ITV (Independent Television) is a British tv network and propaganda tool of the media industry (MI6-CIA-Mossad) that uses mind controlled actors, founded in 1955, in alliance with other British propaganda outlets like BBC and Channel 4. Norman Collins previously worked for the BBC and helped creating the Loch Ness monster mythology (connected to Crowley's Boleskine House).

History of ITV

1955 launching of ITV. The Benny Hill Show (classmate of Charles Gray). Saturday Night at the London Palladium.

1956 The Adventures of Lancelot William Russell. ITV Playhouse Donald Pleasence Margaret Lockwood. Bernard Delfont Presents (brother of Lew Grade).

1957 O.S.S. (CIA propaganda) Ron Randell Lois Maxwell Christopher Lee.

1958 The Adventures of William Tell Michael Caine Christopher Lee ITC Entertainment of Lew Grade (papal Order of St Sylvester). The Invisible Man novel of HG Wells.

1960 Coronation Street soap opera Granada Television Tony Warren (gay agenda, Order of the British Empire) Tony Booth (father-in-law of Tony Blair) Jack Rosenthal (married to Maureen Lipman of the Zionist Federation, played in Holocaust propaganda The Pianist of Roman Polanski). Danger Man Patrick McGoohan.

1961 The Avengers Patrick Macnee Honor Blackman Diana Rigg.

1962 The Saint (Lew Grade) Roger Moore as Simon Templar Alan Lake (husband of Diana Dors) Honor Blackman Samantha Eggar.

1963 Espionage (one eye) Patricia Neil (Phi Beta Phi, wife of MI6 agent Roald Dahl) Billie Whitelaw Dennis Hopper Patrick Throughton Anthony Quayle (SOE) Stuart Rosenberg ITC Productions.

Saturday Night at London Palladium launches the career of The Beatles.

1964 Crossroads soap opera Jane Asher (girlfriend of Paul McCartney, movie of Roger Corman). Thunderbirds puppeteers Gerry and Sylvia Anderson (LSE).

1967 The Prisoner (mind control symbolism, based on SOE experiments at Inverlair Lodge) Patrick McGoohan ITC Entertainment.

1968 The Champions ITC Entertainment.

1970 UFO Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.

1971 The Persuaders Roger Moore Tony Curtis.

1972 Rainbow (dissociation, Wizard of Oz programming).

1973 New Faces talent show Lenny Henry jesuit Terry Wogan Noel Edmonds. Orson Welles Great Mysteries Orson Welles Christopher Lee Charles Gray Peter Cushing Jackie Collins.

The Tomorrow People ITV Homo Superior mutant race with psi abilities (mentioned in David Bowie song) Philip Gilbert (The Avengers, Superman) Thames Television of Thorn EMI.

1975 Space 1999 Gery and Sylvia Anderson Martin Landau Catherine Schell (Bond girl) Christopher Lee Joan Collins Rudi Gernreich (transgender agenda, partner of OTO member Harry Hay) Brian Johnson (2001 ASO).

1976 The Muppet Show Lew Grade Jim Henson (Christian Science) Frank Oz Richard Hunt (gay agenda). The New Avengers Joanna Lumley.

1977 Jesus of Nazareth Christopher Plummer James Earl Jones Claudia Cardinale Anthony Burgess Lew Grade.

1978 Tales of the Unexpected Roald Dahl Janet Leigh Joan Collins Derek Jacobi (gay agenda). Will Shakespeare Tim Curry as William Shakespeare Lew Grade.

1981 Danger Mouse.

1984 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (jesuit AC Doyle, HOGD) Charles Gray (James Bond, The Devil Rides Out, The Rocky Horror Picture Show). Robin of Sherwood Jason Connery (son of Sean Connery). Spitting Image (parody of Margaret Thatcher and John Major).

1986 The Worst Witch Tim Curry Fairuza Balk (Return to Oz).

1987 The New Statesman Rik Mayall Michael Throughton Charles Gray.

1988 This Morning. Wheel of Fortune (Wheel of Fortune) Merv Griffin.

1989 Agatha Christie's Poirot David Suchet. The BGF Roald Dahl.

1990 Mr Bean Rowan Atkinson Ben Elton.

1991 James Bond Jr James Holloway (father of Sophie Dahl).

1998 launching of ITV2. Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?.

1999 Oliver Twist (child Harpo) Keira Knightley. Loose Women (gossip about celebrities)

2001 Pop Idol Simon Cowell Simon Fuller Claudia Rosencrantz. Rosencrantz worked with Elton John and Barry Humpfries (gay and transgender agenda). Fuller worked with prince Charles and for Chrysalis Records (Monarch butterfly symbol) and managed The Spice Girls, David Beckham, Amy Winehouse, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, Annie Lennox,.. Winner Will Young was used to push the gay agenda and to promote The Prince's Trust of prince Charles.

Survivor (Luciferian torch symbol).

2002 I'm a Celebrity.. Get Me Out of Here Ant and Dec Rhona Cameron (gay-lesbian agenda, LBGT Youth Scotland). I'm a Celebrity Extra Camp Kelly Osbourne (daughter of Ozzy Osbourne).

2004 X-Factor (x: Saturn symbol, the 666) Simon Cowell, Gary Barlow, Mel B, Sharon Osbourne (judge Osiris), Nicole Scherzinger, Rita Ora, Robbie Williams. Cowell signed winner of 3d season Leona Lewis (BRIT School), One Direction (Harry Styles) and Fifth Harmony.

2005 Love Island Kelly Brook (Playboy) Nikki Ziering (Playboy) Rebecca Loos (Playboy, gay agenda, related to Piers Morgan), Fran Cosgrave (bodyguard of Westlife).

2007 Britain Got Talent Simon Cowell Ant and Dec Piers Morgan (CNN) David Hasselhoff Amanda Holden. Michael Grade (BBC, nephew of Lew Grade of ITC) as executive chairman.

2009 The Cube (Saturn worship). Demons. Holly Willoughby (kitten programming) as host of This Morning.

2010 Downtown Abbey Lily James Matthew Goode. Adam Crozier as CEO, Archie Norman (Policy Exchange) as chairman.

2012 the Jimmy Savile media ritual with David Icke (Savile's collegue at the BBC), Valerie Sinason (Tavistock) and Sunday Express, claiming he had exposed him as pedophile years before.

2017 The Voice UK.

2018 Carolyn McCall (easyJet, The Guardian, Order of the British Empire) as CEO.

2020 The Masked Singer (during the Covid19-ritual with masks).

2021 The Masked Dancer Rita Ora Jonathan Ross.

2022 Trigger Point  Vicky McClure (mentored by Samantha Morton, skinhead movie This Is England, made member of Order of the British Empire by King Charles) Mark Stanley (King Arthur in Hellboy with David Harbour) references to Porton Down.

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