Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is a Saviour/God program used in Christianity, a Saturn cult with the Catholic Church/Church of Rome as main institution and the Bible as central text. Christianity is a continuation of Aryan solar worship (death and rebirth cycle of the sun, inverted to the Black Sun Saturn) and the cult of Baal. It uses the Aryan symbol of the cross. The Christ represents the heart energy, the Higher Self that can lead to a spiritual death-rebirth. The Catholic Church uses the concept as a literal story to demand worship and dependency.

Jesus Christ, the Fisher King represented the dawn of the new Age of Pisces. Its story of death-resurrection is the annual death-rebirth cycle of the sun. Jesus=YHVH + letter Shin. Christ=Christos, the Greek word for oil (sex fluid), the Chi-Ro cross of Orion.

Mother Mary (mm=33) was the goddess Marya of the Aryans, the mother of Harya (Horus in Egypt), the constellation Virgo (Beit Laheim, the House of Bread).

The three kings that announce the birth of the Christ are the three stars of Orion (associated with Osiris, rebon as Horus). His 12 apostles represent the 12 constellations with the sun in the middle. At age 30 he is baptised by John the Baptist.

Mary Magdalene represents the moon, magnetism, Malkuth the Inferior Mother.

His death at age 33 represents the activation of the pineal gland on top of the 33 vertebrae (Mount Golgotha, the brain stem).

His betrayal by Judas (usually depicted with red hair) represents the kiss of Scorpio (during Fall, the sun dies).

Christianity spread from Palestine/Israel to Greece and Italy.

The Roman Empire, ruled by the Julio-Claudian dynasty (later Colonna) had a polytheistic religion that worshipped their Atlantean ancestors. Emperors like Nero burned the first Christians in sacrifice rituals.

The Roman Empire incorporated Christianity after the conversion of emperor Constantine, rebranded itself as the Holy Roman Empire.

The 'pagan' festivals summer and winter solstice were given a Christian meaning (summer solstice became St John's day, the pagan sun festival of 25 december became Christ Mass day, may day became St Walpurgis Night). The Aryan worship of the trinity Osiris-Isis-Horus became God-Maria-Jesus.

According to its mythology St Peter (Jupiter) was the first pope. The Church selected representatives of important bloodlines to play the role of pope, a father figure and ruler of the earth.

The Church used the death of Christ as a symbol of sacrifice for sin of human beings to suppress them with a doctrine of guilt and eternal punishment.

His death represents The Hanged Man card in Tarot.

Leonardo da Vinci painted The Baptism of Christ and the Last Supper.

Christ in popular culture

Theosophist Gerald Massey Ancient Egypt The Light of the World about the analogies between Jesus and Egyptian sun god Horus, mixed with disinfo.

1965 The Greatest Story Ever Told UA Max von Sydow as Jesus Donald Pleasance as Satan Angela Lansbury Shelley Winters Charlton Heston as John the Baptist
1971 Klaus Kinski Jesus Christ Redeemer
1979 Monty Python's Life of Brian John Cleese Eric Idle

182 Diana (Merovingian bloodline) birth Antichrist figure William V during solar eclipse on summer solstice.

1988 Last Temptation of Christ Willem Dafoe 7/22 like William's child George Barbara Hershey as Mary Magdalene David Bowie as Pontius Pilatus Harvey Keitel as Judas Harry Dean Stanton

2004 The Pagan Christ Tom Harpur (based on Theosophist Gerald Massey). The Passion of the Christ Maia Morgenstern (Lucifer the Morning Star)  Mel Gibson Jim Caviezel Monica Bellucci

2005 Joseph Atwill Caesar's Messiah. The Da Vinci Code (Dan Brown) Tom Hanks Ian McKellen.

Jordan Maxwell and Zeitgeist exposing Jesus as a copy of sun god Horus. Bill (Antichrist William) Maher's Religulous repeating disinfo of Gerald Massey.

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