Courtney Love

Courtney Michelle Love (Harrison, name of son of Harry and Meghan) is a mind controlled actress-singer, used in the media and music industry to normalize drug addiction, push the Luciferian gay-transgender agenda and play a Mary Magdalene character (KC=11-3, 11x3=33).

She studied film at the San Francisco Art Center with George Kuchar (scene of Andy Warhol and Kenneth Anger) as teacher.

She was a member of the Buddhist organization Soka Gakkai International like Luana Anders, Tina Turner, Orlando Bloom, Vinessa Shaw (EWS), Herbie Hancock (program Jazz), Wayne Shorter, Beverly Glenn-Copeland (transgender agenda), Angelica Ross (transgender agenda), Boy George (gay agenda), Anne Louise Hassing (the Idiots), Adewale Akkinuoye-Agbaje (Lost, Oz), John Astin (Addams Family), Marcia Wallace (The Simpsons), Claire Bertshinger (Live Aid), Patrick Duffy, Suzanne Vega, Esperanza Spalding,..

She married musician Kurt Cobain in 1992, on 2/24, 11 year after announcement Charles and Diana. His band Nirvana (in Buddhism the Noble Eightfold Path leads to renouncement of attachment and attaining Nirvana) consisted of Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl (Skull and Bones family) and Krist Novoselic.

She is the daughter of Linda Carroll (like Lewis Carroll, writer of Alice in Wonderland), connected to the CIA mind control research with drugs (Esalen Institute with Stanislav Grof), granddaughter of Paula Fox (Columbia-Colonna University, the Left Wing Church, lived with Stella Adler of Actors Studio, friend of Marlon Brando).

Her first film was Sid and Nancy of Alex Cox (parody religion Church of the Subgenius with Frank Zappa and Ken Kesey of MK Ultra and Esalen).

She was the singer of grunge band Hole (single Violet, color of crown chakra, purple used for dissociation) with jesuit Eric Erlandson (Capitol Records) and jesuit Kristin Pfaff.

Their first album was produced by Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth (University High School, UCLA Lab School like Leonardo di Caprio, collaborated with Yoko Ono). Patty Schemel was used to push the gay-transgender agenda and normalize crack cocain addiction. Samantha Maloney also played for the Eagles of Death Metal (Bataclan media ritual).

They played at the Whisky a Go Go in Laurel Canyon and covered songs of Laurel Canyon acts Neil Young (Daryl Hannah) and Joni Mitchell. Like her husband she was signed to Geffen Records of David Geffen (gay agenda).

Kurt and Courtney played the 90's version of Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen (Courtney Love played in 'Sid and Nancy'). Their child Frances Bean Cobain was born 8/18/1992 (8/18 the date Roman Polanski).

She and her husband were promoted by the media as an icon in the cultural marxist program 'Rock'. Like William Burroughs, heroin addiction (era of heroin chic models, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Trainspotting), was a symptom of the Aeon of Horus announced by Aleister Crowley (aspirational programming).


Kurt Cobain died age 27 like Brian Jones, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Amy Winehouse. His ashes were scattered in McLane Creek Olympia (2012 Olympics as rising phoenix ritual). 1994 was the year Diana mother of Antichrist William was 33 years, year of posthumous release of The Crow with Brandon Lee as a rock star smashing his guitar like Cobain (Courtney Love contributed a song to The Crow City of Angels soundtrack). The same year bassist Kristin Pfaff died of a heroin overdose, also age 27.

She played the wife of Larry Flynt of Hustler (normalization of pedophilia with Barely Legal), Althea Flynth, who married Flynt at age 17 and died of AIDS age 33. Flynt served as an antoginist of Jerry Falwell (Unification Church). His brother worked for the ACLU. Flynt sold nude pictures of Jackie Kennedy and was shot in 1978 on the 33d parallel like JFK, by Joseph Paul Franklin (neo nazi movement with David Duke of KKK), wich Flynt blamed on MK Ultra and a conspiracy of Larry McDonald (John Birch Society). Franklin also shot Vernon Jordan of the NAACP.

She had a relationship with Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins, whose keyboard player died of heroin overdose), Edward Norton and with Gavin Rosedale (Rosenthal) of British band Bush. She was a friend of Carrie Fisher.

She pushed the gay agenda with the NOH8 Campaign.

She participated in the Harvey Weinstein media ritual.

Astrological chart

born 7/9/1964, date Tom Hanks, OJ Simpson, Jack White, Chris Cooper, Donald Rumsfeld.

Asc: Libra, mc: Leo. Dom: Cancer (the Chariot), Leo, Gemini - Moon (false, played in Man on the Moon about hoaxer Andy Kaufman), Mercury, Sun.

Houses 9, 8, 10. 9: Sun and Moon in Cancer (like William and Catherine= moonchild), 8: Mars and Venus in Gemini, 10: Mercury in Leo. 1: Neptune in Scorpio, 5: Saturn in Pisces, 7: Jupiter in Taurus, 11: Pluto and Uranus in Virgo.

Filmography and discography

1986 Sid and Nancy (The Sex Pistols, heroin overdose) Gretchen Alex Cox Gary Oldman (The Dark Knight with Heath Ledger) as Sid Vicious Iggy Pop
1987 Straight to Hell Velma (aim gun at camera) Alex Cox Dennis Hopper Grace Jones Jim Jarmusch
1988 Tapeheads Norman's Spanker John Cusack Tim Robbins Weird Al Yankovich Jello Biafra
1991 Pretty on the Inside Caroline Records of Richard Branson (CFR)
1994 Hole Live Through This Interscope Geffen (Doll Parts=doll programming)
1996 Basquiat (club of 27 like Cobain) Big Pink Julian Schnabel Jeffrey Wright David Bowie as Andy Warhol Gary Oldman Dennis Hopper Benicio Del Toro produced by Peter Brant (producer of Warhol documentary, married to model Stephanie Seymour, used in Guns'n'Roses video)
1996 Feeling Minnesota Rhonda Keanu Reeves Cameron Diaz Vincent D'Onofrio Dan Aykroyd Tuesday Weld produced by Danny DeVito
1996 The People vs. Larry Flynt as Althea Leasure Flynt Miloš Forman (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest about MK Ultra, Chelsea Hotel like Sid Vicious) Woody Harrelson (silence harpo, also in Natural Born Killers) Edward Norton produced by Oliver Stone Columbia
1998 Celebrity Skin
1998 Kurt & Courtney ACLU meeting
1999 200 Cigarettes Lucy Risa Bramon Garcia Paul Rudd Ben Affleck Casey Affleck Christina Ricci Martha Plimpton Dave Chappelle
1999 Man on the Moon Lynne Margulies Miloš Forman Jim Carrey as Andy Kaufman Danny DeVito Paul Giamatti (S&B like Dave Grohl) music by R.E.M.
2000 Beat as Joan Vollmer Burroughs Kiefer Sutherland as William Burroughs (gay agenda) Ron Livingston as Allen Ginsberg Avi Lerner
2001 Julie Johnson Claire Noah Emmerich (with Carrey in The Truman Show) Donna Hanover (wife of NY mayor Rudy Gulliano)
2002 Trapped Cheryl Luis Mandoki Charlize Theron Kevin Bacon Dakota Fanning
2003 The Osbournes
2004 America's Sweetheart (Whore of Babylon pose of Lust card) Virgin
2005 Trailer for a Remake of Gore Vidal's Caligula Caligula Francesco Vezzoli Short film
2005 Comedy Central Roast of Pamela Anderson (Cancer rules breasts) Ben Stiller Roger Corman David Carradine
2010 Nobody's Daughter Linda Perry (gay agenda)
2011 Courtney In Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland programming) Herself Jason Bell Short film Vanity Fair
2015 Montage of Heck Brett Morgen (NYU, documentary about Abbie Hoffman and Chicago 7)
2017 Menedez Blood Brothers (victims of pedophilia)
2017 A Midsummer's Nightmare Dominic Monaghan
2018 RuPaul's Drag Race (transgender agenda)
2018 JT LeRoy Sasha Kristen Stewart Laura Dern Diane Kruger
2018 Marilyn Manson Tattooed In Reverse
2021 The Long Home James Franco Ashton Kutcher

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