Eyes Wide Shut 1999

Eyes Wide Shut is a Hollywood movie by Stanley Kubrick, with Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Sydney Pollack, Rade Serbedzija, Leelee Sobieski, Alan Cumming, released by Warner Bros on 7/16/1999, the day of JFK Jr's plane crash. The famous orgy scene was filmed at Mentmore Towers of the Rothschild family and became a trope in conspiracy culture of controlled opposition, as evidence of the Illuminati hoax (Stanley Kubrick's daughter Vivian Kubrick, was interviewed by Alex Jones at a Bilderberg meeting). Like The Truman Show and The Matrix, the movie set the tone of the Neptune (confusion, stage illusion) in Aquarius era (technology, rebellion). It was based on Arthur Schnitzler's Dream Story.

The movie is full of mask, rainbow Wizard of Oz and mirror/rabbit Alice in Wonderland programming.

7/16/1999: Cancer (decan Jupiter) Venus in Virgo, Mercury in retrograde, Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius, Pluto in Sagittarius, Saturn in Taurus, year 7 the Chariot (Cancer).
716 (date of launch Apollo 11 for moon landing ritual in 1969 associated with Kubrick- revelation 911 apollyon). The subject of the movie is a human sacrifice to redeem his debt of blood. The same day John Kennedy jr dies in a plane crash (Pluto: car crashes, dark secrets, the Daemon) with Carolyne Bessett age 33.
The curse of the Kennedies is the biblical curse of Cain, last king Arthur (Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur in Joker to Wayne Manor, sent away). JFK Jr dated Brooke Shields (Torlonia family, media feud with Tom Cruise about antidepressiva, 1st movie Alice Sweet Alice) like Dodi Fayed. The media spread rumors he had been in a relationship with Diana, used as mysterious Q in Qanon psyop (Quain).
Dominants: Virgo, Capricorn, Scorpio- Pluto (crashes, dark secrets), Mercury, Saturn.

The plane crashed in Martha's vineyard. In july 1969 Ted Kennedy crashed his car near Martha's Vineyard with Mary Jo Kopechne born 7/26 like Stanley Kubrick.
7/16 was the date of the nuclear Trinity Test (Hanford site=> Bill Harford) the symbolic opening of the Abyss of Revelation 911. 7/16 in Egypt was the birthday of Set (Saturn), who took the eye of Horus. Bruce Wayne= Gus Lewis Jack Schlossberg Kennedy. Robert Kennedy had a mansion in Glen Cove, also associated with psyop the Nine of Andrija Puharich.

poster the hooded Hermit with mask, symbolism of poking out the eyes, opening the Saturnian one eye, the pineal gland (light of lucifer). going over the rainbow (go into disassociative state, Wizard of Oz mind control), completing the great work. mirror image=eidolon that kills Sophia. Tom=the gnostic twin, Thomas Didymus.
The origins of Aleister Crowley's Thelema religion goes back to the work Poliphilo’s Strife of Love in a Dream by Dominican monk Francesco Colonna, written in 1499, 500 years earlier (with the new edition being published that year). In the story, Poliphilo ('lover of antiquity') is led by two allegorical guides: Logistica (reason) and Thelemia (will or desire), he ends up following Thelemia.

Stanley Kubrick 7/26/1928 – 3/7/1999.

Cinematographer Larry Smith worked with Nicolas Winding Refn on Only God Forgives with Ryan Gosling.

- Party scene
- Greenwich village
- Orgy scene
- Search for the girl
- Zieglers house
- Ending toy store

First scene opening of the veil of the High Priestess, two masonic pillars Boaz and Joachin, the secret of Daath. The 2 tennis rackets (also in first scene of The Shining) represent 2 bears Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, knee in the Hanged Man pose, similar to the scene where Jamie Lee Curtis undresses in True Lies released on july 15. Tom Cruise looking through the blinds, the bars of time and space (vav: man standing).

William Bill Harford (the fool, prince William V, William Sylvester in 2001 a space odyssey) =Har-rison Ford (born in 1942). The Dakota in Rosemary's Baby is called Bramford, the hotel where Tom Cruise wakes up in his next movie Vanilla Sky. Hartford is the capital of Connecticut (Yale Skull and Bones), the Mormons have a temple in Hartford.

(shot in Pinewood studios)
Tom Cruise  (twin cross, john the baptist)(2001 Vanilla Sky).

born 7/3/1962 (sirius bird horus) day John Frankenheimer released Birdman of Alcatraz (Neptune in scorpio era, David Kennedy nearly drowned at Frankenheimer's estate in Malibu=Bruce Wayne).

Nicole Mary Kidman (kd=114 curse cain) character alice (Alice in Wonderland programming).

In 1952 Alice Astor was part of the psyop contacting the Nine (entity called Tom) with CIA agent Andrija Puharich (2/19 like John Frankenheimer) at Glen Cove. Alice Rothschild was the sister of Ferdinand Rothschild, who had Waddesdon Manor meetings with Randolph Spencer Churchill (father of Winston Churchill). In 1963 the Astors played a role in a media ritual with sensational stories about John Jack Profumo, the concept of elite orgies at Cliveden in Buckinhamshire, also known for the Rothschilds, was brought into public consciousness, months before the JFK ritual.

She represents Odyssey's wife Penelope (Tom Cruise wife Penelope Cruz in Vanilla Sky).
Bill searches for his wallet, the Fool loses his money at the beginning of the Fool's journey.
The roses in the corridor indicate she is Venus the Empress, the red rose. Their daughter wears a Monarch butterfly outfit, symbol of mind control (asks if she can watch the Nutcracker-and the four realms, cracking the egg, Kidman's father was accused of pedophilia). images overlapping going though the bookshelves, Rosemary's secret closet in Rosemary's Baby (veil of gnosis/knowledge Da'ath).

Party scene

They arrive at a party (the tea party of Alice) filmed at Luton Hoo, Hotel, Golf and Spa, near Luton in Bedfordshire. A popular filming location, Luton Hoo was once open to the public but has since been turned into a luxury hotel. It’s famously featured in Four Weddings and a Funeral, as a 'French chateau in 1964 Pink Panther sequel 'A Shot in the Dark' (pink=dissociation) and as 'Shrublands' health club in rogue James Bond movie Never Say Never Again.

The party is the black and white ball 1966 of Truman Capote for Katharine Graham (d 7/17, day of birth isis like Camilla Parker), in Plaza hotel at Central Park, based on 'My Fair Lady' with Audrey Hepburn (present at the surrealist parties of Guy de Rothschild with Salvador Dali, Brigitte Bardot and Grace Kelly). In Vanilla Sky, when Tom Cruise wakes up in the Dakota hotel at Central Park, Audrey Hepburn appears on his tv screen, month of fake death Paul McCartney). It also refers to the iconic Sgt Peppers cover.

The ball is the masque play in play in Shakespeare's The Tempest, the Frederick and Elizabeth wedding. In Renaissance theatre, the masque represented the alchemical marriage of father- mother - prince - princess. It would begin with antimasque, a disorderly scene of satyrs (A Clockwork Orange, Labyrinth). The anti-masque would then be dramatically dispersed by the spectacular arrival of the masque in a demonstration of chaos and vice being swept away by glorious civilization. In Shakespeare's play, the storm in scene one functions as the anti-masque for the masque proper in act four. The masque was created by Prospero (John Dee) as a moral lesson to emphase the chastitiy of the bride (virgin queen Elizabeth). The Tempest was Shakespeare/Bacon's last play, EWS was Kubrick's last movie.

The house is in Glen Cove NY, where Robert Kennedy rented a mansion in 1964. Nicole Kidman played a scene in Wayne Manor in Batman Forever, web institute in Glen Cove of Herbert Pratt, head of Standard Oil of the Rockefellers. Glen cove in Maine is also the location of a CIA psyop in which a group called the Nine channeled an entity named Tom in 1953 (incl Arthur Young and Ruth Payne, friends of JFK's assassin Lee Harvey Oswald), Nicole Kidman and Penelope Cruz both played in Nine. The Nine was the subject of Lynn Picknett and Clive Owen's 1999 book Stargate Conspiracy (Stargate Project, Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky with Stargate actor Kurt Russell).

At the party, the 8 pointed star of Isis-Ishtar (the Star, linked to Venus with 8 year cycle) is at the wall. On the movie poster, Bill Harford has 8 pointed stars in his eyes.

Similar to entering the masonic lodge in ACO, they are welcomed by Victor Ziegler (=masonic Tyler, guardian of the lodge, Tyler Durden in 1999 movie Fight Club also about masonic initiation in secret society).

Sydney Pollack
The Fool meets the Hierophant (order, structure, mentor, teacher) Ziegler=the tyler the outer guard of the masonic lodge with the Lady in Red, the Scarlett Woman. name Victor like Victor Neuburg with who Crowley performed Enochian rituals in Algeria.

He is accompanied by the lady in red, the Scarlett Woman of the Hierophant (Venus in Taurus), an avatar of Babalon. Tom Cruise was mind controlled with Sanford Meisner's technique and Scientology of Ron Hubbard who performed the Babalon Workings with Jack Parsons in 1946, year of the nuclear Trinity Test.

The Fool meets the Magician-black and white inverted-
William Todd (branch of Colonna family) Field born 2/ 24, 1964, Pisces ruled by Neptune. Dominants: Pisces (the moon), Aquarius (the star), Aries- Sun, Mars, Pluto. Neptune in Scorpio (blue veil), Lilith in Sagittarius, Mercury (88) and Saturn in Aquarius (Mercury in Aquarius six of swords-science), Pluto and Uranus in Virgo.
as Nick Nightingale (gale=Dorothy Gale), the Magician (mercury 88 keys, birdman scarecrow). He is dressed in white jacket (white pillar Joachin) as Arnold Schwarzenegger as Harry Tasker in True lies, Sean Penn in The Game, Brad Pitt in Inglourious Basterds, Daniel Craig in Spectre. He was also in Twister (Wizard of Oz with twister scene where the axe scene Kubrick's the Shining is shown, play within a play) with Philip Seymour Hoffman, who played Truman Capote.

The incontinuity of the scene suggests a dimensional portal between spiritual and physical world, evokes the party at the gold room in The Shining. Bill loses the High Priestess, in the world of duality, the twins of Gemini on the Lovers card. girl mentioning the rainbow named gayle like Dorothy Gale. Alice meets a man named Szandor like Szandor Anton LaVey (Hungaria, wedding of the Bohemian king).

The dance is the dance of Diana with Scientologist John Travolta at the White House, Mia Wallace at Jack Rabbit Slim.

contrast Mercury Hod (intellect) and Venus Netzach (emotions), path 27 the Tower, war between the sexes.
Sky Dymont born 20 May 1947 Gemini the lovers vice or virtue. Taurus, Gemini, Aries- Venus, Moon, Mercury

as Sandor Szavost. He played in 2001 An American Rhapsody (=Bohemian Rhapsody, the wedding of Bohemian king Frederick V and Elizabeth) Natassja Kinski as Margit Sandor, mother of Scarlett Johansson.
The waltz step is used in magic rituals when pacing around the magic circle, waltz music is also used in Kubrick's 2001 ASO.

Bill climbs the masonic stairs (spiral stairs 2nd degree Boaz, the mystery of death Hiram), learns the secret of the High Priestess, fall of Sophia, victim like Sharon Tate (painting referring to her pregnancy). It represents the initiation ceremony of the 6th degree in the Scottish Rite, Intimate Secretary, teaching the moral lesson, not to pry to deep in the secrets of a fellow mason, associated with the sign of Virgo (the Hermit).
Julienne Davis Amanda /Mandy. 9/26 like Rosemary's girlfriend Victoria Vetri in Rosemary's Baby also sacrificed as a twin. (Nick the devil, saint Nicolas in December) The red telephone has changed into drugs on table of the Magician. born 9/26/1973, year 3 the empress, day of death Anna Magnani, the Rose Tattoo, premiere in 1955 where Jayne Mansfield and Monroe met. (speedball=pool ball 13 in sherlock jr, River Phoenix died of a speedball on 10/31/1993, days before the plane crash of Pollack's son Steven).

After the party Alice and Bill stand in front of the mirror, Alice back from Wonderland, through the looking glass 24. "The Rose. (The Woman of Atu XIV. Minister of Babalon; The Water-Kerub in the Initiation.) The First Kiss Of the Lady of Initiation." (prince William born on summer solstice, Kidman born 20 june, day before summer solstice)
Chris Isaak song Sunflower, symbolism of the Queen of Wands, also in A Clockwork Orange.

Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village
is the place where the Gay and Transgender Church originated with Luciferian rainbow symbol in the Stonewall riots. references to Polyphilio's Dream of Francesco Colonna, who follows Thelema (the religion of Crowley).

Bill Harford works as a doctor, investigating a child with open mouth=Egyptian opening of the mouth ceremony. red and blue colors like The Shining, Van Gogh ear bandage, reference to wrapping mummy with juice soaked bandages (Egyptian mummification process).

In the bedroom scene (blue light of Chokmah wisdom), Alice tells about sexual encounter involving a captain (animus at end of Nigredo, the nightmare of Rosemary in Rosemarys Baby, hypnotic overlay of rape by entity representing Saturn/Satan, Camilla Parker was married to army captain). Alice dreaming=Dorothy in unconscious state, Bill as Dorothy in Oz.

Bill takes a yellow cab= follows the Yellow Brick Road of the handler.
like the Hermit, he descends into the underworld- green man dying sun god Osiris of 2001 ASO.
Christmas quiet holy night of the soul to be reborn as Christ=> Thelemic initiate in the night of Pan, qlippoth as nightside of Eden.
Marie Elisabet Richardson (born 6 June 1959, Gemini the lovers, vice or virtue, blue light fidelity.

through the underworld temptation, greenwich (wicked witch of Oz) village, built at Pinewood studio, he meets a girl named Domino (Thelema),
Vinessa Elizabeth Shaw (Elizabeth Stuart), born 7/19,(day of helical rise of sirius, the star) 1976, like Benedict Cumberbatch- Leo lust. She played in 3: 10 to Yuma with Christian Bale (Bruce Wayne in Mentmore Towers) and in Two Lovers with Joaquin Phoenix (visits house of Bruce Wayne in Joker) and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Shaw= Shu upholding sky. Whore of Babylon of the Lust card. red door 5/26 the Eminem Show. Vinessa Shaw was born 7/19 heliacal rise Sirius during dog days, going into heat. The room is decorated with masks. Domino is the name of the Venetian mask the woman is wearing in the ritual, mask of the Adjustment card (Colonna was a Dominican monk, in the dream of Polyphilio he also encounters a nymph who reminds him of Thelema, goddess of Venus). Shaw= jaws mouth Daath, the throat chakra, sexual energy. She wears a coat with the zigzag pattern of the Kabbalistic Lightning Flash of Creation on the Tree of Life.

Alice calls Bill, Penelope calls Odyssey, Sophia falls asleep. When the sun is absent, the hidden sun Daath is revealed, the Demiurge creates false Eve. references to anal sex. Domino is a song of Jessie J, Domino pizza is a pizza reference to a child/sex slave, used in psyop Pizzagate.

He meets the Magician in Jazz Sonata café, contrast with the party in the beginning (Mercury is the psychopomp between physical and spiritual, conscious and unconscious) (Hannah Rothschild produced The Jazz Baroness), similar to Club Silencio in Mulholland Drive, the veil of the High Priestess with the priestess absent, blue moonlight (Luna Lounge in Lost Highway). The veil of Paroketh that seperates the magical triad (Order of the Golden Dawn) from ethical triad (Order of Rose Cross). kaph open hand, letter of Wheel of Fortune of jupiter. Like Professor Marvel in The Wizard of Oz using a crystal ball, the Magician makes the Fool fall into a dream world.

Nightingale tells Bill he is about to perform at a secret location blindfolded and tells the password Fidelio, Ludwig van Beethoven's 72nd opus (nr of Chesed jupiter), his only opera. Blue masonry, the first 3 degrees, contains lessons about fidelity (secrecy). Like EWS, faithfulness is a main theme of the opera, the faithfullness of a wife who sacrifices herself to free her husband from death as a political prisoner. The opera has subtitle Leonore (Hierophant Leon Vitale). It was the first opera staged in Berlin after WW2. It foreshadows what will happen at the ritual, Adjustment as instant karma of the Fool. (loyalty, the bond to his True Will) blue light=blue rose of the Empress, light of Chokmah Sophia. The Wizard traps Dorothy in a dreamworld, Mercury is the lens through which we see reality.

He hires a costume and mask at Under the Rainbow in Greenwich Village (Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch mind control symbolism, change clothes=change alters, mannequin symbolism) where the Luciferian rainbow gay movement originated. Schnitzler was born the same date as Frank Baum.

Rade Šerbedžija born 27 July 1946. Leo lust. Leo, Cancer, Virgo- Moon, Sun, Uranus. Milich, played the homeless man, to who Christian Bale hands his coat in Batman Begins (Bill Harford= Bruce Wayne), also in Strange Angel about Jack Parsons. Hod, the sphere of Mercury in demonology (qlippoth) is associated with Adramelech, chancellor of hell and supervisor of Satan's wardrobe (change clothes=change characters). Adrammelech is pictured as mule head with peacock tail (7 colors of the rainbow) shows his bald head (the Moon card-subconscious), shows his secret closet (sphere Da'ath, secret closet in Rosemary's Baby).

The pulling back of the curtain= the curtain of the Wizard of Oz, in Kabbalism the veil of the 4 elements.

Gloria Elsveta "Leelee" Sobieski born June 10, 1983 cancer ruled by the moon, date of Judy Garland (Dorothy). She was in movie 'Glass house' released in the weekend of 911 as Ruby (ruby slippers Dorothy). Lilith (false mirror image of Eve) archetype, abused by her father as sex slave.

Orgy scene

He takes a yellow cab (Yellow Brick Road, the Chariot card) to the Rothschild mansion, Mentmore Towers, in the village of Mentmore (mm=33, mementi mori), Buckinghamshire. Mentmore was also used as Wayne Manor in Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins with Christian Bale and Katie Holmes, the new girlfriend of Tom Cruise, Ali G in Da House (Sacha Baron Cohen), Goodbye of the Spice Girls and in Terry Gilliam’s Brazil. It was sold in 1977 to the Maharishi Foundation of meditation guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, promoted by Mia Farrow, The Beatles, Mick Jagger,..

house in Glen Cove like Robert Kennedy.
Bill tears his money= the Fool losing his money, falling down the right pillar of Wisdom, meeting the Hierophant and the Wheel of fortune. He enters the Lionsgate, facing the lion shadow side, solar force (Lust). It is through the portal of our solar plexus, the Lion’s Gate, and our true heart center, that we traverse the dimensions from spirit to matter, from unity consciousness to individuated consciousness and back again. This is the ‘Hero’s Journey’ that is likened to the path of the Sun across the sky entering constellation Leo.

Nick Nightingale is playing blindfolded, evoking the Wheel of Fortune card. like John Lennon and Yoko Ono during tv performance of Shine On (shin =Aeon judgement card). He wears an owl mask, symbol of Chokmah (Wisdom, grey) sacrificing inner fire to fire god Moloch like bohemian grove. 3 doors;

The interior scenes were filmed at Elveden Hall, a private house on the A11 about four miles west of Thetford in Suffolk. Elveden Hall also stood in for the interior of the palatial home of villain Manfred Powell (Iain Glen) in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, was used for the ‘Tangier’ banquet in James Bond movie The Living Daylights, and became the bed chamber of the King (Peter O’Toole) in Matthew Vaughn’s Stardust.

purple is used to make slaves dissociate. Venetian masks
similarities with the Masque of the Red Death, movie with Paul McCartney's girlfriend Jane Asher, evoking scene of Sharon Tate, based on story of Edgar Allen Poe.

He meets his Holy Guardian Angel, knowledge and conversation in Tiferet (qliphah Thagiron is associated with juridical process= trial of Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men). 'The culmination of stage three leaves the alchemist completely free in a state of Pure Spirit, Pure Intelligence, beyond space, time and form but without a consciousness of body or mind.'

masque ball of The Tempest at Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart wedding, masque ball of Truman Capote for Katherine Graham, masque ball in Labyrinth, masked scene in Dark Knight Rises with Anne Hathaway (wife of Shakespeare) and Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate, masque ball of the Corona ritual, for coronation William V. The party is clearly based on pictures of parties of Guy de Rothschildand his wife Helene at Chateau Ferrière (with surrealism as theme, Salvador Dali, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot), the alchemical wedding, integration with the Shadow.

The Hierophant (jupiter) devil as the Emperor (king Arthur) in disguise winter solstice-Christmas as death and rebirth of new sun (but july 16 date of birth Set). Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, exaltation of Mars. Red death is the beginning of the alchemical fourth stage rubedo (reddening). uniting Heaven and Earth. (Leon Vitale born date of premiere Parsifal, OTO grail cup ritual) end or death of that freedom, to fully incarnate without sense of separation.

The initiate meets Osiris with masonic double headed eagle. The figures on the balcony represent the 42 judges of the underworld.

During the Aeon of Osiris, in rituals of the Order of the Golden Dawn, the Hierophant represented perfect Osiris who learns the natural Osiris, in new Aeon of Horus, the Hierophant and candidate are Horus, no longer initiation of man through death but as natural growth of the child. Hiram Abiff is murdered in the Temple he designed by three ruffians as they unsuccessfully attempt to force him to divulge the Master Masons' secret passwords. The themes of the allegory are the importance of fidelity, and the certainty of death.
Like HAL is destroyed in 2001 ASO, he has to take off his mask, his Jungian persona (also in Vanilla Sky, Batman).
The Hierophant is played by

Leon Vitale, 7/26 1948, Leo 7/26 like Stanley Kubrick, Kubrick is the Magician who performs the alchemical marriage, 726 nr of vitriol, interior of earth) carries the spear and mask, helmet of secrecy of Athena, worshipped with Apollo as one god. Her owl symbol is on Bill Harford's mask, also used by Weishaupt's Illuminati. born in Warwickshire, like Crowley and so called birthplace of Bacon's alter ego Shakespeare, the bard of Avon. The wand he is carrying is the pole, the meridian of earth (Warwickshire has bear symbol of Arcturus, king Arthur Ursa Major, the galactic pole).
The hood scene is almost identical to scene to Roman Polanski's the Ninth Gate also in 1999.
He makes the pointing sign of Grand Pontiff 19th degree in the Scottish rite (chair with two headed eagle), Christ on his throne in the middle of 12 zodiac signs (12 preceding degrees).
A naked woman appears on balcony.

Julienne Davis (Mandy) September 26, 1973 Libra adjustment, date of Victoria Vetri (Mia Farrow's twin in Rosemary's Baby).

Cruise has Lilith (sadism, forbidden fantasies, perversity) in Libra in 12th house.
Nicole Kidman has Mars (roman) in Libra like Roman Polanski, Aries- Libra, formula of Crowley's Liber AL. Libra is a decan in transition to Aquarius, the Aeon of Maat overlaps with the Aeon of Horus.

The Anima becomes the Mother of God, or Consort of God, the object of mystic love. The corresponding animus figures are Illuminated Ones - Christ, Buddha, the Saints, etc
She represents lamed Adjustment, the Magical will (Higher Self, Holy Guardian Angel, the purpose of the Fool), who fulfills his will without action, the instant karma for behaviour of the Fool, subject of the John Lennon song Instant Karma. Thelema and Agape, Will and Love both have 93 in numerology, sacrifice out of love-Love is the Law. The law of Thelema that frees him from guilt, restraints so he becomes his own master, living in the now.

The Aeon card is based on Crowley' Stele of Revealing. The Hanged Man sacrifice is the opposite of the Wheel of Fortune. (lamed justice 2/6 like death king George 4 meant beginning of queen Elizabeth's reign). in the novel the women is called Al-bertina. albedo stage in alchemy.

She is the Scarlett Woman of the Hierophant. She represents Nuit (wordplay forgotten pasword 'same as if you never 'knewit') on the Aeon card, infinite possibilities. The red circle is Hadit, the ubiquitous omnipresent point of view (also on poster of Rosemary's Baby and 2001 ASO). Horus dual god hidden behind a mask, (Ra and Amun, sun and black sun) in liber Tzaddi called a black and terrible god (Binah, black ego death). In Libra every rise is equilibrated by fall (plane crash of JFK Jr).

In the Lion’s Gate, the heart, ruled by the Sun and Leo, we finally transmute our polarities and experience unity consciousness. The peacock's tail phase before albedo, the phase of many colors is also represented by the rainbow (also in Vanilla Sky). A possible meaning of the peacock's tail is the failure of alchemical work, distracted by visions, the Seven of Cups.

She is taken by a man with the mask of Dr Schnabel (Thoth), the 13 Death card. She remembers the dream (like Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky), vision of the Whore of Babylon in Metropolis (also in 1999 movie American Beauty). The peacock (Adrammelech pictured as mule head with peacock tail), is the failure of the alchemical process, conscious enters unconscious but distracted by visions, can not tell real from fake, leading to dischord of the mind. Seven of Cups is the fall from grace into the world of Netzach (peacock of NBC in opening scene Vanilla Sky. mistaking Diana virgin with whore Catherine).
In 777, Crowley described the 'completion of the feminine' as 'The Woman Justified by equilibrium, and Self sacrifice is the Gate.' Her Scale , weighs the Alpha and Omega (The All) " She is the ultimate illusion which is manifestation; she is the dance, many-colored, many-willed, of Life itself. Constantly whirling, all are possibilities are enjoyed, under the phantom show of Space and Time: all things are real, the soul is surface, precisely because they are instantly compensated by this Adjustment. All things harmony and beauty; all things are truth; because they cancel out."the head dress of Maat bears the Ostrich feathers of the Twofold Truth and the personality is weighed by the Soul with it's first and last act as counter balances. the lovers card like A Clockwork Orange, gouging out of the eye, the alchemical maxim solve et coagula, solve and diffuse.

Search for the girl

Bill returns home, putting the complex mysticism of stage three in daily practice.
The poster in his daughter's bedroom reads Sex, indication of incest. Alice awakes from her dream. Upon his return home, Albertina awakens and describes a dream she has had: while making love to the Danish officer from her sexual fantasies, she had watched without sympathy as Fridolin was tortured and crucified before her eyes. Fridolin is outraged, as he believes that this proves his wife wants to betray him. He resolves to pursue his own sexual temptations.

He returns to the castle but the gate closed (filmed in Glen Cove). Daath, the hidden sphere is only open when sun is absent. He is sent away like Dorothy by the Wizard in Wizard of Oz (gate scene in 'Joker' where Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur visits Wayne Manor). The blue bird mailbox also appears in The Ninth Gate and Vanilla Sky (blue bird of dissociation, Project Bluebird).

The hotel clerk is played by
Alan Cumming born 27 January 1965, aquarius the star, dominants: Aquarius, Sagittarius, Virgo- Moon, Uranus, Jupiter.
suggestion of sodomy (participated in the NOH8 Campaign). men in black, the Shadow. Cumming played in Tin Man (Wizard of Oz) and The Tempest with Russell Brand.

Bill enters a tavern with horns (horns of Taurus, St Bartholomew Nathaniel celebration, bow of Artemis on the High Priestess card), with Monarch butterflies on the wall.

He reads a newspaper article about a dead girl (dream becomes real). He is being hunted, haunted by secrets. Bill visits a hospital and a morgue (the inversion of the Judgement card: there is no rebirth, the dead stay dead).

Ziegler's house

He goes to Ziegler's house (the tyler sydney pollack) with a red pool table (blood phosphor, Cruise played in pool movie Color of Money with Sydney Pollack). 'i know what happened last night'=knowledge, gnosis of Daath. He calls the sacrifice 'phony' (word used in JD Salinger's Catcher in the Rye, used in mind control of MDC, John Lennon ritual at the Dakota).

When he returns home, he finds his mask on his purple pillow, next to Alice (purple=dissociation). (In Enochian magic, 3d Enochian aethyr ZOM knowledge, the magus, maker of illusion, 2nd Enochian aethyr ARN radiance, marriage of the seeer with Babalon, 1st Enochian aethyr vision of the Crowned and Conquering Child). Helena as Harpocrates. He finds Alice with his mask, similar to mask scene with Jim Carrey as Stanley Ipkiss in The Mask with Cameron Diaz (mask scene in Vanilla Sky)

Ending toy store

The final Christmas shopping reconciliation scene was filmed on the ground floor of London's famous West End toyshop Hamley’s, Regent Street, London W1.(father Dodi Fayed owned Harrot's)
Their daughter Hannah chooses a pink Barbie doll (doll programming). The older men choose a bear (pedophilia symbol, also in The Shining and A.I., Ursa Major the universe celestial nortpole). The bubbles, like Crowley's 13 Death card, symbolizing rebirth, new emerging of the self. 1999 was the year of gnostic movies, going down the rabbit hole.

Last word of the film is 'fuck', the film ends with Daath, the sexual act, beginning and end, alpa and omega, phallus and vagina. (in book Thelema wakes up 1 may -after 13 day fire sacrifice), Venus/lucifer reborn as may queen. also day founding of Illuminati (in Polyphilio's dream, they reunite at a Venus fountain).

The clothes were designed by Wren Scott, the wife of Mick Jagger, born 7/29 like Kubrick.

Tom Cruise's next movie was Magnolia with Jason Robards (wife Lauren Bacall, lived at the Dakota, present at the Truman Capote ball) as dying man Osiris, respect the cock, yod, =David Bowman, with music Also Sprach Zarathustra also used in Kubrick's 2001 ASO and Man on the Moon (Jim Carrey as Andy Kaufman as Elvis).

EWS became a blueprint for controlled opposition theories about the Rothschilds controlling the Iluminati (disinfo about Anthony Kidman of Fiona Barnett in Eyes Wide Open). The masked orgy scene became a trope in Hip Hop music videos of Rick Ross, Lil Pump,..

Tom Cruise

Vanilla Sky 2001

Stanley Kubrick