Jayne Mansfield

Jayne Mansfield was a mind controlled sex slave, used in the media and Hollywood film industry to play the archetype of the Whore of Babylon, like Marilyn Monroe. She was born in 1933, year of rise Antichrist figure Adolf Hitler (Jainism uses the swastika symbol) and birth of Roman Polanski. Jayne=Monroe's real name Norma Jeane, Tarzan and Jane. Mansfield refers to Mansfeld, city of Martin Luther (Martin Luther King played the Dionysian side of JFK).

The name Jane stands for lost identity (two faced god Janus=Iacchus): Guinevere, Jane Doe, Sharon Tate as Jennifer in Valley of the Dolls, Jane Russell, Jane Powell, Jane Birkin, Jane Greer, Janet Leigh, Jane Fonda, Paul McCartney's girlfriend Janes Asher, Diana' sister Jane Spencer, Janet Jackson, GI Jane, Fun with Dick and Jane, Becoming Jane, Janelle Monae, Jennifer Aniston, Kris Jenner..

She was educated at Southern Methodist University like Laura Bush, John Tower, Bob Dudley of BP, Whitney Wolfe Herd (Tinder), Dorothy Malone, Kourtney Kardashian, Aaron Spelling, Cecil Williams, Ellie Morrison of BSA.

She was owned by studio 20th Century Fox (Knight of Malta Spyros Skouros), who also made the Nazi Plan about Antichrist Adolf Hitler.

In 1955 (year 7 the Chariot -Cancer, rules breasts) Mansfield posed for Playboy and was photographed swimming topless as a publicity stunt at the premiere of Underwater with Jane Russell (born 6/21 like William, The Outlaw by Howard Hughes, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes with Marilyn Monroe).

In 1957 she was photographed with Sophia Loren, exposing her nipple to draw attention. In november 1957 she bought a mansion at 10100 Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills. She appeared on the cover of book 'Hollywood Babylon' (1959) of Crowley-follower Kenneth Anger.

She married director Matt Cimber (Thomas Vitale Ottaviano) in 1964. Mariska Mansfield (mm=33) was born 1/23/1967.

In 1964 she appeared on The Beatles album For Sale with Donald Pleasence in the left corner like Aleister Crowley on Sgt Peppers.

She was used to promote Anton LaVey's Church of Satan. She was married to Mickey Hargitay (Disney Mickey mouse programming) and lived as the archetype of Princess/Queen of Hearts in her Pink Palace (pink=dissociation, Alice in Wonderland programming), later bought by Ringo Starr who wore pink on the The Beatles Sgt Pepper's cover with Crowley.

She died in a car crash with husband Sam Brody, 15 years after the coronation of Elizabeth II, 15 years before the car crash of princess Grace Kelly, who died 15 years before the car crash of princess Diana.

The media spread rumors about how she was decapitated, linking her to John the Baptist. She died a month after The Beatles album Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band with Mansfield lookalike Diana Dors.

Elvis Presley had a child with Priscilla Wagner in 1967. After their divorce, Priscilla played Jenna in Dallas and Jane Spencer in The Naked Gun. Elvis dated Linda Thompson who eventually married Bruce Jenner-Kardashian who had a son named Sam Brody.

Mickey Hargitay played Jack Nelson in Black Magic Rites in 1973 and died in 2006.

Matt Cimber directed Butterfly (Monarch butterfly sex slave) about incest in 1982 with Orson Welles and Pia Zodora born 4/3, date death Diana Dors, based on novel of James Caan, born 7/1 like Diana.

Her daughter Mariska Hargitay played in Ghoulies (Jack Nance), Jocks (Christopher Lee), Leaving Las Vegas (as prostitute, with Elizabeth Shue), Perfume (Estella Warren, Michelle Williams), The Love Guru (Mike Myers, Justin Timberlake, Ben Kingsley), HBO documentary I Am Evidence (about rape), NBC shows Baywatch (Pamela Anderson, Erika Eleniak), Ellen (gay-lesbian agenda), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Patricia Arquette, Ice-T and Coco Austin).

She married Peter Hermann (United 93 about the 911 Twin Towers ritual, Chinese Puzzle with Audrey Tautou).

Astrological chart

born 4/19/1933 at 09.11, date death Charles Darwin, James Franco, Hayden Christensen, papacy pope Ratzinger.

Asc: Cancer (the Chariot, queen of cups/hearts), mc: Pisces. Dom: Aries (the Emperor, Queen of Wands), Virgo, Aquarius- Jupiter (like Sharon Tate), Moon, Neptune.

1: Pluto in Cancer (the Chariot), 3: Mars and Neptune (stage illusion) in Virgo, 4: Jupiter in Virgo, 8: Saturn in Aquarius, 9: Moon in Aquarius, 10: Mercury in Aries, 11: Sun, Venus and Uranus in Aries , Lilith in taurus.

died 6/29/1967, date death Jennie Spencer Churchill, death Lana Turner, Robert Evans (producer Rosemary's Baby), Zoe Cassavetes (daughter John Cassavetes and Geena=Jane Rowland), month after The Beatles Sgt Peppers album witch Crowley and Mansfield lookalike Diana Dors, in New Orleans, Louisiana (2nd child Catherine Louis).

Filmography and discography

1955 Female Jungle Kathleen Crowley (like Aleister Crowley) John Carradine (OTO) executive produced by Samuel Arkoff
1955 Pete Kelly's Blues (Janet Leigh)
1955 Underwater (RKO of Howard Hughes)
1955 Illegal
1955 Hell on Frisco Bay
1956 The Girl Can't Help It (20th Century Fox)
1957 The Burglar
1957 The Wayward Bus (the Dao, the Way, the Chariot Cancer, rules breasts) as Camilla Oakes (Camilla Parker) Joan Collins
1957 Will Succes Spoil Rock Hunter (Diana mother of Will) Tony Randall Rosenberg (like Anthony LaVey) pose like Marilyn Monroe, who died nude with hand on telephone.

=Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks, Uma Thurman on poster of Pulp Fiction.

pink Alice like Jackie Kennedy. She reads Peyton Place, a novel of Grace Metalious (movie with Lana Turner and Arthur Kennedy, sequel with Mary Astor, soap opera with Mia Farrow and Dorothy Malone) while taking a bath (Cancer Queen of Cups), imitated in Scarface with Al Pacino as Tony Montana (remake of movie by Howard Hughes) and in Back to the Future with Tom Wilson as Biff Tannen (Donald Trump) who has a picture of his wedding with Monroe and Mansfield in his museum.

Groucho Marx oct 2 like Jack Parson. Tony Randall played in Pillow Talk with Rock Hudson (Rock Hunter) and Doris Day (mother of Terry Melcher who lived with Candice Bergen at the house of Sharon Tate).

1957 Kiss Them For Me
1957 The Ed Sullivan Show (CBS, launched the career of The Beatles and Jim Morrison, imitated in Pulp Fiction), What's My Line (CBS)
1958 The Sherrif of Fractured Jaw
1960 The Challenge
1960 Too Hot to Handle (Monroe in Some Like It Hot) Christopher Lee (with Natassja Kinski in To the Devil A Daughter)
1960 The Loves of Hercules (Mickey Hargitay, Massimo Serato)
1960 The House of Love (Las Vegas striptease show with Mickey Hargitay)
1961 The George Raft Story
1962 It Happened In Athens
1963 Heimweh Nach St Pauli (Freddy Quinn)
1963 Promises! Promises!
1964 L'Amore Primitivo. Shakespeare, Tchaikovsky and Me
1964 Panic Button
1964 Dog Eat Dog! Rabbit habit (Alice in Wonderland) show in Denver
1966 The Fat Spy
1966 The Las Vegas Hillbillies
1967 The Guide for the Married Man
1968 Single Room Furnished Matt Cimber as 3 different characters Johnnie/Mae/Eileen Dorothy Keller (Wizard of Oz)
The Wild, Wild World (www=666) of Jayne Mansfeld

Jayne Mansfield in popular culture

1967 Mondo
1974 Hugh Hefner lived with women dressed as pink bunnies at the Playboy Manson in Holmy Hills like Mansfield's Pink Palace.

1980 The Jayne Mansfield Story Loni Anderson (aug 5 date death Marilyn Monroe, Anderson like Pamela Anderson) as Mansfield and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Hargitay, release oct 29 date death Anton LaVey
1983 Scarface Al Pacino in iconic scene large bathtub like Mansfield

1992 Playboy issue with Vicky Lynn Hogan/Anna Nicole Smith as the new Mansfield.
1994 Pulp Fiction John Travolta searches for Mansfield waitress in Jack Rabbit's Slim
1997 (year of car crash Diana) Lost Highway Patricia Arquette (in Law & Order with Mariska Hargitay) as Alice Wakefield (chase scene black Mercedes like Diana, sex drive=death drive)
1997 Contact Jena Malone (=Jane, Dorothy Malone) reference to Pensacola Beach Jodie Foster Matthew McConaughey John Hurt James Woods
2002 Dyed Blondes with Marilyn Monroe

Jayne Mansfield's Car John Hurt Robert Duvall

Marilyn Monroe

Mind Control