John Cassavetes

John Nicholas Cassavetes (initials JC like Jesus Christ) was a mind controlled actor-director, used in the Hollywood movie industry to announce the birth of Antichrist William V in Roman Polanski's 'Rosemary's Baby'. He played the archetype of Jack Parsons. He acted in the Killers with Knight of Malta Ronald Reagan, who played the role of US president. His wife was Geena Cathryn Rowland (Ro, mind controlled with kitten programming, John Dee's father was called Rowland). She played in Play By Heart with Natassja Kinski and Ellen Burstyn.

Rowland was a Kappa Kappa Alpha (owl, fleur-de-lis and key symbol) like Meghan Markle, Ginni Rometty (IBM), Mariska Hargitay, Alice Deur Miller, Kate Jackson, Ashley Judd, Whitney Wolfe of Tinder.

The character Johnny Cash (Man in Black) was based on John Cassavetes.

His mother was also named Katherine (William and Catherine wedding), Katherine Demetre=Demeter in the Eleusinian Mysteries of Persephone.

His son Nick Cassavetes acted in Mask and Face/Off with John Travolta with Wizard of Oz 'Over the Rainbow' dissociation scene. He directed the movies Alpha Dog with Justin Timberlake and the Other Woman with Cameron Diaz (=Marjorie Cameron), Kate Upton (=Catherine Middleton) and Nicki Minaj (Roman Zolanski alter ego).

His daughter Zoe Cassavetes was born 6/29/1970, date Robert Evans (producer Rosemary's Baby), death Jayne Mansfield, Mike Stone (Priscilla Presley).

Astrological chart

born 12/9/1929, date Judi Dench, Kirk Douglas, John Malkovich, date Charles and Diana broke up (year birth Jack Lee Bouvier, father of Jackie Kennedy) Sagittarius decan Mars, year 3 the Empress. Ophiuchus the Snakeholder, jc wrestling with serpent

Dominants: Sagittarius (Art), Pisces, Capricorn- Saturn (Satan), Mars, Sun.

died 2/3/1989, date Clay Tanner (Satan in Rosemary's Baby), Kenneth Anger (movie with Anton LaVey), Charles proposed to Diana, Aquarius the Star, year 18 the Moon, a month after the inauguration of George HW Bush born 6/12 like Rosemary's Baby.


1959 Shadows
1961 Too Late Blues
1963 A Child Is Waiting
1967 The Dirty Dozen (dd=44 mass of the phoenix, name of Eminem's group with 6 members and their mirror alters) Donald Sutherland Charles Bronson Telly Savalas
1968 Faces
1970 Husbands
1971 Minnie and Moskowitz (mm=33, character Minnie in RB)
1974 A Woman Under the Influence
1976 The Killing of a Chinese Bookie
1977 Opening Night
1980 Gloria
1984 Love Streams
1986 Big Trouble (lady in red)


1950 Danger tv show John Frankenheimer (The Manchurian Candidate) Lee Grant (Valley of the Dolls with Sharon Tate) Ben Gazzara (The New School) Leslie Nielsen Grace Kelly
1953 Taxi Bit Role Uncredited
1953 You Are There Plato Episode: "The Death of Socrates (399 B.C.)"
1953 Virgin Island virginia maskell (d 1968) =virgo Mia Farrow
(US: Our Virgin Island) Evan
1959 General Electric Theater Johnny Episode: 'Train for Tecumseh' hosted by Ronald Reagan.
1959 Lux Video Theatre Christo Sierra Episode: "The Dreamer"
1959 Decoy Carl Walton Episode: "Across the World"
1959 Shadows Pedestrian Uncredited
1959–1960 Johnny Staccato Johnny Staccato / The Killer 27 episodes
1961 Rawhide Cal Fletcher Episode: "Incident Near Gloomy River"
1961 Too Late Blues Narrator Uncredited
1962 The Webster Boy Vance Miller
1962 The Lloyd Bridges Show Castigo Episode: "El Medico" (father Jeff Bridges)
1962 Dr. Kildare Makin Saund Episode: "The Visitors"
1963 A Child Is Waiting Retarded Adult Who Walks Toward Camera Uncredited
1963 Channing Lloyd Sullivan Episode: "Message from the Tin Room"
1963 Breaking Point Evan Price Episode: "There Are the Hip, and There Are the Square"
1964 The Killers Johnny North with Knight of Malta US president Ronald Reagan (movie Killers pink flamingo pose like Mia Farrow's Purple rose of Cairo) Ernest Hemingway

1964 The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Rusty Connors / Lee Griffin 2 episodes
1964–1965 Burke's Law Alfred Algeron / Various 4 episodes
1965 Profiles in Courage Parsons Episode: "John Peter Altgeld"
1965 Kraft Suspense Theatre Peter Chandler Episode: "Won't It Ever Be Morning?"
1965 Combat! Kalb Episode: "S.I.W."
1965 The Legend of Jesse James Blackie Dolan Episode: "The Quest"
1965 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Everett Lang Episode: "The Peacemaker"
1965–1967 Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre Various 3 episodes
1966 The Virginian Jonah MacIntosh Episode: "Long Ride to Wind River"
1966 The Long, Hot Summer Tim Demming Episode: "The Intruders"
1967 Devil's Angels Cody produced by Roger Corman, Samuel Arkoff and Burt Topper who made War is Hell the movie Harvey Lee was watching in the JFK ritual.
1967 The Dirty Dozen Victor Franko (group of Eminem) Donald Sutherland
1968 Off to See the Wizard General Karonos Episode: "Alexander the Great" (Wizard of Oz)
1968 Rosemary's Baby Roman Polanski Guy Woodhouse Mia Farrow Victoria Vetri Ruth Gordon Sydney Blackmer Elisha Cook Jr
1968 Rome Like Chicago (Bandits in Rome) Mario Corda
1969 Machine Gun McCain Hank McCain
1969 If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium Steve
1970 Husbands Gus Demetri with Ben Gazarro (the New School of the Colonna's)
1971 Minnie and Moskowitz (mm=33) Jim Uncredited
1972 Columbo Alex Benedict Episode: "Étude in Black"
1973 Nightside Carmine Kelly Television film
1975 Capone Frankie Yale Sylvester Stallone Ben Gazzaro produced by Roger Corman
1976 Two-Minute Warning Sgt. Button stadium holy grail cup
1976 Mikey and Nicky Nicky Godalin
1977 Heroes VA Doctor Uncredited
1977 Opening Night Maurice Aarons
1978 The Fury Brian De Palma Kirk Douglas Daryl Hannah
1978 Brass Target Maj. Joe De Lucca (target sagitt)
1979 Flesh and Blood Gus Caputo Television film
1981 Whose Life Is It Anyway? Dr. Michael Emerson
1982 The Incubus Sam Cordell 2 months after birth William V
1983 Tempest Phillip Dimitrius (Bacon Shakespeare's The Tempest with Prospero based on John Dee, performed at Frederick and Elizabeth wedding) Susan Sarandon Molly Ringwald (in movie with River Phoenix) Sam Robards (son of Jason Robards and Lauren Bacall, who lived at the Dakota)
1983 The Haircut Music Industry Executive Short film
1983 Marvin & Tige Marvin Stewart
1984 Love Streams Robert Harmon
1984 Fräulein Berlin Himself
1985 King Kongs Faust Berlin Film Fest Footage Uncredited
1989 I'm Almost Not Crazy: John Cassavetes, the Man and His Work


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