Higher Self

The Higher Self  is a concept used by Theosophical Society, Christian Science and the New Age Church (Oprah Winfrey, Spirit Science, AskAngels.com, Starseed and Lightworker program). Humans exists simultaneously in multiple dimensions (rolled up like layers of an egg or onion) connected through the heart. In the New Age doctrine this concept is distorted into ignoring the Shadow (one's dark side) and connecting to (summoning) something external like a higher realm, the Creator, the Divine, Christ Consciousness, Source, angels, Mary Magdalene, Ascended Masters, spirit guides, Akashic Records,..  It is linked to the concept of opening chakra's and raising vibration (rule of having happy thoughts no matter what) to reach Ascension.

In Hinduism, created by the Aryans who installed a top-down hierarchy society, this is the concept of Atman living in Ultimate Reality Brahman.

In most spiritual teachings the One (undividable without duality) is equated with God and the duality of the soul essence existing in the material world and the soul essence in the spirit world is distorted into the duality of high=good (God and his hierarchy of High Priests) and low =bad (Satan), duality of brothers Osiris-Set, Cain-Abel, Jacob-Esau.

Apostle Thomas represent the twin, the 'lower self' of Jesus Christ (reborn in the light) with disbelief. In gnostic texts the Daemon (=demon, deity of the moon) represents the Higher Self. The gnostics saw the body and procreation as evil and saw homosexuality as less sinful.

The Seal of Solomon (Star of David) represents the inner god as reflection of the 'god' in the sky (blue vs red).

The concept of the Genius (gene DNA serpent, Jinn in Islam) became the cult of the genius (Leonardo da Vinci, Wolfgang Mozart, Albert Einstein,..).

Venus (symbol of circle above cross, spirit above matter) forms a rose pattern and a pentagram (symbol of quintessence, 5th element spirit) around Earth (life force called phosphorus=Venus the Lightbringer). The symbol of the blossoming rose in rosicrucianism is crucifying the material body so the rose (spirit) can bloom.

The Kabbalistic Tree of Life is seen as a dimensional ladder to reach the higher realms and union with 'God'. In Luciferianism the 11th step is to become a God.

The Theosophists did research on dissociation (leaving the body).

In Thelema (=True Will), initiates contact their Holy Guardian Angel (summon entities) represented by Harpocrates. Aleister Crowley contacted his HGA Aiwaiss at Boleskine House.

The journey of The Wizard of Oz represent the contact with the Higher Self.

In The Matrix Thomas Anderson (Anderson=Son of Man, played by Keanu Reeves) is reborn as Neo (the One, the Monad in gnosticism).

In the New Age (Theosophists K. Purvathi Kumar and Gigi Young), Venus is the Higher Self (etheric body in 5D) of Earth.

The digital avatars (Hinduist concept of incarnation, announced in movies like Avatar) in an AI generated world simulation, represent the gnostic twin, the New Earth announced in the Book of Revelation.


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