The heart is the principle of one, the self generating torus field, that regenerates its elf through spin, a pulsating flux field that pumps blood, animated by the multidimensional soul, an infinite force of light and life, not bound to linear time or space, that exists on different planes of existence, in multiple dimensions, similar to the sun in a solar system and nucleus of an atom. In non-physical dimensions (4D) organic and artificial consciousness exists simultaneously, duality of Service to Others and Service to Self (the God matrix). When the soul reincarnates in 3D, through descending in the lower dimensions, it creates an imperfect, compressed and diluted version of its core essence that identifies with the ego-mind-personality, caught up in the solid, material world and its temptations, linear time illusion and mental programs.

Heart is an anagram of Earth (green like the green heart chakra, green=energ-y). Human beings are creators (torus) because the human heart is a stargate, through the  trinity soul-mind-body (symbol of the trinity, Vesica Pisces).

The takeover in 3 steps of the Draco-Orion Empire (under control of God program/AI) is an attempt to take over the human soul-heart through the mind, a take over of earth.

The heart is the point of equilibrium, the zero point. As a light source it is a source of heat (warm blood in contrast with cold blooded consciousness).

The heart pumps blood to the upper part of body against gravity. The capillaries are 3x circumference of earth.

The masculine of the 'one' unified field corresponds to the  sun (solar plexus), stands for the will to live, male, electric, phallic, creative life force (in contrast with the moon, female, passive, reflective). The sun also represents the ego, the adult that censors our inner child, hides the spiritual sun Sirius. The sun is the redeemer Horus, Apollo, Mithras, Jesus Christ, the Son of God (in kabbalism, Tiferet, Beauty, the Heart), Superman, the truth, the light,... The equilibrium point is the present, here and now in contrast with the moon, past and subconscious.

The sun is at its peak in Cancer Queen of Cups/Hearts (the Chariot=cardio), ruled by the moon. Leo the lion ruled by the sun is the symbol of the lionheart.

The Sumerians installed a bull religion (Anunaki with horns)  connected to 7 planets with Venus  as the 5th (5th day Freya, 7 chakra's).

The Egyptians saw Osiris (masculine energy of Orion) as judge of the underworld at the Weighing of the Heart ceremony (the equilibrium point) with Thoth as scribe (mercury poisoning to conquer the soul).

In the Roman Empire Hestia/Vestia (Vestal Virgins) was the goddess of the hearth, the eternal fire.

In early Christianity (the Way) Jesus symbolized the heart, the trinity of soul-mind-body. Their teachings were corrupted by the Catholic Church (Daroco-Orion Empire). John represents the heart.

In gematria (red red) heart=29.

Heart symbolism

1899 Joseph Conrad Hearts of Darkness.

In The Wizard of Oz (Osiris) of Theosophist Frank Baum, the Tin Man (tin is the metal of Jupiter) looking for a heart.

1928 Heart to Heart Mary Astor.

1938 Of Human Hearts John Carradine.

1952 Alice in Wonderland Verna Felton as Queen of Hearts.

1954 Young at Heart Frank Sinatra Doris Day.

The CIA created the hippie counterculture (Babalon as counter force of Horus). In consumerist pop culture of the Age of Aquarius, the heart symbol is used in a cult of Venus.

1958 Heart of a Child Donald Pleasance Charles Gray.

1968 The Beatles  Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band with Aleister Crowley on the cover.

1970 Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother.

1971 Hunter S Thompson Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream.

1975 Hearts of the West Jeff Bridges. Ace of Hearts Mickey Rooney.

1982 One from the Heart Francis Ford Coppola Natassja Kinski Rebecca de Mornay Harry Dean Stanton (d 9/15 like prince Harry), year Diana Queen of Hearts gives birth to Antichrist baby William V (Cancer).

1983 Lou Reed Legendary Hearts.

1987 Heart of the City Christina Applegate.

1990 Wild at Heart Laura Dern David Lynch. Where the Heart Is Crispin Glover Uma Thurman. Heart Condition Denzel Washington.

1991 Crooked Hearts Vincent D'Onofrio.

1992 Twin Peaks Fire Walk with Me (broken heart symbol) Sheryl Lee. American Heart Edward Furlong.

1993 Hearts and Souls Robert Downey Jr. Heart of Darkness Nicola Roeg. death of River Phoenix (daughter of Sharon 'Heart' Phoenix). Kurt Cobain Heart Shaped Box.

1995 Braveheart Mel Gibson as William. Hip Hop group Bravehearts (Nas). Criminal Hearts Will Ferrell.

1997 Contact (journey to the heart of the universe). death Diana (Queen of Hearts).

1998 Playing By Heart Ellen Bursteyn.

1999 Random Hearts Sydney Pollack Harrison Ford Kristin Scott Thomas.

2000 Britney Spears Oops.. I did it again ('play with your heart'). The Broken Hearts Club (gay agenda) Justin Theroux.

2001 Strange Hearts Rose McGowan. Jay-z Heart of the City. Hearts in Atlantis Anthony Hopkins.

2002 The Heart of Me Helena Bonham Carter.

2004 I heart Huckabees Jonah Hill. The Heart is Deceitful.

2005 Guilty Hearts Charlie Sheen.

2006 Lonely Hearts John Travolta Jared Leto.

2007 The Heart of the Game Ludacris.

2008 Iron Man Robert Downey Jr as Tony Starks with artificial heart Jeff Bridges (American Heart). Forgetting Sarah Marshall (broken heart poster) Jason Segel Kristen Bell Mila Kunis. 808s and Heartbreak (tin man Wizard of Oz robot programming) recorded in Hawaii (heart chakra, home of Obama) introduced Kid Cudi, Love Lockdown (announces the Corona-ritual)

2009 Crazy Heart Maggie Gyllenhaal.

2014 Ashanti Braveheart. The Normal Heart Julia Roberts.

2015 Madonna Rebel Heart. In the Heart of the Sea Cillian Murphy

2017 d Tom Petty (the Heartbreakers). Meghan Markle (Immaculate Heart High School).

Disinfo on the heart: Tom Cowan (5G, Covid19-ritual, Steiner's antroposophic medicine), HeartMath Institute, Frank Chester, Rudolf Steiner (7 sided chestahedron),...