Elliott Gould

Elliott Gould is a jewish mind controlled actor, used in the Hollywood film industry. He is the son of Bernard Goldstein. He was trained at Professional Children's School. In 1963 he married Barbra Streisand (mother of Gaylord Focker in Meet the Fockers). His son Jason Gould was also used to push the gay agenda. In 1973 he married the daughter of Paul Bogart (Pinocchio with Mickey Rooney, All in the Family of Norman Lear with Rob Reiner). He played Jack Geller, the father of Monica and Ross in NBC show Friends.

He was a resident of Chelsea Hotel.

Stephen Jay Gould was an agent of the Science Church.

Astrological chart

born 8/29/1938, date Charles Gray, John McCain, Michael Jackson, d Gene Wilder, Rebecca de Mornay, Richard Attenborough, Virgo knight of disks, day beheading John the Baptist.

Dominants: Virgo (the Hermit), Libra, Aquarius- Mercury, Jupiter, Mars.


1964 Quick, Let's Get Married Ginger Rogers Barbara Eden Ray Milland Leonardo Cimino (Dune)
1968 The Night They Raided Minsky's Billy Minsky Norman Lear William Friedkin Jason Robards Britt Ekland
1969 Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice Ted Henderson Natalie Wood
1970 MASH Capt. "Trapper" John Francis Xavier McIntyre Robert Altman Ingo Preminger Donald Sutherland Tom Skerritt Robert Duvall
1970 Getting Straight Harry Bailey Candice Bergen Harrison Ford
1970 Move as porn writer Hiram Jaffe (Hiram Abiff) Stuart Rosenberg
1970 I Love My Wife  Mel Stuart (Stuart Solomon, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) Robert Kaufman
1971 Little Murders  Donald Sutherland
1971 The Touch Ingmar Bergman Bibi Andersson Max von Sydow ABC Pictures
1973 The Long Goodbye Philip Marlowe (Raymond Chandler) Sterling Hayden Robert Altman screenplay by Leigh Brackett (friend of Parsons)
1974 Busting (inspiration for Starsky & Hutch)  Peter Hyams Robert Blake
1974 Who? British Lion Films
1974 S*P*Y*S (silence sign of Harpo) Donald Sutherland
1974 California SplitRobert Altman Jeff Goldblum
1975 Nashville Robert Altman Karen Black Keith Carradine Howard Smith (interviewed Hitler, Himmler and Goebbels)
1975 Whiffs Jennifer O'Neil
1975 Mean Johnny Barrows Roddy McDowall
1976I Will, I Will... for Now Diane Keaton
1976 Harry and Walter Go to New York James Caan Diane Keaton Michael Caine
1977 A Bridge Too Far (death of special effects artist of The Omen) Richard Attenborough James Caan Dirk Bogarde Sean Connery Anthony Hopkins Gene Hackman
1977 Capricorn One Robert Caulfield like Holden Caulfield in the Catcher in the Rye (fake Mars mission) Telly Savalas (Blofeld=studio Howard Hughes in Diamonds Are Forever) OJ Simpson James Brolin David Huddleston Peter Hyams ITC Entertainment of Lew Grade
1978 Matilda Samuel Z Arkoff
1978 The Silent Partner Curtis Hanson John Candy Christopher Plummer
1979 Escape to Athena Roger Moore Sonny Bono Richard Roundtree Claudia Cardinale David Niven Telly Savalas
1979 The Muppet Movie Dom DeLuise Edgar Bergen Mel Brooks Orson Welles Bob Hope Richard Pryor
1979 The Lady Vanishes Robert Condon Cybill Shepherd Angela Lansbury
1980 The Last Flight of Noah's Ark Noah Dugan Disney
1980 Falling in Love Again Susannah York Michelle Pfeiffer
1981 The Devil and Max Devlin Bill Cosby  Disney
1981 Dirty Tricks
1983 Tramps
1984 Over the Brooklyn Bridge Margaux Hemingway (granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway) produced by Menahem Golan
1984 The Naked Face (broken glass) Sidney Sheldon (I Dream of Jeannie) Roger Moore Rod Steiger Bryan Forbes produced by Menahem Golan
1984 The Muppets Take Manhattan Joan Rivers
1986 The Twilight Zone
1986 Inside Out Jennifer Tilly
1987 Lethal Obsession (the joker) Monica Bleibtrau Peter Maffay
1987 My First Forty Years Jean Rochefort
1987 Frog Shelley Duvall
1988 The Telephone Whoopi Goldberg Terry Southern
1988 Dangerous Love
1989 The Big Picture Kevin Bacon
1989 Night Visitor Shannon Tweed (Playboy, married to Gene Simmons)
1989 The Lemon Sisters Diane Keaton Estelle Parsons
1989 Massacre Play
1990 I'll Be Going Now Vittorio Gassman (married to Shelley Winters)
1991 Dead Men Don't Die Barry Barron
1991 Bugsy Harry Greenberg Warren Beatty Annette Benning Harvey Keitel Ben Kingsley Bill Graham James Toback
1992 The Player Himself Cameo
1992 Beyond Justice Rutger Hauer 
1992 Judgement Karen Black 
1992 Wet and Wild Summer! Julian McMahon
1993 Amore! George Levine
1993 Hoffman's Hunger Felix Hoffman
1994 Friends NBC as Jack Geller father of Monica Geller (Courteney Cox) and Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) Jennifer Aniston as Rachel (=Meghan Rachel Markle) Matthew Perry Lisa Kudrow.
1994 Naked Gun 33 1/2 The Final Insult Himself Cameo Leslie Nielsen OJ Simpson
1994 The Glass Shield Ice Cube
1994 Bleeding Hearts Mr. Baum
1995 A Boy Called Hate Scott Caan James Caan
1995 Kicking and Screaming Noah Baumbach Eric Stoltz
1995 Cover Me Capt. Richards
1995 The Dangerous Levine
1995 The Feminine Touch Kahn
1996 johns David Arquette
1996 Busted TV Show Host
1997 Inside Out Aaron's Father
1997 City of Industry Harvey Keitel
1997 Busted Corey Feldman
1997 Camp Stories Jerry Stiller Jason Biggs
1998 Michael Kael vs. the World News Company Coogan
1998 The Big Hit Mark Wahlberg Christina Applegate
1998 Getting Personal Jack Kacmarczyk
1998 American History X Edward Norton Edward Furlong
2000 Playing Mona Lisa Bernie Goldstein
2000 Picking Up the Pieces David Schwimmer Woody Allen Cheech Marin Kiefer Sutherland
2000 Boys Life 3 (gay agenda)
2001 Ocean's Eleven Reuben Tishkoff (tribe of Reuben) Steven Soderbergh George Clooney Brad Pitt Andy Garcia Julia Roberts Casey Affleck Matt Damon Don Cheadle Bernie Mac

2001 The Experience Box Dr. Keith Huber
2002 Puckoon Dr. Goldstein
2002 The Cat Returns Toto English dub Studio Ghibli Anne Hathaway
2004 Ocean's Twelve Reuben Tishkoff
2006 Open Window John
2007 Ocean's Thirteen Reuben Tishkoff
2007 Saving Sarah Cain Bill
2007 The Ten Commandments God Voice Ben Kingsley
2008 The Deal William H Macy Meg Ryan LL Cool J
2008 The Caller Frank Langella Laura Harring
2009 Little Hercules in 3-D Socrates
2009 Noah's Ark: The New Beginning God Voice
2010 Expecting Mary Lainie Kazan Gene Simmons
2010 Morning Laura Linney
2011 The Encore of Tony Duran Jerry Braill
2011 Contagion Dr. Ian Sussman Steven Soderbergh (announcing the Covid19 ritual) Marion Cotillard, Kate Winslet Gwyneth Paltrow Laurence Fishburne
2011 Dorfman Burt Dorfman
2012 Switchmas Sam Finkelstein
2012 Ruby Sparks Dr. Rosenthal Zoe Kazan Paul Dano
2012 Divorce Invitation Paul Lipnicks
2013 Live at the Foxes Den Paul Munchak
2016 The History of Love Bruno Leibovitch
2016 Humor Me Bob Kroll
2018 Ocean's 8
2018 The Kominsky Method Michael Douglas Netflix


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