George Lucas

George Walton Lucas Jr is a jewish mind controlled movie director of the Saturn cult, used in the Holywood film industry, to make blockbuster franchise Star Wars about the Draco-Orion war, to announce the child of the Aeon of Horus. He promoted political puppet Hilary Clinton (the Left Wing Church). He married Marcia Griffin (editor of Martin Scorcese movies), dated Linda Ronstadt (Laurel Canyon scene of Jim Morrison) and married jesuit trained Mellody Hobson (CFR, JP Morgan Chase, Ariel Investments, Starbucks, DreamWorks, Rockefeller Foundation).

His name is similar to Georg Lukacs of the Frankfurt School. He attended Christian Science Sunday School.

He was a member of the New Hollywood scene of Francis Ford Coppola, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Woody Allen. Star Wars was influenced by the work of Joseph Campbell (CIA front Esalen Institute) and Buddhist New Age philosophy of the Theosophical Society.

Mellody Hobson participates in the Giving Pledge of Bill Gates and promotes Lesbians Who Tech.

Astrological chart

born 5/14/1944, date JFK announced the Apollo missions, state israel, Robert Zemeckis (BTTF), Mark Zuckerberg, Cate Blanchett, Sophia Coppola, Tim Roth, 11 years after Hitler came into power, 33 years before release Star Wars.

Asc: Taurus, mc: Capricorn. Dom: Taurus (the Hierophant), Aquarius, Leo - Venus, Sun, Pluto.

Houses 12, 1, 10. 12: Venus and Mercury in Taurus (Venus in Taurus like Hitler), 1: Sun in Taurus, Uranus in Gemini, 10: Moon in Aquarius. 2: Saturn in Gemini, 5: Lilith in Virgo, 6: Neptune in Libra.


1967 Filmmaker documentary about Francis Ford Coppola making Rain People with Shirley Knight Robert Duvall James Caan
1971 THX 1138 Robert Duvall (announces the Covid19-ritual)
1973 American Graffiti produced by Francis Ford Coppola Richard Dreyfuss Ron Howard Mackenzie Philips (age 12, Laurel Canyon scene, daughter of John Philips, pedophilia) Paul Le Mat Universal Pictures
1977 Star Wars A New Hope James Earl Jones Carrie Fisher Mark Hamill Harrison Ford Peter Cushing (Ghost Club) 20th Century Fox (would later merge with Disney)
1980 The Empire Strikes Back written by Leigh Brackett
1981 Raiders of the Lost Ark (prod) Steven Spielberg Harrison Ford (based on Otto Rahn)
1983 Return of the Jedi
1984 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Steven Spielberg
1986 Labyrinth (producer) Jennifer Connelly David Bowie Jim Henson (The Muppets)
1987 Captain EO (executive producer) Michael Jackson Anjelica Huston Francis Ford Coppola
1988 Willow Ron Howard Val Kilmer Warwick Davis
1989 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Steven Spielberg
1994 Radioland Murders
1999 Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace Liam Neeson Natalie Portman Samuel Jackson Ewan McGregor Jake Lloyd Terence Stamp
2002 Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones Christopher Lee
2005 Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith Ian McDarmid Hayden Christensen
2008 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Steven Spielberg
2011 My Heart (dog star Sirius) feat cover of The Beach Boys Disney Girls
2015 Strange Magic (based on Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, blue moon) Alan Cumming Alfred Molina Evan Rachel Wood


Mind control