David is a king of the Tribe of Judah in the bible who supposedly as a young boy killed Philistine giant Goliath, was anointed by prophet Samuel to replace Saul as the first king of Israel (Saul: the soul, the heart). Dawid: Beloved one. The Star of David represents to divide blue and red, male and female (A and V, sun and moon=David's son Solomon and his Temple of Solomon, destroyed at the 9th of Av). Thoth (Dhwtj) was a 'God' (worship of the God matrix) and mythological figure in Ancient Egyptian mythology, associated with planet and element Mercury that splits-divides the mind. Christ is said to be a descendant from the House of David (concept of the next anointed lion king, stolen from the Egyptians who expelled the Aten cult of Akhenaten/Moses).

The Hebrews created a religion that merged the stellar, lunar, solar and Saturnian cult (Isis-Ra-El).

King Dagda was a giant king of the Tuatha De Dannan with magic harp.

In the Quran David is a prophet of Allah (Star of David= hexagram of Al-Saturn).

His wife was Batsheva (daughter of the oath=covenant, Holy Cow goddes Bat-Hathor), bathing= baptism, receiving the Holy Spirit (parthenogenesis-. She was the wife of Uriah the Hittite (Nesilim). In the bible David dances and leaps in front of the Ark of the Covenant.

Binah is the Yoni, the womb of the Holy Spirit (Jonah: the dove), creates through hidden sphere Daath (Star of David symbol of Isis-Ra-El, upward and downward pyramid, water and fire, phallus and cup).

David conquered Moab and Edom inhabited by giants. The new Lamb of Aries ends the old year. decapitated head of Philistine giant Goliath= head of John the Baptist, Libra dividing and cutting the year in two.

Revelation 3: 7 key of David =activating chakra's through sex magic, cross and rose, phallus and vagina or anus.

In alchemy the alchemical marriage leads to an androgynous figure.

The Romans used the Divide-and-Conquer strategy of creating friction between opposites.

1124 David I of Scotland (Akhenaten's daughter Queen Scotta) with Walter Fitz Alan (ancestor of the Stuarts) as freemason. David as patron saint of Wales. harp symbol of Irish families.

masonic square and compass=Star of David.

1314 David's descendant Robert the Bruce.

1382 Dawit I King of Ethiopia.

1400s Renaissance (spiritual rebirth) magic the Key of Solomon grimoire, like the bible divided in two books with spells and rituals of animal sacrifices.

1501 Michelangelo's David  in Florence (controlled by the Hermetic Medici's, propaganda of Catholic Church of Rome).

1599 Caravaggio David and Goliath.

dove symbol of  holy spirit, Colonna (pillar with 2 lions) Colombus, Columbia in Washington DC (alchemical washing stage), Knights of Columbus, Colombia,..

1700s French Revolution with Jean-Jacques Louis David, painter of Napoleon. Enlightenment jesuit David Hume. Romanticism Caspar David Friedrich.

1820 Humpfrey Davey (Royal Society, Athenaeum Club) creates electric arches.

David Cecil member of the Inklings with JRR Tolkien.

Zionist movement with Star of David.

1893 AC Doyle Sherlock Holmes and the Crooked Man, based on David and Bathsheba. Aleister Crowley and Samuel Mathers translate the Key of Solomon grimoire.

1903 Harley Davidson motorcycle as bull.

mathematician David Hilbert. painter David Hockney (friend of Rothschild)

Julius Evola's philosophy of the white Aryans of Atlantis as a superior race, corrupted by inferior feminine and jewish cultures.

1955 David Ben-Gurion as first pm of Israel with star of David emblem.

1962 David and Lisa.

1963 JFK ritual jesuit David Ferrie.

1966 Eye of the Devil David Hemmings Sharon Tate.

1968 David Bowie (42, bow of the moon) A Space Odditty. 2001 A Space Odyssey  Keir Dullea as Dave Bowman.

1973 opening of Twin Towers. David Rockefeller as Antichrist figure.

1976 David Berkowitz (Son of Sam). David Byrne Talking Heads.

The Omen (Antichrist) David Warner. David Rubenstein. The Warriors jesuit David Patrick Kelly. David Beckham (23=2 3's, 2 pyramids) David Geffen.

1980 John Lennon shot at the Dakota of Antichrist movie Rosemary's Baby by Mark David Chapman.

1981 David Hubel Nobel Prize.

1984 d David Kennedy, birth Harry. David Lynch Dune. David Copperfield. David Cronenberg Videodrome. Leonard Cohen song Hallelujah ('saw her bathing on the roof')

David Fincher. David Arquette David Caruso, David Attenborough.

1985 King David Richard Gere (called a 'sex symbol'). Back to the Future David McFly. Holocaust denial trial with David Irving.

1987 The Lost Boys vampire David.

1991 Friends David Schwimmer. Baywatch David Hasselhoff.

1993 pedophile David Koresh (Koresh= Cyrus the Great, married to Rachel Jones) and his Davidians, dies age 33 on 4/19 (days of sacrifice to Baal, date of Oklahama building collapse). brothers Ted Kaczynski and David Kaczynski. Nirvana Christ figure Kurt Cobain Dave Grohl.

1997 Contact David Morse. David Leonard Nimoy as Samuel. Solomon Max von Sydow.

Bill Clinton meeting of jewish and Palestinian leader at Camp David. talkshow David Letterman with Andy Kaufman.

The X-Files (announcing 911) David Duchovny.

2001 the 911 Twin Tower ritual (Ground Zero, disappearance trick of zero point technology). Vanilla Sky Tom Cruise as David, living in the Dakota. The Office Ricky Gervais as David Brent.

2003 Kill Bill David Carradine (OTO). David Frost David Meyer Rothschild.  David Guetta, David Oyelowo. David Brock. Armageddon Keith David.

2005 The Da Vinci Code.

fake truth movement David Icke, David Wilcock, Robert David Steele, David Talbot, David Childress, David Seaman,  David Horowitz,..

2009 Stargate Universe David Telford.

2011 David Benioff Game of Thrones. David Cameron Brexit ritual (divide and conquer).

2012 Prometheus Michael Fassbender as David.

2013 David Wilcock The Synchronicity Key (key of David).

2016 d David Bowie from cancer age 69.

2017 Stranger Things David Harbour (Liliy=Lilith Allen, Indiana Jones character).


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