Charles Gray

Charles Gray (Donald Marshall Gray) is a British mind controlled actor, used in the British film industry and the Hollywood film industry as part of normalising the masonic and satanic sodomy and pedophilia religion. Charles is a common name for an alter. Aleister Crowley created a character Cyril Grey in his novel Moonchild, based on himself.

He was educated at Bournemouth School (Christian Charles Bale, Alex James of Blur, Richard Palmer of Supertramp, Matt Tong of Bloc Party) with Benny Hill.

Astrological chart

born 8/28/1928, date Michael Jackson, John McCain, Ingrid Bergman, Rebecca de Mornay.

Dom: Virgo (the Hermit), Aquarius, Gemini - Mercury, Saturn, Mars.

Sun, Venus and Mercury in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius, Mars in Gemini, Jupiter in Taurus, Neptune in Leo, Uranus in Aries.

died 3/2/2000, date Bryan Cranston, d Stanley Kubrick.


1958 I Accuse! Capt. Brossard José Ferrer (Le Rosey) as Alfred Dreyfus
1958 Heart of a Child Donald Pleasence
1958 Official Detective Episode: "Extortion" as King
1959 The Desperate Man Dawson
1959 Follow a Star Taciturn Man at Party (uncredited)
1959 Tommy the Toreador Gomez
1960 The Entertainer Laurence Olivier Albert Finney Alan Bates
1960 Man in the Moon Leo
1965 Masquerade Cliff Robertson
1967 The Night of the Generals Peter O'Toole Donald Pleasence Paul Dehn Gore Vidal Joanna Pettet Christopher Plummer
1967 You Only Live Twice Dikko Henderson Sean Connery as James Bond screenplay of Roald Dahl Donald Pleasence Lois Maxwell screenplay of Roald Dahl United Artists
1967 The Man Outside Charles Griddon Van Heflin
1968 The Secret War of Harry Frigg Paul Newman
1968 The Devil Rides Out Mocata Terence Fisher Dennis Wheatley (MI6) Richard Matheson (I Am Legend, worked with Roger Corman) Christopher Lee

Peter Swanwick (The Prisoner) Nike Arrighi (married to Paolo Borghese) pentagram, symbol of Venus. 20th Century Fox, 7/20, month after Antichrist movie Rosemary's Baby.
1969 The Nine Ages of Nakedness Narrator (voice) pornographer Harrison Marks
1969 The File of the Golden Goose The Owl Yul Brynner Walter Gotell (James Bond)
1969 Mosquito Squadron Air Commodore Hufford George Peppard (Beta Theta Pi, The A-Team) as MI5 agent Joan Collins Oscar Homolka (married to Florence Meyer, worked with Max Reinhardt, mentor of Leni Riefenstahl)
1970 The Executioner Vaughan Jones
1970 Cromwell The Earl of Essex Richard Harris Alec Guinnes Timothy Dalton Patrick Magee
1971 When Eight Bells Toll Sir Anthony Skouras (voice, uncredited) Anthony Hopkins Natalie Delon (wife of Alain Delon) Corin Redgrave (brother of Vanessa Redgrave) novel of Alistair MacLean
1971 Diamonds Are Forever Ernst Stavro Blofeld Sean Connery character Willard White based on Howard Hughes Jill St John (Hollywood High School, married to Robert Wagner, who also married Natalie Wood and to Lance Reventlow who also married Disney MK Ultra victim Cheryl Holdridge) Lana Wood (Ruth Gordon) Jimmy Dean (related to James Dean) Bruce Cabot (King Kong) product placement of Playboy Club United Artists
1973 Theatre of Blood Solomon Psaltery (voice, uncredited) Vincent Price Harry Andrews Diana Rigg UA
1973 Tales That Witness Madness (decapitated head, John the Baptist) Jack Hawkins Voice Double (voice, uncredited) Donald Pleasence Joan Collins Kim Novak
1973 Orson Welles Great Mysteries ITV Orson Welles Christopher Lee Charles Gray Peter Cushing Jackie Collins.
1974 On the Game Narrator (voice)
1974 The Beast Must Die Bennington Peter Cushing Michael Gambon Valentine Dyall produced by Max Rosenberg
1974 Fall of Eagles BBC Mikhail Rodzianko
1975 The Rocky Horror Picture Show (gay-transgender agenda) The Criminologist - An Expert Tim Curry Susan Sarandon Richard O'Brien Meat Loaf Lou Adler music by Jonathan King 20th Century Fox
1976 Seven Nights in Japan as Henry Hollander Michael York as prince George (based on prince Charles)
1976 The Seven-Per-Cent Solution Mycroft Holmes Nicol Williamson as Sherlock Holmes Robert Duvall as Watson Laurence Olivier Vanessa Redgrave Jill Townsend Alan Arkin as Sigmund Freud Universal Pictures
1976 Three Dangerous Ladies as Mr. Santander (segment: The Island) Robert Bloch (Psycho, friend of HP Lovecraft) John Hurt
1978 Silver Bears Charles Cook Michael Caine Cybill Shepherd David Warner Martin Balsam
1978 Richard II Duke of York Derek Jacobi
1978 The Legacy Karl Liebnecht Sam Elliott
1980 The Mirror Crack'd (one eye, broken mirror=split mind) Bates, The Butler Angela Lansbury (The Manchurian Candidate) Elizabeth Taylor Geraldine Chaplin Tony Curtis Kim Novak Rock Hudson Guy Hamilton (James Bond) novel of Agatha Christie
1981 Ticket to Heaven Musician Kim Catrall Michael Wincott
1981 Shock Treatment Judge Oliver Wright Jessica Harper Ruby Wax Rik Mayall Barry Humphries Lou Adler
1982 Charles & Diana a Royal Love Story ABC Caroline Bliss Rod Taylor Christopher Lee Caroline Goodall (Hook) Jeremy Clyde Wellesley
1983 The Jigsaw Man Sir James Chorley
1983 An Englishman Abroad BBC Alan Bates as Guy Burgess Coral Browne
1984 The Gourmet Manley Kingston
1984 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (jesuit AC Doyle, HOGD) ITV
1987 The New Statesman ITV Rik Mayall Michael Throughton
1990 Eine Frau namens Harry Satan
1991 Firestar: First Contact Commodore Vandross
1998 The Tichborne Claimant Arundell


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