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John Pierpont Morgan was an investment banker (son of Junius Spencer Morgan), who in 1871 founded bank JP Morgan & Co (2 years after Marcus Goldman founded Goldman Sachs). With Wells Fargo, Citigroup and Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase is one of the Big Four banks and has a large influence in the financial system (Wall Street) and US politics. He was educated at Episcopal Academy in Cheshire Connecticut and University of Göttingen. He was a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon like Theodore Roosevelt, Dean Acheson, Britton Hadden (Time), Gerald Ford, George HW Bush, George W Bush.

Morgane Lefaye is a sorceress in King Arthur mythology.

His grandfather John Morgan started a literary club called the Delphian Club, named after the Oracle of Delphi (Apollo and Dionysus) and satirized by Edgar Allen Poe.

Junius Spencer Morgan worked with JJ Astor.

He married Amelia Sturges. He was a member of the Union League Club with Cornelius Newton Bliss (Secretary of Interior), John Eriksson, John Stewart Kennedy (Jeckyll Island Club), William Sherman, Theodore Roosevelt Sr, John D Rockefeller, Elihu Root, William Woodin (FDR administration), Henry Pomeroy Davison, Joseph Seligman, founded during the American Civil War.

With Theosophist Thomas Edison he helped founding corporation General Electric (aviation, electrical distribution, energy, healthcare, software, wind turbines).

He financed Nikola Tesla, who worked for Thomas Edison.

His son JP Morgan Jr was educated at St Paul's School (John Kerry, William Hearst, RFK's son Michael Kennedy) and Harvard and worked with the Red Cross and Episcopal Church. He was a Delta Kappa Epsilon like William Hearst, Otis Chandler (LA Times), Britton Hadden (Time), John Enders (vaccine agenda), Harvey Cushing, Sidney Souers (director CIA), Sargant Shriver Kennedy, Dave Calhoun (Boeing), James Gamble (Procter & Gamble), James Colgate (Colgate-Palmolive), Rutherford P. Hayes (son of president Rutherford B. Hayes), Frederick Smith (FedEx), John Hay Whitney, August Belmont Jr, Robert Lehman (Lehman Brothers), John Akers (IBM), Donald Fisher (Gap Inc), Dean Acheson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Alan Bean (NASA),..

His grandson Henry Sturgis Morgan, educated at Harvard, was a member of the CFR, Pilgrims Society, Bohemian Club and founded Morgan Stanley with Harold Stanley Skull and Bones.

In 1854 Junius Spencer Morgan worked with George Peabody and Grenfell to form Morgan Grenfell & Co, later acquired by Deutsche Bank.

He signed the petition of Christian Zionist William Blackstone to return Israel to the jews.

He was a member of the Jeckyll Island Club with Marshall Field, Joseph Pullitzer, William Vanderbilt, Abram Piatt Andrew (Lawrenceville School, board of Princeton), John Foster Dulles (brother of Allen Dulles), Nelson Aldrich and Thomas Lamont.

Thomas Lamont CFR was the father of Corliss Lamont who worked with Julian Huxley of League of Nations/UN. John William Davis was also a member of the CFR.

In 1891 he founded the Metropolitan Club in Manhattan NY with James Roosevelt, William and Cornelius Vanderbilt, William Collins Whitney (Secretary of US Navy), Edward Loomis (Leigh Valley Railroad), Darius Ogden Mills (Virginia and Truckee Railroad, Carnegie Institution), Gates McGarrah (later BIS bank, grandfather of CIA director Richard Helms). Later members were Spruille Braden (CFR) and Ray Wise (speech writer of Richard Nixon).

In 1903 his daughter Anne Morgan founded the Colony Club (cc=33) in Manhattan with the wife of Borden Harriman (S&B family) and Madeleine Astor, Judith Peabody, Abby Aldrich Rockefeller, Elizabeth Marbury (Knights of Columbus, gay-lesbian agenda, agent of Fabian GB Shaw, Harlem Renaissance).

During the Panic of 1907 he bailed out the US government.

Benjamin Strong and Henry P Davison played a role in planning the Federal Reserve with Paul Warburg. Davison also worked for the International Red Cross and Citibank, was the father of Trubee Davison S&B, director at CIA and Henry Pomeroy Davison Jr, director at Time magazine, married to the daughter of James Stillman (Citibank). Benjamin Strong became the first governor of the Federal Reserve.

Henry Fairfield Osborn, related to his 1st wife Amelia Sturges, was director of the American Museum of Natural History (funded by Theodore Roosevelt Sr), co-founded the American Eugenics Society and coined the term Tyranosaurus Rex.

JP Morgan played a role in financing the WW1 and WW2 ritual. It collaborated with nazi bank Chase with swastika logo (John McCloy) and funded the Charles Dawes Plan in 1924 under Calvin Coolidge (Pilgrims Society). Thomas Lamont  appointed banker Hjalmar Schacht as president of Germany's national bank (origin in New York, worked for JP Morgan's Equitable Trust), cooperating with Montagu Norman, Franz von Papen (Order of Malta), and later the Young plan, named after Owen Young (Rockefeller Foundation).

JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley and General Electric are members of the Business Roundtable and World Economic Forum. The Vanguard Group is stakeholder.

JP Morgan & Co employees: jesuit Mary Callahan Erdoes (CFR), Clinton Edward Dawkins (related to Richard Dawkins), jesuit Mellody Hobson (Rockefeller Foundation, wife of George Lucas), Erskine Bowles (Clinton, Facebook), John Baring (Lord Ashburton, chairman BP, Order of the Garter, niece works for Goldman Sachs), Jacob Frenkel (Group of Thirty), Lewis Preston (World Bank), Thomas Gates (Eisenhower administration), Asma al-Assad (wife of president Syria during the Isis ritual), Michael Sovern (Pfizer, president Columbia University),..

JP Morgan Chase employees: jesuit Elena Lagomasino (Massimo family), Geoffrey Boisi (Order of Malta), Joe Larkin (Order of Malta), Jamie Dimon (Business Roundtable), Chuka Umunna (ECFR), Nick Rohatyn (art scene), jesuit Mellody Hobson,..

Morgan Stanley: jesuit James P Gorman, jesuit James Runde, David Darst (Philips Exeter), Lewis Lerman (Order of Malta), Thomas Glocer (CFR),...

He appears in the USA trilogy of John Dos Passos. Character Walter Parks Thatcher in Citizen Kane of Orson Welles (based on William Hearst), was based on JP Morgan.

Orson Welles played Morgan in The Secret of Nikola Tesla (1980).

William Morgan wrote The O.S.S and I about the SOE experiments at Inverlair Lodge in Scotland (inspiration for The Prisoner).

Frank Morgan played the Wizard in The Wizard of Oz, based on the books of Theosophist Frank Baum. His brother Ralph Morgan was president of the Screen Actors Guild.

JP Morgan employee Gordon Wasson (LSE of Fabian Society) popularized magic mushrooms in 1956 through an article in Life (Time, influence on Timothy Leary).

Martin Feldstein was a member of the Mont Pelerin Society.

Steve Burke later worked for NBC Universal.

Glen Morgan directed episodes of The X-Files (Fox).

Morgan Stanley employee and Federal Reserve governor Kevin Warsh (Harvard, Hoover Institution) worked with Donald Trump, married Jane Lauder, of Estée Lauder (Rosenthal).

Ted Field, descendant of Marshall Field of the Jeckyll Island Club, founded Interscope Records (Dr Dre, Eminem,..).

The Jeckyll Island Club is used as scapegoat and distraction from the Catholic Churchy by controlled opposition like G. Edward Griffin (JBS).

Ron Chernow (Yale, Pulitzer Prize, book on Warburgs, biography of Ulysses Grant and John D Rockefeller) wrote The House of Morgan.

Donna Keshawartz played JP Morgan in Tesla (2020) with Ethan Hawke as Nikola Tesla, Kyle MacLachlan as Thomas Edison, Eve Hewson as Anne Morgan.

born 4/17/1837.

died 3/31/1913.

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