Dennis Wheatley

Dennis Yeats Wheatley was an English occultist and writer and propaganda agent of MI6 like Aleister Crowley, used to announce the AntiChrist the Beast of the Book of Revelation, Moonchild William. His Gregory Sallust series was an inspiration for Ian Fleming's MI6 propaganda James Bond (OO7 title like John Dee). He was a member of the Ghost Club like Julian Huxley (United Nations), Arthur Koestler, CEM Joad and members of the HOGD (AC Doyle, WB Yeats, Algernon Blackwood). His father worked in the wine business.

born 1/8/1897, date Yvette Mimieux, Elvis Presley, David Bowie, d Galileo Galilei, John Podesta, Kim Jong-Un,  R Kelly, Stephen Hawking.

died 10/11/1977, date Martin Luther, Richard Burton, Eve, Roland Emmerich, Roy Scheider, death Ken Kesey


1933 The Forbidden Territory
1934 The Devil Rides Out
1934 Black August (reference to the Blackshirts of Oswald Mosley) character Gregory Sallust
1937 Red Eagle Story of the Russian Revolution
1941 Strange Conflict (nazi's using black magic)
1942 V for Vengeance (=V for Vendetta)
1960 The Satanist
1978 Officer and Temporary Gentleman

Dennis Wheatley adaptations

1934 Forbidden Territory
1936 Secret of Stamboul James Mason (Lolita) Valerie Hobson (John Profumo affair)
1967 The Devil Rides Out Christopher Lee Charles Gray (Blofeld in James Bond) Richard Matheson (I Am Legend, worked with Roger Corman) Nike Arrighi (married to Paolo Borghese)
1968 The Lost Continent Suzanna Leigh (movie with Elvis Presley)
1976 To the Devil.. a Daughter (year of The Omen and Rosemary's Baby 2) Christopher Lee Natassja Kinski (girlfriend of Roman Polanski) as Catherine (William's wife Catherine Middleton) Honor Blackman (James Bond) Peter Sykes (The Avengers) Nikolas Shreck (Michael Aquino's Temple of Set) Paul Eddington (The Prisoner) Anthony Valentine as David Kennedy (David Kennedy) Terence Fisher EMI Films  20th Century Fox
2006 The Haunted Airman BBC  Robert Pattinson (related to Charles, Twilight saga with Kristen Stewart who played Diana) Rachael Stirling Julian Sands

James Bond

Natassja Kinski