The Colonna family is an Italian family that claims to be descendants of the Roman emperors Julius Caesar and Augustus. Their coat of arms is a column of imperial power of the Roman Empire, an obelisk of Saturn. With their French branch Dupont, they founded the American Empire, the mafia, control the Knights of Columbus, CBS, Columbia Records, Columbia University and Columbia Pictures and have perfected the divide-and-conquer tactic of the Roman Empire, by creating both the Left Wing Church and the Right Wing Church.

History of the Colonna's

In medieval Italy they were part of the Ghibeline faction, the imperial forces fighting the Orsini Guelph faction of papal forces, although often in alliance. Cardinals of the Colonna family lived at the Palazzo Colonna at the feet of Quirinal Hill in Rome (residence of the pope), with paintings of Titian and Bronzino.

The Palazzo contains remains of a temple of Serapis (a Greek version of Osiris and Apis) and is near the Palazzo Pallavicini and Palazzo Ruspigliosi. Quirinus was a god of the Sabines, also an epiteth of two faced Janus. Egidio Colonna tutored Philip IV of France and was present at the coucil of Viennes, in which the Order of the Knights Templar was suppressed.

Otto Colonna (Martin V) was made head of the Catholic Church in 1417. In 1499 the book Hypnerotomachia Polyphilio was published by Aldus Manutiuis in Venice, attributed to Francesco Colonna. The book was referenced by Francois Rabelais in 'Guargantua and Pantagruel' (the philosophy of Do What Thou Willt, which later became Crowley's Thelema).

During the sack of Rome, the palazzo was left unharmed because of the alliance between Pompeo Colonna and the Habsburg emperors. When Martin V died in 1431 the palace was sacked by the Della Rovere family. When Marcantonio Colonna married Lucrezia Della Rovere (niece of Giulliano della Rovere -pope Julius II, named after Julius Caesar), the palace was back in the hand of the Colonna's. Pope Julius II initiated the rebuilding of St Peter's basilica with obelisk, spread Christianity in America and commissioned the paintings of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo's muse was Vittoria Colonna. The Colonna's intermarried the Barberini family (bee symbol of hive mind).

A papal bull ended their feud with the Orsini's in 1511. Filipo Colonna was a nephew of cardinal Borromeo who led the reformation, and related to Giacomo Medici, member of the Order of Golden Fleece. His son was made cardinal by pope Maffeo Barberini. His grandson Lorenzo Onofrio Colonna and Vespasiano I Gonzoga-Colonna were also members of Order of the Golden Fleece.

American Empire

The Colonna's colonised the United States as new Roman Empire through Columbus (backed by Genovese banker family Doria and Spanish Habsburgs), ruled from Georgetown University and Capitol Hill in district Columbia with another obelisk.

Columbia University was founded with Samuel Johnson as 1st president in 1754. In 1781 another obelisk was erected at Quirinal Hill at the Palazzo Colonna. The Duponts founded their chemical company in 1802. Alexandre Colonna of the Polish Walewski branch was rumoured to be the son of jesuit emperor Napoléon. The country Columbia was founded in 1819. Jesuit Michael McGivney, educated by John Carrol in Baltimore founded the Knights of Columbus in 1882. Prospero Colonna married Maria Massimo (the Jesuits).


A branch of the Collins family is Todd, Mary Todd was the wife of Abraham Lincoln, Sara Todd was married to JJ Astor. Giovanni Colonna was part of Theosophical Society and socialist party (Roman Empire left-right divide and conquer strategy). Niccolo Colonna was mayor of Palermo in the 1880s, created the first mafia clan. Samuel MacGregor Collins (Colonna) Mathers founded the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn that would train Aleister Crowley. Georgetown jesuit Edward Easton founded music label Columbia Records in Washington in 1889, year of the Eiffel tower. Prospero Colonna was mayer of Rome from 1899-1904.

20th century

Cultural marxists of Columbia University (John Dewey) founded The New School (the Left Wing Church). Hollywood studio Columbia Pictures was founded by Harry Cohn in 1919. Giovanni Colonna di Cesare of the Theosophical Society gave rise to Italian fascism with Knight of Malta Benito Mussolini (the Right Wing Church).

The Columbia Broadcasting Service (CBS) was founded in 1929, Harry Cohn had connections to the mafia in Chicago (John Roselli), governed by Knight of Columbus Richard Daley. The Chicago Outfit mafiosi John Roselli and Al Capone profited from prohibition. Wellington Koo was trained at Columbia University to become pm of China at the Peace Treaty of Paris. Arthur Collins made the music of Disney's Mickey Mouse, distributed by Columbia.

The Colombo crime family was founded in 1928. Joe Profaci was given a seat at the Mafia Commission of Lucky Luciano, who worked with Polish mafiosi Hymie Walewski-Weiss of the Colonna-Walewski branch. Luciano played the archetype of Horus (later glorified in 'the Godfather' with Al Pacino) and was 'condemned' by jesuit judge Eunice Carter. Eunice Carter was part of the UN and the Council on African Affairs (funded by Frederick Vanderbilt) with Jon Hammond Vanderbilt of Columbia Records.

John Rascob Dupont (Colonna) erected another Saturnian obelisk building: the Empire State building. Columbia University and the New School welcomed Erich Fromm (cultural marxist of the Frankfurt School). Ethel Dupont (Colonna) married Franklin Roosevelt Jr, son of president FDR who introduced New Deal socialism. Piero Colonna was governor of Rome in 1939. Columbia University scientists like Enrico Fermi developed weapons of mass destruction at the Manhattan Project.

Guido Colonna di Paliano was chairman of the European Commission, deputy secretary general of NATO and member of the Trilateral Commission. Columbia University participated in the MK Ultra mind control research.

Jesuit Frank Shakespeare was president of Columbia Broadcasting Service and ambassador to the Vatican. In 1955 cultural marxist Herbert Marcuse published 'Eros and Civilisation', written in cooperation with David Rieff and Susan Sontag, who promoted it in the Columbian Daily Spectator.

Gregory Corso-Colonna was a writer who helped to spread the Beatnik trend with Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs and Jack Kerouac (The New School). Paola di Calabra (Colonna-Orsini-Pallavicini) married Albert II of Belgium.

In 1961 the first Colombo War erupted, instigated by Joe Gallo, hitman for the Profaci family (given media exposure when visiting Robert Kennedy).

In 1963 they orchestrated the media ritual of Knight of Columbus JFK. In 1968 Columbia University (Grayson Kirk of the United Nations) created fake protests of a fake black liberation movement, in Paris with students of Marcuse like Andrew Feenberg. Jon Hammond Vanderbilt of Columbia records released music of Greenwich Village singer Bob Dylan. During the Apollo moon missions, ordered by the Knights of Columbus, Irish astronaut Michael Collins, used command module Columbia, broadcast on Columbia Broadcasting Service (using the Saturnian all seeing eye symbol). Emilio Colombo was made pm of Italy in 1970. Joe Gallo created the Italian-American Civil Rights League and was shot at the pillar of Columbus Circle in Manhattan in 1971.

In 1973 the Twin Towers were built, symbolic masonic pillars of the Roman Empire, jesuit Malcolm Wilson, Knight of Columbus and friend of Nelson Rockefeller was made governor of NY. Jesuit Robert Dupont was made director of the National Institute of Drug Abuse, leading the 'war on drugs' of Richard Nixon.

In 1977 the Colonna-Dupont built the pillar like GM Renaissance Center at Detroit Michigan. Knight of Columbus Carl Anderson was assistent to Knight of Malta Ronald Reagan. Joseph William Collins was an agent of The Beatles. He had a talent agency with Russian Lew Grade, who later founded ITC and produced mind control series The Prisoner.

His daughter Jackie Collins wrote novels like 'Hollywood Wives' selling 15 million copies, made into a Disney (ABC) tv show. His other daughter was actrice Joan Collins, who acted in ABC tv show Dynasty, a copy of Columbia Broadcasting Service show Dallas.

In 1993 a media ritual was orchestrated with Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar, while jesuit Bill Clinton (Columbia) was US president. Jeb Bush, Knight of Columbus, married to Columba Bush (Columbia University) was governor of Florida from 1999. Harper-Collins was bought by Newscorp of Rupert Murdoch.

Urbano Colonna-Sforza was member of the Order of Jesters, acted in James Bond movie 'Casino Royale'. Jerry Colonna invested in Silicon Valley, Paul Sciara Colonna founded the company Pinterest, is a member of the Giving Pledge billionaire club of Bill Gates. Marcantonio Colonna was linked to Ivana Trump, wife of Donald Trump.

Catherine Colonna is ambassador of France to UK under jesuit Emmanuel Macron, part of Chirac Foundation of jesuit Jacques Chirac like Kofi Anan (related to Wallenberg), Michael Camdessos (IMF), Rajendra Pachauri (IPCC, Climate Church). The Knights of Columbus have more than 1,9 million members, current leader is jesuit Patrick Kelly.


Singer Phil Collins was signed to Disney, daughter Lily Collins posed for Harper's Bazaar, played in Mirror Mirror with Julia Roberts and Stuck in Love with Jennifer Connelly. John Collins works for Shell, Rothschild. William Todd acted in Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut with Tom Cruise, filmed at the Rothschild mansion Mentmore Towers.

Francis Collins was director of the Human Genome Project, worked with The Family cult of the Methodist Church and played a role in the BRAIN Initiative and the Covid19-ritual.

Raytheon owns Collins Airspace.

Chuck Collins wrote a book with Bill Gates Sr.  Jesuit Suzanne Collins wrote The Hunger Games trilogy with Roman Empire symbolism.


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