The Giants are a Atlantean race created by the Fallen Angels, the Draco-Orion Nordics, called the Nephilim (B'nei ha Elohim, Sons of God, Daughters of Men) or Men of Renown (arya: noble) in the Bible. They had extraordinary strength (bigger skull, stronger bones, large jaws or sometimes double jaws), intelligence and advanced weapons  but interfered with the human experiment and resorted to cannibalism (eating: stealing someone's energy). Jupiter and Saturn are gas giants. Their war became the Gigantomachia in Greek mythology, personified as planets in the sky. Eventually they migrated to Northern and Southern America, Ireland, Scotland, Basque region, Canaan (Israel), becoming the Holy Grail Rhesus - bloodline of elite families.

The Fallen Angels used genetic engineering to create half man half beast creatures (skull with horns, the anthromorphic gods of Egypt and Greece, creating bipolar schizophrenics= symbol of double head eagle). Gigantism is caused by a malfunction of the pituary gland, that works in unison with the pineal gland. The giants had large bows above their eye sockets (the famous OTO shape). Regular humans developed an inferiority complex, feeling small towards the 'gods'.

The giants inhabited Northern America.  They practiced incest to keep their bloodline 'pure', causing aberrations and birth defects. The Draco-Orion giants were defeated during a nuclear war creating the Sahara desert (motive of the dragon slayer, war between heaven and earth, red vs blue).

13.000 bc the moon as satellite causing the flood, wiping out most of the giant race.

9500 bc According to mainstream science (Smithsonian)  Asians cross the Bering Strait become Native Americans (Haplogroup X1 and X2 prove that Europeans visited North America).

Aryan giants influencing world cultures, teaching astrology, metallurgy, mummification, with the swastika symbol, said to come 'from the sea' (island Atlantis). Lepenski vir at the Donau (Dan) in Serbia.

7300 bc Cave of the Hands in Argentina (ancestors of the Patagonians).

4500 domestication of the horse.

4000 bc Hypogeum megalithic limestone temples in Malta, chamber called the Holy of Holies with trilithon entrance, illumination during winter solstice. dolmens on dragon lines. monolith circles facing equinox or solstice (sun rays impregnating the womb).

Newgrange Bru na Boinne and Dowth burial mounds in Ireland, associated with Tuatha De Dannan (interdimensional race of deities, descendants of Anu), who fought other giant races like the Fomorians and Fir Bolg. Their weapons magical cauldron, sword, spear and stone =4 elements, 4 decks of the Minor Arcana of the Tarot,  wands, swords, cups and pentacles. Stonehenge with trilithons like Hypogeum of Malta.

The Tuatha de Danan- Tribe of Dan populates Den-mark, Swe-den, Sar-din-ia and the region of Donau, where the average male height is higher than anywhere else on earth. In Sardinia they build the phallic giants' grave of Coddu Vecchia with granite.

Ent: old english for giant, origin of ent-ertainment, ent-artet, ent-rance, ent-erprise, ent-ire, ent-ity. The druids saw trees as representations of the giants, becoming the Green Man and Tree of Life symbol, that needs to be regenerated through blood sacrifice. Constellation Orion was sometimes depicted as the Antler (horned god).

2000s Sumerian (aryan) culture of Anunaki descendants of Anu. Epic of Gilgamesh about slaying of giant Humbaba.

Kurgan giants who built burial mounds become the Amorites of Canaan and found Babylon (worship and sacrifice on sacred mounts). Their god Amarru, son of Anu, wears a crooked staff. Amorite god Dagan/Dagon (Dragon) is the father of Baal. The Phoenicians makes boats out of giant tree trunks.

The Egyptian pharao's build the Great Pyramid. Osiris as Orion, the Green Man, giant king with crooked staff. Narmer palette.
1900 bc Egyptian pharao Djehutihotep. pharao's depicted much larger than other humans.

1805 bc Amorite ruler Yakbim, 14th dynasty that rules from Avaris.

1700 bc Poverty Point mound culture. serpent mound, mounts built in ecliptic cross (St Andrews Cross, flag of Scotland).

1650 bc 15th dynasty of Hyksos kings.

1550 bc expulsion of the Hyksos kings who return to Canaan.

1475 bc Tuthmoses III battle at Megiddo.

1274 bc Rameses II Battle of Kadesh battling the Nesilim, giant Sashu and Hab/Piru (Hebrew) of Canaan.

1353 bc Akhenaten and family with elongated skull (Moses of Exodus who speaks to God on Mount Sinai).

The Israelites populate Canaan, defeating the giants and sacrificing on mounts (as sacred breasts, Abraham's sacrifice, sacrifice to Moloch, Tel Aviv).

Genesis 6: 4 'There were giants in the earth in those days'. Noah as just man spared from the flood. Magog (gigant) as son of Japeth. Tower of Babel= Amorites building sacred mounts at Babylon.

King Saul is described as higher than any people. In the Book of Samuel David (red haired) decapitates Philistine giant Goliath who had a giant spear, giant Og (Ogma of Tuatha De Dannan), Gog ad Magog, sons of Anak (Anunaki) and the Rephaim. Leviticus mentions the sacrifice of goats to  Azazel. Book of Enoch mentions Semjaza leading the Fallen Angels. Tuathe De Dannan=> Tribe of Dan with alien DNA. Book of Revelation about Babylon the Great.

practice of skull binding in Mangbetu tribe in Africa. Red haired large skulls in Paracus Peru, weaving tapestry knowledge of DNA and sex magic (tantra: weaving). Aztec legends of Quinametzin giants building the pyramids of Teotihuacan during the Fourth Age of the Sun. 

 legends of Sitecah in Native American culture (natives in Mexico catching a giant in Codex Vaticano A), legends of giants in Basque culture, legends of giants of the Satya  Yuga in Hinduism, giant Hayk as founder of Armenia (Caucasus). headhunting and cannabilistic giants (carved in wood with OTO shaped eyes) on the Solomon Islands (King David-Solomon) near Australia.

800 bc first Olympic Games.

700 bc Greek mythology of Hesiod's Theogony (Titans overthrown by Olympians),  Temple of Apollo, Siphinian Treasury at Delphi. Athena with spear and owl. Homer's Odyssey giant cyclops Polyphemus, son of Poseidon (Poseidon's trident became the trident of the Devil).

In Theogony the giants are children of primordial goddess Gaia (Earth=geo) and Uranus, castrated by Cronos (Saturn) and his Titans. Cronos eats his children (cannibalism) and is castrated by Zeus (kings of Tyre) and 12 Olympian gods. Some representations show the Giants have snake legs (hybrid reptilian). They attacked Zeus at Mount Olympus while Zeus was helped by Herakles. Zeus punished Prometheus for stealing fire (phosphor=Lucifer). Ovid's Metamorphosis. The battle represents victory of order over chaos or a further deterioration into chaos. 

Homer's Iliad about Trojan War with Ajax the Great and Achiles. The Trojan War was a means of Zeus to get rid of the demigods (like Enlil planned the flood).

Etruscan cannibalistic god Orcus (French word ogre). The Roman Empire builds the Circus Maximus (chariots were introduced by the Hyksos) with obelisk.

300 bc Mahabharata about the Kurukshetra War between Kauravas and Pandavas, death of Krishna as start of Kali Yuga.

280 bc Fabius Maximus. Book of the Giants of gnostic Manichaeans.

200 bc Pergamon altar in Turkey depicting Athena, Nike, Apollo, Hercules,.

70 building of the Colosseum with underground tunnels in Rome by Flavian dynasty (Titus= Titan, who reconquers Jerusalem).

235 Maximinus Thrax.

300 Puranas texts like the Baghavata describing the war between Devas (=Deus/Zeus, the 'shining ones') and  Asuras (Daeva and Asuras in Iranian Zoroastrianism). Deva's: Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Indra, Budha, Ganesha.   Like the Greek gods they were associated with planets.

400 Ogham script of giant Og in Ireland. Alchon Hun kings with elongated skulls in India.

590 pope Gregory I (Saint Gregory the Great, grigori: the Watchers) converts pagan Anglo-Saxons to Christianity, Gregorian chants. Alemani (early Germans) with elongated skulls conquered by the Merovingians.

700 Beowulf poem, dragonslayer with sword of giants, based on the Bible. Cerne Abbas giant with erect phallus in Dorset England.

808 Charlemagne ruling Carolingian Empire. orgy rituals on Die Brocken. The ritual of cannibalism becomes the Eucharist ritual (eating the flesh of Christ and drinking his blood) of the Catholic Church (Holy Roman Empire).

1200 (era of Black Plague) end of mound builder culture. King Arthur mythology of Holy Grail bloodline. Summer solstice becomes the feast of John the Baptist (Gianni=giant, = Oannes, based on Amorite god Dagon).

1321 Dante Alighieri Divine Comedy giants and titans in circle of Hell. Prose Edda, Poetic Edda giant jotunn in Norse mythology like Farbauti (father of trickster Loki), Flemish legend of Brabo cutting off hand of giant of Druon Antigoon (city Antwerp).

1336 Geoffrey of Monmouth The History of the Kings of Britain inhabited by giants Albion (Albedo stage of whitening) and Gogmagog, Merlin depicted as helped by red haired giants to build Stonehenge.

1360 Bocaccio Genealogy of Pagan Gods.

1450 Machu Pichu in Peru.

1532 Rabelais giant  Guargantia and Pantagruel Abbey of Thelème (motto Do What Thou Wilt).

1580 John Dee's Enochian system.

1590 Cornelius van Haarlem The Fall of the Titans.

1613 giant skeleton at Chateau de Chaumont (later bought by Germaine de Stael).

giants discovered in Carthago.  

1624 Giovanni Lanfranco (worked for the jesuits) Norandino and Lucina Discovered by the Ogre.

1783 death of Irish giant Charles Byrne, studied by Harvey Cushing (Scroll and Key).

1808 Goya El Coloso

1832 Russell family (slave and opium trade with the jesuits) found Skull and Bones. S&B nr 322 refers to Genesis verse 3:22 about eating from the Tree of Knowledge, becoming Gods, through 3 22's, 3 DNA strands.

1846 Founding of Smithsonian Institution (Smith: metallurgy of Tubalcain; based on Darwinist theory of human evolution becoming bigger and smarter) with black sun logo of the jesuits in Washington DC with James Smithson (Royal Society) as donor and John Quincy Adams (Phi Beta Kappa), Andrew Jackson, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, jesuit Marquis de Lafayette. 

1848 Abraham Lincoln mentions the giants in speech at Niagara Falls.

1869 Richard Wagner Der Ring des Nibelungen giants Fafner (dragon) and Fasolt rape Freya.

1871 Barnum and Bailey's Greatest Show on earth.

1882 Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins Life Among the Piutes (Nevada) about red haired white giants. Lovelock mummies. skeletons at St Catalina Island.

1883 Friedrich Nietzsche Also Sprach Zarathustra concept of Uebermensch.

1888 Helena Blavatsky The Secret Doctrine giants as third root race that inhabited Lemuria. Osmar Schindler (teacher of George Grosz) lithograph of David and Goliath.

1890 Giant of Castelnau Georges Delapouge (eugenics agenda of Francis Dalton, book on the Aryan race).

1891 Nature magazine Ohio burial mound with skeleton in copper armor.  Members of the Liszt Society of Theosophist Guido von Liszt found the Thule Society (Thule, Hyperboria island of the giants).

1895 Carl Kellner and Theodor Reuss (giant) found the Ordo Templi Orientis (Eucharist ritual of cannibalism and blood drinking).

1897 Iowa Mound skeletons.

1903 vegetable brand Green Giant.

1912 dig at Lake Delavan Wisconsin by Beloit College, reported in The NY Times.

1912 Titanic ritual (sister ship Olympus).

1917 HP Lovecraft short story Dagon.

1928 Julio Tello discovers the Paracas skulls in Peru.

1933 King Kong. Hitler Josef Mengele Lebensborn program recreation of giant Aryan supermen. Joseph Stalin born in Georgia (Caucasus). Theosophic concept of extermination of the Aryan race through fire (phoenix symbolism) to be replaced by the Vril race.

1934 Ales Hrdlicka (Europe as cradle of civilization, American Eugenics Institute) of Smithsonian Institution (black sun logo like jesuits) debunks.

1939 Superman (Uebermensch).

1943 Project Riese underground tunnels in the Owl Mountains with Friedrich Krupp.

1944  Giganta adversary of Wonder Woman.

1947 state of Israel. William Comyns Beaumont Britain the Key to World History (debunked by Martin Gardner).

1950 CS Lewis Chronicles of Narnia.

1955 Conan the Barbarian (Hyborian giant) Robert Howard Gnome Press.

1956 Giant Elizabeth Taylor James Dean.

1969 Apollo moon landing (phrase giant leap).

1970 Robert Silverberg The Mound Builders.

1975 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest giant Indian. Pamplona bull run with giants. Valencia burning of giant dolls.

1971 They Might Be Giants George C Scott. NBA stars Michael Jordan Manute Bol (Nilotic people of Sudan). Addams Family.

1974 Dungeons and Dragons giant. Edgar Cayce stories about the Mount Builders.

1977 The Spy Who Loved Me Roger Moore as James Bond Richard Kiel as Jaws Anthony Burgess United Artists. Star Wars Anakin Skywalker (sons of Anak).

1980 wrestling scene of the McMahons (Scottish Rite) André the Giant.

1981 Clash of the Titans Beverly Cross Harry Hamlin Laurence Olivier Ursula Andress (James Bond) Susan Fleetwood as Athena with owl Burgess Meredith Tim Piggot-Smith (V for Vendetta) MGM.

1982 Conan the Barbarian Arnold Schwarzenegger James Earl Jones Max von Sydow Oliver Stone Raffaela De Laurentiis John Milius (Apocalypse Now).

The Big Friendly Giant Roald Dahl (MI6).

1988 German pulp magazine Bild spreads hoax about giant finger of Egyptian mummy.

1991 Twin Peaks giant telling Kyle MacLachlan 'the owls are not what they seem', inhabiting the Black Lodge (Crowley's Moonchild). Tony Robbins Awaken the Giant Within (promoted by Oprah Winfrey).

1992 Mortal Kombat video game half man- half dragon giant Goro. TMNT Krang in belly of a giant.

1994 Luigi Cavalli-Sforza (Royal Society) The History and Geography of Human Genes.

Billy Meier UFO religion of fallen angels like Semjaza.

1997 Titanic Leonardo di Caprio as Jack Dawson.

1998 My Giant Billy Crystal. Among Giants Andy Serkis (King Kong).

1999 The Iron Giant. NY Giants with jesuit John Mara and Jabril Peppers (Omega Psi Phi).

2001 the 911 Twin Towers ritual George W Bush (Skull & Bones) comparing the war between Gog and Magog. Lord of the Rings army of orcs with giants, Ent Treebeard, Christopher Lee (descendant of Charlemagne). Jack and the Beanstalk Matthew Modine. Shrek Mike Myers as giant ogre.

2002 National Geographic reports giant skeletons found in Greece.

2008 Barack Obama as the new Akhenaten.

2009 Jack and the Beanstalk James Earl Jones.

2010 Clash of the Titans Sam Worthington  Perseus decapitating Medusa Mads Mikkelsen as Draco Ralph Fiennes as Hades Liam Neeson as Zeus Danny Huston as Poseidon Nicholas Hoult Pete Postlethwaite Alexa Davalos as Andromeda Liam Cunningham Natalia Vidionova as Medusa Elizabeth McGovern Louis Leterrier released on 4/2.

2011 Conan the Barbarian Jason Momoa Ron Perlman Morgan Freeman Rose McGowan. Kim Kardashian marries giant Kris Humphries (NBA).

2012 Prometheus giant hybrid, Michael Fassbender as David decapitated. X-men character Azazel. Joe Taylor Giants Against Evolution, associated with Mt Blanco Fossil Museum (Creationism of the bible). London Olympics with William and Catherine.

2013 Jack the Giant Slayer Nicholas Hoult Ewen Bremner Stanley Tucci Ewan McGregor (Star Wars about Anakin Skywalker). Pacific Rim (monsters of the Abyss) Idris Elba (Baal, Alba). Oz the Great James Franco dressed as Abraham Lincoln.

2014 Noah Darren Aronofsky giant Watchers. Interstellar black hole Guargantia. Richard Dewhurst (NYU, HBO, History Channel, ABC) The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America: The Missing Skeletons and the Great Smithsonian Cover-Up (promoted by Graham Hancock and Red Ice Radio).

Hercules Dwayne Johnson. DNA testing of the Paracas skulls.

disinfo of CIA front Coast to Coast  (L.A. Marzulli, writer of Nephilim Hybrids). pictures of Eduoard Beuapré of Barney and Bailey's (elite family Bailey, Greatest Show on Earth). Giants in America History Channel Jim Vieira (Project Camelot, Ancient Aliens, Jason Colavito as debunker) Hugh Newman.

Tom DeLonge (the long, tall, Blink 182 with Travis Barker) tweets disinfo of World News Daily Report about Smithsonian cover-up, debunked by Snopes, Reuters and Smithsonian linked National Geographic.

David Wilcock (Gaia= progenitor of the giants) presentation at LA Conscious Life Expo about giants in Ohio. Steve Quayle (Coast to Coast),  Ross Hamilton Holocaust of Giants.

2016 The BGF (pink sky) Steven Spielberg (Jaws) Rebecca Hall Disney Amblin Entertainment (moon logo) Mark Rylance (friend of Charles, replaced by Kenneth Branagh in London Olympics) Ruby Barnhill (ruby slippers) Bill Hader (awarded by Smithsonian).

2017 Game of Thrones HBO David Benioff army with giants Emilia Clarke (Terminator with Arnold Schwarzenegger).

I Kill Giants Zoe Saldana.

2021 Alien Worlds Giants and Hybrids Andrew Collins (Ancient Aliens)

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