John F Kennedy

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was a media actor of the Kennedy family, a political puppet of the Left Wing Church, who played the role of US president from 1961 to his death in 1963 (the JFK ritual). He played the role of Horus in the Aeon of Horus. The JFK ritual was the start of the Conspiracy Church, which introduced the term 'conspiracy theorist' and created narratives in which JFK was a hero fighting the Federal Reserve or Deep State.

In 1865, the year of Abraham Lincoln's assassination, the KKK (11+11+11=33) was founded with Confederate army officer John Kennedy.

He was educated at Harvard. His father was Knight of Malta Joseph Kennedy, a Hollywood film producer who had an affair with Gloria Swanson. He was the brother of Robert F Kennedy and Ted Kennedy.

He was married to jesuit trained Jacqueline Bouvier. His sister Kathleen Kennedy married William Cavendish (Cecil bloc). His sister Jean Ann Kennedy married Georgetown jesuit Stephen Smith.

In 1960 his son JFK Jr was born in the hospital of jesuit school Georgetown University. He was inaugurated in 1961, the year of birth Diana Spencer and Barack Obama.

His administration consisted of:

- Lyndon Johnson (jesuit)
- Dean Rusk (CFR, CPD, Rockefeller Foundation)
- Douglas Dillon (CFR, CPD, Brookings)
- Robert McNamara (Harvard, CFR, TC, Brookings, World Bank)
- Robert Kennedy
- Luther Hodges (Caroline Cotton, later bought by Marshall Field, who founded the University of Chicago with John Rockefeller)
- Arthur Goldberg (Zeta Beta Tau, CFR, OSS, teacher of Alan Dershowitz, mentor of Daniel Patrick Moynihan LSE CFR, staff of Averell Harriman)
- Willard Wirtz (Harvard)
- Abraham Ribicoff (NYU, Zeta Beta Tau)
- Anthony Celebrezze (jesuit)
- Pierre Salinger (jesuit, Salinger like JD Salinger)
- Adlai Stevenson (Choate Hall, assistant to Archibald MacLeash S&B)
- McGeorge Bundy (S&B, Ford Foundation, CFR, Harvard, NYU)
- William Bundy (S&B, CIA)
Knights of Malta Allen Dulles (CIA), John McCone (CIA), Cartha DeLoach (FBI)

He played a role in the Cuban missile crisis media ritual with jesuit Fidel Castro (Pluto: the Shadow, nuclear power, communism).

He announced the Apollo moon missions, another conspiracy trope.

On 7/1/1963 he met with Italian politicians Giovanni Leone and Aldo Moro (masonic murder ritual in 1978) in Rome.

The JFK ritual was announced in The Tall Target and The Manchurian Candidate of John Frankenheimer with Knight of Malta Frank Sinatra and Laurence Harvey.

Guy Bannister of the FBI was a member of the John Birch Society.

Allen Dulles (CIA, Order of Malta, CFR) played the role of villain in the Warren Commission. The mythology of the JFK conspiracy (movie Oliver Stone, Alex Jones, Prouty Fletcher of Liberty Lobby, jesuit Gerald Posner) revolves around his connections with the mafia, his affair with Mary Meyer (Cord Meyer), affair with Marilyn Monroe, Aristotle Onassis, jesuit David Ferrie, the CFR, the Federal Reserve, rumors of Roswell cover-up,..

Conspiracy theories with a narrative of JFK as good guy usually distract from the fact JFK was a Knight of Columbus, and mason like all US presidents.

John F Kerry played the role of JFK reborn.

His son JFK Jr had an affair with Daryl Hannah and Carolyn Bessette and died in a plane crash on 7/16/1999, day of release Eyes Wide Shut.

Astrological chart

born 5/29/1917, date Afternoon of a Faun, solar eclipse of 1919, Oswald Spengler, Peter Higgs, Bob Hope, John Hinckley Jr, Baynes Barron (War is Hell movie in the JFK ritual), Ted Levine, Anette Benning (friend of Carolyn Kennedy), La Toya Jackson, Noel Gallagher, d Romy Schneider, Salem Bin Laden, d Jeff Buckley, d Dennis Hopper.

Asc: Libra, mc: Cancer. Dom: Taurus (the Hierophant), Gemini, Cancer - Neptune (stage illusion), Venus, Saturn.

Houses 8, 10, 11. 8: Mercury and Jupiter in Taurus, Sun and Venus in Gemini, 10: Saturn in Cancer, Neptune and Lilith in Leo. 9: Pluto (dark secrets) in Cancer (the Chariot), 11: Moon in Virgo.

died 11/22/1963 (the JFK ritual), day of death Aldous Huxley, CS Lewis, date Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Edward Bernays, Jamie Lee Curtis (daughter of Janet Leigh of The Manchurian Candidate), White Album of The Beatles.

JFK in popular culture

1963 PT 109 Cliff Robertson as JFK
1964 JFK: Years of Lightning Day of Drums narrated by Gregory Peck (The Omen) and Maximilian Schell
1964 Igor Stravinsky (Ballets Russes) Elegy for JFK
1967 Phil Ochs (Greenwich Village) song Crucifixion
1983 Kennedy Martin Sheen
1985 Robert Kennedy and His Times Cliff De Young GD Spradlin Alan Rosenberg Jason Bateman Shannen Doherty Joe Pantoliano
1985 Prince Jack Robert J Hogan
1987 Hoover vs the Kennedys Robert Pine
1990 The Kennedys of Massachusetts Charles Durning Pat Hingle
1991 JFK Oliver Stone Kevin Costner Kevin Bacon Tommy Lee Jones Gary Oldman Sissy Spacek Joe Pesci Vincent D'Onofrio Walter Matthau Donald Sutherland Frank Whaley book of Fletcher Prouty and Jim Marrs
1991 A Woman Named Jackie Stephen Collins (Colonna) Sarah Michelle Gellar
1998 The Rat Pack Ray Liotta Don Cheadle
2000 Thirteen Days Kevin Costner
2002 Clone High
2008 Vincent Bugliosi (Hollywood High School, also wrote about the 911 Sharon Tate ritual) Four Days in November: The Assassination of President JFK
2011 The Kennedys Greg Kinnear Barry Pepper Katie Holmes (relationship with Tom Cruise EWS) Tom Wilkinson (with Holmes in Batman Begins)
2013 The Butler James Marsden Forest Whitaker Oprah Winfrey Jane Fonda Robin Williams Mariah Carey Vanessa Redgrave Liev Schreiber
2013 Parkland jesuit Zac Efron Billy Bob Thornton Colin Hanks Paul Giamatti (S&B) as Abraham Zapruder
2013 Killing Kennedy Rob Lowe
2016 Jackie Natalie Portman John Hurt Billy Crudup Caspar Philipson John Caroll Lynch
2017 The Crown Michael C Hall

2023 X Solving the Crime of the Century Jay Weidner

the JFK ritual

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