The Cathars were a Luciferian gnostic sodomy cult (the Gay-transgender Church) in the south of France, that were prosecuted by the Catholic Church (pope Innocentius III) from 1209. Their stronghold was Montsegur, in the Narbonne region.

Kabbalism resurfaced in 13th-century Provence, which was at that time also the center of the Gnostic Cathars and King Artur myths. South France was inhabited by the Rhesus - bloodline of Basques, descendants of long haired Tuatha De Dannan-Tribe of Dan and Merovingians.
The Knights Templar were influenced by the gnosticism of Ismaili's secret islamic sect, a form of Manichean Gnosticism, that had been introduced to them in the Holy Land and adopted the heresy of Catharism.

The Cathars believed that Jesus had descended to the material plane to undo the rule of the God of Israel, and that he had liberated mankind from the law of Moses and the natural order, through salvation in his name.

The Cathars believed that the body, and life itself, was the creation of an evil God. Texts like the Secret Supper (the Book of John) explain how Satan was allowed to create the material world.
The Cathars took their name from the Greek word meaning 'pure ones' and claimed to represent a higher form of Christianity, purer than what they saw as the corrupt and polluted Roman Catholic Church. They did not recognize the authority of the Church and believed that homosexuality was sacred because it was a form of love which did not result in procreation (locking humans in a cycle of earthly incarnations).

Following the Platonic ideal of Venus Urania, the Cathars believed that Brotherly Love was more in keeping Christ's teaching than the love between husband and wife. The Cathars organized themselves as the Manichaeans did, into three classes: Listeners, Believers and Perfect (black robes, cord around the waist). The Perfect gave up sex and private property, and they abstained from meat and dairy products (containing phosphorus). The Perfect, upon being consoled, were given the title of Theotokos, which means God-Bearer, an assignation usually associated with the Virgin Mary.

When they died, their souls would escape this world. Ordinary believers supported the Perfect and lived less ascetically. When they died, their souls would be reincarnated in new bodies.
They often worked as weavers. Venus Lucifer, because of her 8 year cycle depicted as the 8 pointed star was also worshiped as an 8 legged spider goddess who wove the world into existence. The Cathars also allowed women to preach and served as leaders and criticized the corruption of Catholic bishops and priests.

1167 Council of st Felix with Nicetas, Bogomil bishop of Constantinople and bishops of Carcasonne, Albi, Agen, Toulouse and Lombardy.

The ideal of courtly love is preached and praised in the songs of the Troubadours (minnesingers, love for the sacred feminine Lucifer Venus), in a period of religious freedom for jews. Stories circulate about how the Cathars (‘from the cat') worshipped black cats. They were said to kiss the posterior of the cat, in whose form, as they say, Lucifer appears to them (the mystery of the cycle of life and death, the element phosphor that lights up in dark, also in urine).
Hildegard von Bingen had apocalyptic visions the Cathars were the devil of the bottomless pit (Rev 911).

The Catholic Church prosecutes the Cathars, supresses the female Ophiuchus energy, abolishes the 13th sign, as a revenge on their rebellious slave race, serving the ancient gods (YHVH, Zeus).

1209 Pope Innocent III calls for a military campaign to wipe out the Cathars in southern France, another Holy War against heretics. The Albigensian Crusade persists for 20 years.

1300 Catharism has disappeared.
1312 The Knights Templar are suppressed on charges of heresy, blasphemy and sodomy, the same charges that had been levelled against the Cathars. Martin Luther defined the Devil as a giant anus (black sun Saturn) and in much iconography Evil and Sin is personified by farting, shitting, and sodomy. The inquisition drives Cathars underground, living double lives.

Protestantism was controlled opposition of the church of Rome where Martin Luther was presented as a Luciferian rebel, a rosicrucian gnostic Christ thrown out of the pleroma (the dome of Rome).
Out of gnostics and Knights Templar (suppressed in France, escaped to Spain)=> Rosicrucians => King of Spain revived the Knights Templar as the Order of the Jesuits.

1500s During the witch trials of the 16th century similar heresy accusations are made as attack on women, revenge on Eve for being seduced by the serpent, with burning punishment (like later concentration camps during the Holocaust).

Mythology of the Cathars

1616 the rosicrucian wedding of Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart with a performance of Shakespeare's the Tempest (John Dee/Prospero trapping Miranda in a play within a play).

1669 isolation of white phosphorus.
Napoleon Peyrat 'History of the Albegensians' romanticises the Cathars.

1882 In his Parsifal opera's about the Holy Grail, Richard Wagner bases his Montsalvat on the grail castle Montserrat of the Cathars.

1888 founding of Order of St. John (the Baptist)
1899 Achmim, Egypt the 'discovery' of the ‘Codex Berolinensis'
Occultists like Jules Doinel and Theodor Reuss revive gnosticism. The Ordo Templi Orientis practices eastern tantra sex magic.

Theodor Ruess considered gnosticism identical to the Vamachari rites of the Tantrics and designed 10 initiatory degrees based on sex magic. He forms the Ecclesia Gnostica, consecrated as bishop of Montsegur. Aleister Crowley becomes the head of the OTO in Britain, calling himself Baphomet, writes Liber XV gnostic mass (15 the devil), performed by Agape Lodge Los Angeles. Grady Mcmurtry is made head of the OTO in 1969 (over 1000 members).

In gnosticism there are 'mystical' tendencies which claim union with a transcendent but knowable divine reality, 'ascetic' tendencies which deny the physical in favor of the spiritual, control of the sexual energy, avoid the spilling of the cup of Hermes and 'libertine' tendencies like Crowley's interpretation which celebrate the created world, celebrate indulgence, the whore, the harlot. Crowley claimed that a magician could only understand the holy mysteries by resolving sexual polarity.

Rudolf Steiner publishes Lucifer Gnosis.
1929 Brotherhood of Saturn ONT Ordo Novo Templo, Jorg Lans von Liebenfelz.

1937 Otto Rahn (working for Heinrich Himmler) writes the 'Court of Lucifer'. Rahn compared the struggles of the Cathars against the Crusaders with the struggles of Adolf Hitler to establish the Thousand Year Reich (using the swastika symbol of the north star, linking the bear Arcturus to king Arthur tales), seeing the Cathars as good Aryans who opposed not just Rome but also Judaism. In later fantasy stories, he becomes a Nazi Indiana Jones who actually found the Grail and took it back to Germany, where it was hidden in the Bavarian Alps shortly before the end of the war. The occultist, nazi's, bankers all work towards their dream of eugenics, restoring the grail of Aryan blood.

1967 Pierre Plantard's Priory of Sion hoax linking the gnostic cults of South France with Rhesus- bloodline, to bloodline of Jesus Christ.

 2000s the gay-transgender agenda.


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