont (Colonna, Edward Breen)
- ExxonMobil
- Fox Corporation (Fox, Lachlan Murdoch, son of Rupert Murdoch)
- Ford Motor Company
- Gap Inc
- General Electric
- General Motors Company
- Goldman Sachs
- Hearst (Steven R Swartz)
- IBM (Arvid Krishna, administration of concentration camps)
- Intel (Mark Sutton)
- Johnson & Johnson (Alex Gorsky, the Covid19 scam)
- JP Morgan Chase (Jaimie Dimon)
- Lockheed Martin (Vanguard)
- Marriott International (Mormons)
- Mastercard (Vanguard)
- Mattel (Ynon Kreiz, Barbie)
- McKinsey & Company (ties to NHS of UK)
- Moody's
- Morgan Stanley (James P Gorman)
- Motorola (Vanguard)
- Nasdaq
- Northrop Grumman (Vanguard)
- Novelis
- PayPal (Vanguard)
- Pepsico (jesuit Ramon Laguarta, Vanguard)
- Pfizer (Albert Bourla, Vanguard)
- Procter & Gamble (Vanguard)
- Raytheon
- S&P Global Inc
- Texas Instruments
- The Carlyle Group (Order of Malta)
- The Coca Cola Company
- United Airlines
- Vanguard
- Verizon Communications
- Visa
- Walmart
- Wells Fargo
- Western Union
- Xerox

Its European counterpart is the European Roundtable of Industrialists.

Council on Foreign Relations

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