Catherine Middleton

Catherine (Kate) Middleton is an English mind controlled media actress, used to marry Antichrist figure William Mountbatten and to give birth to George, Charlotte and Louis and to play the role of new Diana Spencer (the James Holmes Phoenix ritual) in the media industry, the modern moon-mother goddess the Whore of Babylon like Marjorie Cameron and Marilyn Monroe. She is a descendant of the Sforza bloodline who financed Leonardo Da Vinci (Da Vinci Code propaganda about holy bloodline). Her father is Michael Middleton (mm=33).

She lived in Berkshire (birch tree sacred to the druids) like Oscar Wilde, Elton John, Ricky Gervais, Uri Geller, Kenneth Branagh, Emilia Clarke, Sam Mendes, Nicholas Hoult, Kate Winslet, ..

In 2011 she married William at the William and Catherine wedding ritual in a dress compared to the wedding dress of Grace Kelly, on 4/29, St Catherine's day, the date of wedding Antichrist Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun.

In 2012 she was present at the 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony with Kenneth Branagh.

In 2013 she gave birth to George and presented the child in the blue dress of Rosemary in Antichrist movie Rosemary's Baby.

In 2018 she presented Louis in the red dress of Rosemary.


Astrological chart

born 1/9/1982, date Richard Nixon, Kim Mathers (wife of Eminem), Matthew Knowles (father of Beyoncé), Jimmy Page, Joan Baez, Simone de Beauvoir (JP Sartre born 6/21 like William), during a lunar eclipse (William born during a solar eclipse on summer solstice) in Reading Berkshire.

Asc: Leo, mc: Taurus. Dom: Aquarius (the Star), Libra, Capricorn - Jupiter (like William, Sharon Tate), Sun, Venus.

Houses 6, 3, 5. 6: Venus conj Mercury in Aquarius, 3: Mars, Saturn and Pluto in Libra, 5: Sun in Capricorn, Neptune conj Lilith in Sagittarius. 4: Uranus in Sagittarius, 11: Moon in Cancer (queen of cups/hearts diana), 12: leo.

Predictive programming

Hollywood movies with Catherine Deneuve, Kate Moss, Kate Bosworth, Kate Beckingsale, Kate Hudson, Cate Blanchett, Katy Perry, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Catherine Keener, Katherine Waterston, Charlotte Gainsbourg (name of her daughter, played Kate and Catherine),..

1966 Eye of the Devil Deborah Kerr as Catherine

1968 Rosemary's Baby red dress


1976 To the Devil a Daughter (Dennis Wheatley) Natassja Kinski as Catherine
1976 The Omen Gregory Peck Lee Remick as Katherine Harvey Spencer (Harry Spencer) Richard Donner married to Lauren Diane Schuler born 6/23/1946 like Catherine's father Michael Middleton.

1995 The Prophecy Virginia Madsen as Katherine Viggo Mortensen as Lucifer
2005 Hide and Seek Famke Janssen as Katherine Dakota Fanning

2006 Katrina flood ritual in New Orleans (Mercedes Benz Superdome=car of Diana). The Omen remake Julia Stiles as Katherine.

Antichrist Willem Dafoe Charlotte Gainsbourg. Katy Perry Dark Horse

2020 Catherine Austin Fitts as controlled opposition during the Corona-ritual.


William V