Castle symbolism is used in trauma based mind control to create a dissociative little world with amnesia barriers (Oz, Neverland, Wonderland), a system to structure alters and as hypnotic trigger in Hollywood propaganda of Disney aimed at children. The Holy Grail castle is a theme in King Arthur mythology (the Fool's Journey of the Tarot, search for the Higher Self, conquering the heart=taking over the castle).

 "The Programmers place into their slaves a combination of the following standard systems to make up the victim’s programming: a. Cabalistic Tree of Life, b. Carousel, c. Castle, d. Cave and well, e. Chess Board, f. Double Helix, g. Flowers, h. DNA Helix, i. Hour glass j. the Mensa system, k. Pentagram, 1. Pool of Death, m. Potter’s Wheel, n. Puppet System, o. Solemetric, p. Spider Web, q. Spiritual structuring, r. Stairwell, s. a Telescoping system, t. Tornado System, and u. Umbrella.

A castle system will contain a moat, drawbridge, turrets, gargoyles, a torture dungeon filled with actual memories of torture, secret passages, lots of levels, & rooms including a library. Child alters are often hidden in the castle. Disobedient alters may be locked up in the castle. Lots of traps are placed around and in the castle. The castle will house some alters and also some deadly programs. When castle alters get stirred up, the victim may internally see the castle lights go on. The castle walls may have a grid on them. The castle may be guarded by monsters." Fritz Springmeier The Illuminati Formula.

Like the obelisk and the Ben Ben stone, the castle tower can represent the phallus of Atum or Osiris. The rock is a symbol of Jupiter. The elite families of the Draco-Orion bloodline imposed a caste system with themselves as highest caste (El=> el-ite, ang-el, chap-el, cast-le..).