Joan Collins

Joan Collins is a British mind controlled actress, used in the British (The Rank Organisation) and the Hollywood film industry. She married Maxwell Reed, Anthony Newley (songwriter for Sammy Davis Jr), Ronald Kass (Apple Records of The Beatles), Peter Holm. She is the sister of Jackie Collins. She was trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (Laurence Harvey, Anthony Hopkins, John Hurt, Ian Holm, Roger Moore, Clive Owen, David Warner, Tom Wilkinson, current president Kenneth Branagh). She dated Harry Belafonte and Warren Beatty.

Her father Joseph William Collins was a manager of The Beatles. He had a talent agency with Russian Lew Grade, who later founded ITC and produced mind control series The Prisoner.

The Collins family is related to the Colonna bloodline. She was the neighbor of Simon Cowell.

She was educated at The Company of Youth (Christopher Lee, Patrick McGoohan, Diana Dors, Hazel Court, Jean Simmons, Honor Blackman, Shirley Eaton) and Francis Holland School like Sara Armstrong (Saxe-Coburg), Nancy Mitford, Sienna Miller, Cara Delevigne and Jemima Goldsmith.

Astrological chart

born 5/23/1933, date The Shining, d Heinrich Himmler, Kenneth Grant, Scatman Crothers, d John Forbes Nash, month after Jayne Mansfield.

Asc: Aries, mc: Capricorn. Dom: Virgo (the Hermit), Taurus, Gemini - Mars, Venus, Moon.

Houses 2, 6, 12. 2: Moon and Mercury in Taurus, Sun, Lilith, Venus in Gemini, 6: Neptune, Mars, Jupiter in Virgo, 12: Saturn in Aquarius. 5: Pluto in Cancer.


1951 Lady Godiva Rides Again Beauty Queen Contestant Pauline Stroud Diana Dors Jean Marsh (Return to Oz) Dennis Price British Lion Films
1951 Facts and Fancies Teenager Short film
1952 The Woman's Angle Marina Lois Maxwell
1952 Judgment Deferred Lil Carter
1952 I Believe in You Laurence Harvey
1953 Decameron Nights Pampinea / Maria
1953 Cosh Boy Lewis Gilbert
1953 Turn the Key Softly Stella Jarvis
1953 The Square Ring Frankie Ealing Studios
1953 Our Girl Friday Sadie Patch
1954 The Good Die Young Laurence Harvey Gloria Grahame Stanley Baker Margaret Leighton
1955 Land of the Pharaohs Jack Hawkins
1955 The Virgin Queen Bette Davis
1955 The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing Ray Milland
1956 The Opposite Sex Crystal Agnes Moorehead (Bewitched) Ann Miller Leslie Nielsen Carolyn Jones Dolores Fuller (Ed Wood movies)
1957 Sea Wife Richard Burton cinematography by Edward Scaife
1957 The Wayward Bus Alice Chicoy Jayne Mansfield 20th Century Fox novel of John Steinbeck
1957 Island in the Sun Harry Belafonte Joan Fontaine Dorothy Dandridge Michael Rennie Diana Wynyard
1957 Stopover Tokyo Robert Wagner Edmond O'Brien
1958 The Bravados Gregory Peck Henry Silva
1958 Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys! Angela Hoffa Paul Newman Joanne Woodward
1960 Seven Thieves Melanie Edward G Robinson Rod Steiger Eli Wallach
1960 Esther and the King Esther Raoul Walsh Rosalba Neri
1962 The Road to Hong Kong Diane Bing Crosby Bob Hope Peter Sellers Dorothy Lamour Walter Goteli (James Bond)
1965 Hard Time for Princes Jane Vittorio Gasman Maurice Rosenberg
1967 Warning Shot George Sanders Steve Allen
1968 Subterfuge Rank Film
1969 Can Heironymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness? Polyester Poontang Patricia Hayes
1969 If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium Girl on Sidewalk Cameo appearance John Cassavetes Anita Ekberg
1969 L'amore breve [it] Roberta
1970 The Executioner Sarah Booth George Peppard Judy Geeson Oscar Homolka Charles Gray
1970 Up in the Cellar Pat Camber
1971 Revenge Kenneth Griffith
1971 Quest for Love Ottilie / Tracy Fletcher Philip Stone
1972 Tales from the Crypt Joanne Clayton Segment: "And All Through The House" Patrick Magee produced by Max Rosenberg
1972 Fear in the Night Judy Geeson Peter Cushing Hammer Films
1973 Tales That Witness Madness Bella Thompson Segment: "Mel" Donald Pleasance Kim Novak Jack Hawkins Charles Gray
1973 Orson Welles Great Mysteries
1974 L'arbitro Daniele Vargas Umberto d'Orsi
1974 Dark Places Christopher Lee
1975 Alfie Darling Fay Ken Hughes Jill Townsend
1975 The Great Adventure Sonia Kendall
1975 I Don't Want to Be Born Lucy Carlesi
1975 Space: 1999 ITV Martin Landau clothes of Rudi Gernreich (Harry Hay)
1976 The Bawdy Adventures of Tom Jones Black Bess
Il pomicione
1977 Empire of the Ants Marilyn Fryser AIP of Samuel Z Arkoff
1978 Fearless Brigitte
1978 The Big Sleep Robert Mitchum Sarah Miles James Stewart novel of Raymund Chandler produced by Lew Grade
1978 The Stud novel of Jackie Collins
1978 Zero to Sixty Lorraine Gary
1979 Game for Vultures Nicolle Richard Harris Richard Roundtree Ray Milland
1979 Sunburn Nera Farrah Fawcett
1979 The Bitch Fontaine Khaled novel of Jackie Collins
1981 Dynasty ABC Linda Evans (Hollywood High School) Heather Locklear Diahann Carroll (married to David Frost of BBC) Kate O'Mara (Danger Man and the Avengers, ITC of The Prisoner) Billy Dee Wiliams Aaron Spelling.
1982 Homework Diane
1982 Nutcracker Laura Carrere
1982 The Wild Women of Chastity Gulch Donny Osmond Aaron Spelling
1984 The Cartier Affair David Hasselhoff Telly Savalas Charles Napier
1986 Monte Carlo George Hamilton Malcolm McDowell
1994 Decadence Helen / Sybil
1995 In the Bleak Midwinter Jennifer Saunders
1996 The Line King: The Al Hirschfeld Story Herself
1997 Coronation Street: Viva Las Vegas!
1999 Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Mrs. Potiphar Donny Osmond Richard Attenborough produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber
1999 The Clandestine Marriage Mrs. Heidelberg Timothy Spall
2000 The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas Pearl Slaghoople Alan Cumming Hannah-Barbera
2004 Ellis in Glamourland (Alice in Wonderland programming) Susan Linda De Mol
2006 Ozzie Max Happy
2007 Le Cirque: A Table in Heaven Herself Woody Allen Donald Trump
2008 Valentino: The Last Emperor
2010 Fetish Francesca Vonn Short film
2013 Brave Miss World Herself Cecilia Peck (daughter of Gregory Peck) Linor Abargil Fran Drescher Netflix
2013 Saving Santa Vera Baddington Voice Martin Freeman Tim Curry Ashley Tisdale
2015 Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism Nockman's Mother Dominic Monaghan Lesley Manville
2016 Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie Jennifer Saunders Joanna Lumley
2017 The Time of Their Lives Franco Nero Joely Richardson
2018 Gerry Hilda Short film
2020 The Loss Adjuster Martin Kemp
2022 The Gentle Sex Major Connie Brown
Tomorrow Morning


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