Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is a mind controlled monarch sex slave-actress, used in the Hollywood film industry and media industry, to play the archetype of Sharon Tate (played Jennifer in Valley of the Dolls)/Diana/Catherine/Meghan Markle. She was married to actor Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux. Her most famous role is Rachel in NBC show Friends (=Meghan Rachel Markle).

Her father John Aniston was born 25 days before Roman Polanski. Her mother Nancy Dow was born 7/22 like Catherine's child George.

She went to Fiorello LaGuardia School like Kelis, Cara Buono (Stranger Things), Keith David, Al Pacino and Nicki Minaj.

From 1994 she played Rachel Green in NBC show Friends (couch of Sharon Tate, Central Park like Dakota of Rosemary's Baby).

She married William Brad Pitt on 7/29/2000, the date of wedding Charles and Diana.

She promoted political puppets Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Joe Biden.

She was used to push the vaccination agenda during the Covid19-ritual.

Astrological chart

born 2/11/1969, date George Spahn, Pat Welsh (ET), Leslie Nielsen, Alex Jones, Jane Spencer (sister Diana), Sarah Palin, Norma Jean Hill (JFK ritual), Mike Shinoda, Kelly Rowland, Jeb Bush, d Whitney Houston (in bath=the Star), aquarius the star, year 20 aeon, year of the 911 Sharon Tate ritual, who played character Jennifer in Valley of the Dolls, 1 year and 22 days after the wedding of Polanski and Tate.

Asc: Libra, mc: Cancer. Dom: Libra (Adjustment), Aquarius, Aries - Mercury (rules gemini and virgo), Moon, Saturn (domination, restriction).

1: Scorpio (betrayal), 2: Mars and Neptune in Scorpio, Sagittarius, 3: Moon in Sagittarius (art), 4: Mercury and Sun in Aquarius, 6: Saturn and Venus in Aries, 10: Cancer, Leo, 12: Uranus and Jupiter in Libra.


1988 Mac and Me (mm=33) =story of ET Dancer in McDonald's Uncredited
1989 Quantum Leap
1990 Ferris Bueller
1992 The Edge Carol Rosenthal Wayne Knight written by Charlie Kaufman
1993 Leprechaun Tory Reding
1994 Friends as Rachel Green (Reese Witherspoon and Christina Applegate as sisters) Matthew Perry Matt Leblanc David Schwimmer Lisa Kudrow Courteney Cox Elliott Gould set in Central Park like Dakota of Rosemary's Baby

pizza sodomy symbolism, appearances of Bruce Willis Danny DeVito Brad Pitt Kristin Davis Robin Williams Ben Stiller Winona Ryder Billy Crystal Dermot Mulroney  Helen Baxendale Elle Macpherson
1996 She's the One Renee Fitzpatrick Cameron Diaz
1996 Dream for an Insomniac Allison Ion Skye (Sharon Tate lived at Cielo Drive)
1997 'Til There Was You Debbie (Amanda Fuller as young Debbie who played Brittany Murphy in the Brittany Murphy Story) Jeanne Tripplehorn Sarah Jessica Parker
1997 Picture Perfect (Libra: perfect illusion) Kate Mosley (=Kate Middleton) Kevin Bacon yellow umbrella, staged rain like Jim Carrey in The Truman Show
1998 The Thin Pink Line Clove Will Ferrell Mike Myers Tate Donavan (boyfriend in Friends) Alexis Arquette David Schwimmer (Ross)
1998 Waiting for Woody (Woody Allen) Herself Short film George Clooney Samantha Mathis (River Phoenix)
1998 The Object of My Affection Nina Borowski (wears badge We're not in Kansas Anymore=Wizard of Oz programming) Paul Rudd twin towers jesuit Alan Alda Gabriel Macht (with Meghan Rachel Markle in Suits) Natalie Portman played Nina Sayers in Black Swan with Winona Ryder who kissed Rachel in Friends
1999 Office Space Joanna (covered with yellow post-its like Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty)
1999 The Iron Giant Annie Hughes (voice) Vin Diesel Christopher McDonald
2001 Rock Star (the Fool) Emily Poule Mark Wahlberg
2001 Friends episode kiss with Winona Ryder (kiss like Black Swan)
2002 Friends episode with Christina Applegate (born month after Ryder)
2002 The Good Girl Justine Last Jake Gyllenhaal John C Reilly
2003 Bruce Almighty (Meghan Markle of the Scottish House of Bruce) Grace Connelly (=Jennifer Connelly, touch fingers in Creation, scene in Rosemary's Baby, Catherine in dress like Grace Kelly)

Jim Carrey Morgan Freeman Philip Baker Hall Steve Carell Catherine Bell (Scientology, Diana-Catherine). Carrey played Andy Kaufman, Aniston in Friends of Martha Kauffman.
2004 Along Came Polly Polly Prince (Winona Ryder media ritual of Polly Klaas), the fool Ben Stiller Philip Seymour Hoffman (pizza scene) Hank Azaria (friend of Phoebe in Friends) Alec Baldwin Cheryl Hines Kevin Hart
2005 Derailed Lucinda Harris / Jane Clive Owen Vincent Cassel Melissa George (Sylvia North in Mulholland Drive, based on Tate as Jennifer North) Xzibit RZA
2005 Rumor Has It Sarah Huttinger lust Kevin Costner (with Whitney Houston as Rachel in the Bodyguard) Mark Ruffalo (previous movie with Reese Witherspoon) Mena Suvari (in Spun with Brittany Murphy)
2006 Friends with Money Olivia Catherine Keener Frances McDormand Scott Caan
2006 Room 10 (Co-Director) Short film Robin Wright (House of Cards with Kevin Spacey) Kris Kristofferson
2006 The Break-Up Brooke Meyers Vince Vaughn Vincent D'Onofrio
2008 Marley & Me (MnM= 33) the Fool Jenny Grogan Owen Wilson Mercury: reporters
2008 Burma: It Can't Wait Producer Short film
2008 Management (sodomy) Sue Claussen Steve Zahn (Riding Cars with Boys with Brittany Murhy and Drew Barrymore) Woody Harrelson Josh Lucas
2008 Between Two Ferns Tila Tequlia
2009 He's Just Not That into You as Beth Murphy (year of death Brittany Murphy) Jennifer Connelly Kris Kristofferson as Ken Murphy Kevin Connolly (Eric Murphy in Entourage) Ben Affleck jesuit Bradley Cooper Drew Barrymore Scarlett Johansson

Jennifer Connelly played the wife of Noah, Aniston played with Steve Carell in Bruce Almighty, a prequel to Noah movie Evan Almighty.
2009 Cougar Town Courteney Cox
2009 Love Happens Eloise Chandler Aaron Eckhart (in love with Rachel in The Dark Knight) John Carroll Lynch Martin Sheen
2010 The Bounty Hunter (Let the Ex-Games Begin ref to FedEx) Nicole Hurley Gerard Butler Jason Sudeikis Cathy Moriarty
2010 The Switch Kassie Larson Jason Bateman Juliette Lewis Jeff Goldblum
2011 Just Go with It Katherine Murphy (Kate Middleton)/ Devlin Maccabee Adam Sandler (orange: sodomy, pink sky: dissociation, Justin Theroux as Adam in Mulholland Drive)

Nicole Kidman Rachel Dratch
2011 Horrible Bosses Dr. Julia Harris Kevin Spacey Colin Farrell Jason Sudeikis Jamie Foxx Donald Sutherland Meghan Rachel Markle (Harry) as FedEx girl (Mercury, the messenger, Britney Spears' ex boyfriend Kevin K-Fed Federline).
2011 Five (about breast cancer) jesuit Patricia Clarkson Rosario Dawson
2012 Wanderlust (sunflower the Sun) Linda Gergenblatt (the World)

Paul Rudd as George Justin Theroux Kathryn Hahn
2012 $ellebrity Herself Documentary film
2013 We're the Millers Sarah "Rose" (=Rosemary) O'Reilly the world sodomy jokes Jason Sudeikis Kathryn Hahn
2013 Life of Crime Margaret "Mickey" Dawson novel of jesuit Elmore Leonard (characters of Tarantino's Jackie Brown) Tim Robbins Mos Def Isla Fisher John Hawkes
2014 Horrible Bosses 2 Dr. Julia Harris Chris Pine Christoph Waltz
2014 She's Funny That Way Jane Claremont Owen Wilson Kathryn Hahn
2014 Cake Claire Simmons (OTO cake of light ritual) car crash like Diana Adriana Barraza Sam Worthington William H Macy Anna Kendrick
2014 Journey to Sundance Herself Documentary film
2015 Unity Narrator Joaquin Phoenix Marion Cotillard Kevin Spacey Catherine Tate
2016 Mother's Day Sandy Newhouse Kate Hudson (Kate Middleton) Julia Roberts Timothy Olyphant 4/29 date wedding William and Catherine
2016 Storks Sarah Gardner (voice, the World) Katie Crown (princess Catherine) Danny Trejo
2016 Office Christmas Party Carol Vanstone Jason Bateman Kate McKinnon Olivia Munn
2017 The Yellow Birds Maureen Murphy Jack Huston
2018 Dumplin' Rosie Dickson crown of princess novel of Julie Murphy Danielle MacDonald Odeya Rush Harold Perinneau
2019 Murder Mystery (mm=33, pink sky: dissociation) Adam Sandler Terence Stamp
2019 The Morning Show Apple+ Reese Witherspoon Steve Carrell
2021 Friends the Reunion Courteney Cox David Beckham Justin Bieber Kit Harington Cara Delevingne Lady Gaga Reese Witherspoon


Mind control