Jim Morrison

James 'Jim' Douglas Morrison was a mind controlled singer, used in the music industry, to announce the 911 Sharon Tate murders ritual. Like Antichrist Charles Manson, he played the role of Dionysus/Bacchus, god of alcohol, extacy and trance, in Thelema equated with Christ. the Moorish son, the Black Sun, the dark counterpart of the Apollonian figures John F Kennedy. Like all Laurel Canyon rock stars of the 60's he came from a military family.

His father took part in the false flag attack in the Gulf of Tonken to start the Vietnam War and his son was used to play an icon of the anti-war movement (war=Mars=Horus).

He was in the naval kindergarten class of Frank Zappa's wife, attended Alexandria Virginia high school with John Philips and Cass Elliott (Laurel Canyon band The Mama's and The Papa's), Florida State University and UCLA. He was mind controlled with Alice in Wonderland programming (manager Danny Sugerman wrote his memoires 'Wonderland Avenue').

The CIA made him lead singer of a band in Venice California, on the 33d parallel, called 'The Doors', with Ray Manzarek, John Densmore (born 12/1 like death Crowley, University High School) and Robby Krieger (University High School). Ray Manzarek was also a UCLA alumni.

Their label Elektra, named after the Greek goddess, had a Monarch butterfly as logo. Paul Rothschild produced their music, living on the CIA hq Lookout Mountain. They recorded 'the Doors' at Sunset Sound Recorders, a studio owned by Disney.

His life was written like a Greek tragedy, the duality of Apollo god of poetry, prophecy and music and Dionysus, god of trance, extasy and alcohol.

Curtis Harrington made his movie Night Tide with Dennis Hopper in july 1961, year birth Diana Spencer, in Venice. They performed Light My Fire on the Ed Sullivan Show on 9/17 (bday of Curtis Harrington).

In Thelema, Venus - Babalon is seen as a gateway (the Empress letter Daleth: door) to go through the Abyss (desert of the unreal). The Abyss=the generation gap, different programming of young people and parents.

'The Doors' is a phrase of Aldouos Huxley's 'the Doors of Perception' about psychedelic experiences. The Huxley family created the League of Nations/United Nations with the Cecil family who controlled Crowley. Aldous Huxley died 11/22/1963, the day of the JFK ritual on the 33d parallel, when the American audience was contronted with their dark Dionysian side, through the death of Apollonian archetype John F Kennedy and the media spreading conspiracy theories (Pluto: Jungian Shadow, dark secrets).

In NY he was a resident of the Chelsea Hotel (Andy Warhol scene with Nico).

He was called the Lizard King, Rosemary was raped by a reptilian entity in Rosemary's Baby. Dionysus was worshipped through huge phalluses, Jim Morrison took his penis out during a show on 3/1 in 1969 in an auditorium in Coconut (cc=33) Grove, Miami Florida, state of oranges (orange=33=sodomy, fake outrage march at Orange Bowl in Florida, Parsons lived at Orange Grove, RFK was shot at the cocoanut grove, Ambassador Hotel). His fake trial represented the trial of Christ.

He had a relationship with Pamela Courson. He also had a relationship with Patricia Kennealy member of the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, similar to the OTO. The contrast Pamela-Patricia represented the duality of virgin-whore, Jackie Kennedy-Marilyn, Diana-Catherine (Manson Family member named Patricia van Krenwinkel, Patricia Hearst)

He died in a bathtub in Paris, the city where Diana Spencer would die, on 7/3, age 27 like Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones, Kurt Cobain (debut in 1991, year of movie The Doors), Amy Winehouse. July 3 is the aphelion of Sirius, date of Henri Paul, the driver of the car of Diana and Dodi, birth Tom Cruise, date of death Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones (age 27) The Doors album Waiting For The Sun (black sun Sirius).

His girlfriend Pamela Courson died 4 years later, also age 27, on 4/25, date of death David Kennedy. She was born in 1946, year of Parsons Babalon Working on dec 22, date death Clay Tanner (Satan in Rosemary's Baby). She went to Orange High School in Orange, California on the 33d parallel (orange=33=sodomy, Parsons lived on Orange Grove).

Their relationship Aleph the Fool and Lamed Adjustment, became the blueprint for John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen (also Chelsea Hotel), Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love as announcement for Dodi and Diana, William and Catherine. Julian Assange of Wikileaks was born on the day of Morrison's death, he and Pamela Anderson play the new Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson.

Astrological chart

born 12/8/1943, date of Nicki Minaj, Dominic Monaghan, d John Lennon, David Carradine, Sammy Davis Jr, Mary Woronow, year of birth Sharon Tate, year after Jack Parsons became head of the OTO.

Asc: Aquarius, mc: Scorpio. Dominants: Gemini (the Lovers), Leo, Aquarius- Pluto (Shadow, foreigner, Stranger), Uranus, Jupiter.

Houses 4, 6, 3, 4: Uranus and Mars in Gemini, 6: Pluto in Leo (era of Parsons Babalon Workings and atom bomb), Moon in Taurus.10: sun in Sagittarius.

died 7/3/1971, day of birth Julian Assange, date Tom Cruise.

Discography and filmography

1967 The Doors (one eye cover, activation of pineal gland, on 1/4 day after death Jack Ruby), Break On Through (to the Other Side): the qlippoth, inversions of the Tree of Life, the mauve zone in Kenneth Grant (OTO)'s Nightside of Eden. Light My Fire (performed at the Ed Sullivan Show).
Backdoor Man (Luciferian sodomy).
The End ('all the children are insane'=Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland programming 'everybody here is insane', released 1/4, date actor Cheshire Cat)

Ride the snake=kundalini energy, killing father, having sex with mother (Oedipus complex of Freud, Freud statue at Tavistock) incest during trauma based mind control, going through the Abyss.

They performed the song live at The Matrix in Haight-Ashbury San Francisco and at the Whisky a Go Go at the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, where the careers were launched of Led Zeppelin, Steppenwolf, ACDC, Kiss, Guns n Roses. The Sunset Strip played a role in the Black Dahlia ritual in 1947 (Daleth: door, announced by movie the Blue Dahlia with character Johnny Morrison), the Sharon Tate ritual in 1969 and the River Phoenix ritual in the Viper Room in 1993.
1967 Strange Days (word 'strange' associated with the Moon card -Stranger in a Strange Land, Jack Parsons series Strange Angel, Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight) zebra skirt like zebra carpet in Sharon Tate's house. You're Lost Little Girl, Unhappy Girl (Alice in Wonderland).
Love Me Two Times MM=33 (orange=33=sodomy), covered by Aerosmith for movie Air America with Robert Downey Jr
1968 Waiting for the Sun (pink sky= dissociation, black sun Sirius, released july 3, day of his death), Love Street about Pamela Courson and street in Laurel Canyon, The Unknown Soldier (military theme Vietnam War). docu 'The Doors Are Open'
1969 The Soft Parade
1970 Morrison Hotel (Dakota hotel of Rosemary's Baby) 2/9 bday of Mia Farrow (year of club of 27 Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Alan Wilson),
Absolutely Live feat Celebration of the Lizard 7/20 (Dakota at 72nd street, date James Holmes ritual). 13 compilation with Aleister Crowley on its back cover (13 Death card, Tate's last movie 13 Chairs).
1971 L.A. Woman (Crowley's Liber AL) 4/19 date Jayne Mansfield. The Changeling (child of the Devil)
1972 Full Circle (movie of Mia Farrow)
1978 An American Prayer (poster of Rosemary's Baby, pray for Rosemary)

Jim Morrison and the Doors in pop culture

1969 The Beatles Abby Road song The End (1969 end of 22 year period)
1979 Apocalypse Now Francis Ford Coppola with Dennis Hopper Laurence Fishburne Martin Sheen and Marlon Brando as Crowley/Wizard of Oz, pictures of Manson, song The End

1983 Michael Jackson Beat It on 2/14 (Valentine's Day Frederick and Elizabeth) music video in café of Morrison Hotel
1991 The Doors by Oliver Stone who also made JFK about the JFK ritual (Jim Garrison), Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison, Kyle MacLachlan as Ray Manzarek, Meg Ryan as Pamela Courson (born 11/19 date death Manson) Frank Whaley (also in Swing Kids about counter culture in nazi Germany) Crispin Glover as Andy Warhol Christina Fulton as Nico. Mythology about he became possessed as a child (played by Sean Stone) by the soul of an indian shaman (Dakota). They have a psychedelic experience (doors of perception) in Death Valley, where Jack Parsons performed the Babalon Workings at solar eclipse (the black sun, William born during solar eclipse).
2007 Final 24 (Discovery Channel). The Dewey Cox Story John C Reilly (Holmes & Watson) parody of rock star like Jim Morrison
2009 When You're Strange (narrated by Johnny Depp, the James Holmes ritual was the resurrection of Jim Morrison/Brandon Lee/Heath Ledger, archetype of Dionysus/Christ)

2012 the James Holmes Phoenix ritual as rebirth of the Christ James Morrison/Brandon Lee/Heath Ledger.
2019 Marilyn Manson cover of the End
2020 Hotel Artemis Jodie Foster parody of Morrison Hotel

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