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The official story in the education system and media is: 'freemasonry is a harmless little club of middle age men getting together have secret meetings to teach other about the importance of honour, virtue, liberty, charity and are sometimes accused for no reason at all, by a few crazy conspiracy theorists, of trying to take over the world. During WW2, these poor fellows were attacked by the nazi's who also believed these crazy theories, and in the age of the internet they are being targeted by crazy people who think they are worshipping the devil or Lucifer.'

There is nothing inherently evil or wrong about the teachings of masonry. Esoteric knowledge can be used for good or bad purposes. The problem is that the masses are programmed to think there is no such thing like esoteric knowledge that can affect them, that there is only the material world, that's right in front of them. A modern library is full of books, written by masons, pathological liars and masters in the art of deception. Masonic symbolism is in every news ritual, every movie and tv show to mock the audience they don't have the 'eyes' to see it.

Low level freemasonry is a charade, like the Catholic Church, a pompuous facade, a club of men wearing skirts, little boys trying to impress others, thinking they're big because their apron skirt shows a higher grade than the other boys. Like the rituals of the Church, the ritualistic part is worship of a 'god' entity, with strict obedience and emphasis on secrecy. The secrecy creates mystery and masons love playing that role, it is part of their appeal. They love spreading misleading conspiracy theories about themselves, mock the people who fall for it and somehow keep their appearances high. They preach the union of male and female, balance left right brain, but are an all men's club.

Like the Catholic Church it is a a facade of grown men calling each other Right Worshipful Master and Super Excellent, to hide the fact that 'high level' freemasons are incestuous thieves, pedophiles, murderers, criminals waging useless wars, killing millions of people. Knowledge of sacred geometry is used in media hoax rituals, performed on a specific time and place, to affect people's consciousness and energy.

Most people are not interested in spending a lot of time and effort trying to gain esoteric knowledge. The success of masonry was the rise of middle class, working people trying to move on up on the social ladder, be part of an exclusive club for more status, giving each other favors. Low level freemasonry costs a lot of money, the catch is status and power. The blue degrees are designed specifically to distract (admitted by Albert Pike in 'Morals and Dogma').
The same old accusations are countered with the same arguments, the idea of a secret conspiracy is debunked by stating freemasonry has no central authority, that all lodges are independant.

The world empire of the jesuits and the British was already established in 16th century. Freemasonry is not just interwoven with, but identical to the corrupt establishment, the bloodline of psychopaths. It was invented by kings to gain more control, not to spread ideas of liberty, liberty is the cloak, the cover of the slavemasters. Prince Edward the Duke of Kent is the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England with Prince William as a hidden back up along with former Grand Master Marquess Spencer Compton. Prince Michael of Kent is the Grand Master of the Mark Master Masons. Every US president from George Washington to Joe Biden was a freemason. Most Grand Masters are also members of the military. Freemasons are a militarized group.

Jews in freemasonry

Freemasonry and judaism, especially the satanic kabbalism of Sabatai Zvi are both cults of Saturn, the square/compass is the hexagon of Saturn, Ark of the Covenant, the Holy of Holies all one eye symbolism, for the part in the brain that contains the pineal gland.

Moses Dobrushka, related to Jacob Frank (cult of Antichrist figure Sabbatai Zevi), was a member of the Asiatic Brethren, wich developed a form of kabbalistic freemasonry, influential to occult organisations like Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Masonic rituals consist of basic magic rituals like evoking the 4 elements.
Jews helped founding Freemasonry in colonial America, jew Mordecai Campanall, of Newport, Rhode Island, is said to have established a lodge in 1658. In Georgia four Jews appear to have been among the founders of the first lodge, organized in Savannah in 1734. Moses Michael Hays (King David's Lodge in New York), Moses Seixas (Grand Lodge of Rhode Island), Solomon Bush (Pennsylvania), and in 1781 Jews were influential in the Sublime Lodge of Perfection in Philadelphia, which played an important part in the early history of freemasonry in America. Other early leaders of the movement included: Isaac da Costa (King Solomon's Lodge Charleston), Abraham Forst and Joseph Myers.

The founders of all Hollywood studios (Laemmle, Zukor, Mayer, Goldwyn, Warner) were all jewish freemasons. The role of jews in masonry, banking world, pornography and media, helping to achieve world government is ignored by 'serious' academics and exaggerated by misleading conspiracy theorists, a trick used since the middle ages, so all allegations against freemasonry can be brushed aside as antisemitism.

Freemasonry, both the York and the Scottish rite has a lot of symbolism that refers to the history of the jewish people and the importance of the jewish temple. However, Jersusalem is also important to christians and muslims. The Templars and Knight Hospitaliers, the military orders of the Church of Rome had their base in Jerusalem. Jerusalem is hieros- sol-o- mon, the sacred marriage of the sun and moon, male and female, west and east. The last book of the bible contains end times prophecy about a new Jerusalem. Masonry uses a lot of symbolism based on kabbalah, jewish mysticism, developed by Makhier of Narbonne and Isaac the Blind in the south of France.

They are a perfect scapegoat for, for instance Christians, who view themselves as good vs evil, the devil worshipping freemasons (a lot of controlled opposition 'conspiracy theorists' use this trick: Fritz Springmeier, Mark Dice,..).

Misleading books on freemasonry

Michael Baigent (mason) Richard Leigh 'The temple and the Lodge'. It emphasises the role of Rosslyn chapel as link between the Templars and freemasonry. The all seeing eye of the dollar bill links the Templars, as usual to the Illuminati hoax. Baigent also wrote Holy Blood, Holy Grail in 1982, the year of birth William Battenberg, of the Stuart bloodline, to imply this bloodline of psychopaths is the bloodline of Jesus Christ, mixing it with the Priory of Sion hoax of Pierre Plantard. The book of Hiram Robert Lomas 2005 expands on this silly Jesus theme, linking it the Turin shroud hoax. Robert Lomas is linked to the History Channel (Scottish masons of the Hearst family). Through deception like this, the concept of masonry as a bastion of power to keep the Draco Orion bloodline (the royal families of Europe) in charge, is turned into an absurd conspiracy theory.
Tobias Churton 'the Golden builders'
John Greer 'the Secret of the Temple'
Michael Halleran 'Better angels of our nature (masonry in the US civil war)'
Manly P Hall (mason) 'Lost keys of freemasonry, secret teachings of all ages'
Christopher Happ 'Freemasonry for dummies'
David Harrison 'the Genesis of freemasonry'
Timothy Hogan 'Alchemical keys to masonic ritual'
Paul Nadon 'Secret history of freemasonry'
Lynn Picknett (member of the CIA controlled 'Ghost club') and Clive Prince 'the Templar revelation' (identity christ, inspiration for the Da Vinci code)
Albert Pike (mason) 'Morals and dogma'
Emmanuel Rebold 'A general history of freemasonry'
John Robinson 'Born in blood' (linking Peasant's revolt of Watt Tyler to the Templars as revenge against the Knights Hospitaliers)
David Stevenson 'the Origins of Freemasonry'
Nesta Webster, Laurence Gardner, Jim Marrs, Texe Mars, Dan Brown, Mark Dice, Kirk Macnulty, AG Mackey,..

History of freemasonry

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