John Hinckley Jr

John Hinckley Jr is a mind controlled assassin (programmed with delta alter) and media actor, used in a staged assassination attempt ritual on 3/30/1981 with media actor  Ronald Reagan in Washington DC. Abraham Lincoln was shot in the Ford theater in Washington by John Wilkes who was shot by Boston Corbett who died in Hinckley Minnesota. Georgetown jesuit Bennett Williams was his lawyer. John= the heart. John H. like John Holmes, John Hammond, Johns Hopkins, John Hurt (with Jodie Foster in Contact), John Hagelin, Jonah Hill, and John Huston. He was educated at Highland Park High School like Jayne Mansfield, Dorothy Brown. He was treated at St Elizabeths Hospital in Washington, used as programming center (use of electroshocks).

He was programmed with Taxi Driver with Robert De Niro and Jodie Foster (=Jeanne Robert Foster).

The ritual with Ronald Reagan took place at a Hilton Hotel (in march 1969 John Lennon and Yoko Ono were used for a publicity stunt in the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel, a Bed-In for Peace against the Vietnam War with jesuit CIA agent Timothy Leary).

Like Mark David Chapman and Robert John Bardo, he was mind controlled with JD Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye (theme of alienation). Salinger was programmed with Christian Science. Bardo was programmed to kill Rebecca Schaeffer in a masonic murder ritual in West Hollywood (near Laurel Canyon and Mulholland Drive) as a 'lone wolf' assassin (Lee Harvey Oswald archetype).

The Catcher in the Rye played a role in The Collector (Monarch butterfly programming, novel of John Fowles, used in the programming of serial killers Leonard Lake, Christopher Wilder, Robert Bordella) with Terence Stamp as Freddie Clegg, Samantha Eggar (Fantasy Island, The Light at the End of the World) as Miranda Grey (mirror alter, The Tempest), announcing Roman Polanski's Samantha Geimer rape in 1977, written by Stanley Mann who also wrote Damien: Omen 2 with William Holden (like Holden Caulfield).

Chapman killed Lennon on 12/8/1980 (2 years before birth William) at the Dakota Hotel on 9th Avenue of Rosemary's Baby with John Cassavetes and Mia Farrow about the birth of the Antichrist.

The CIA uses mind controlled assassins in fear programming of the media inventing external threats (terrorists of Al Qaeda, Isis, dangerous 'conspiracy theorists' of Pizzagate and Qanon, global viruses,..) to distract from their own crimes and terrorism.

Jodie Foster played in Flightplan with John Hickey.

Astrological chart

born 5/29/1955, date John F Kennedy, Rupert Everett, Afternoon of a Faun, solar eclipse of 1919, Oswald Spengler, Peter Higgs, Bob Hope,  Baynes Barron (War is Hell movie in the JFK ritual), Ted Levine, Anette Benning (friend of Carolyn Kennedy), La Toya Jackson, Noel Gallagher, d Romy Schneider, Salem Bin Laden, d Jeff Buckley, d Dennis Hopper, 19 days after Mark David Chapman, month before David Kennedy, month after Dodi Fayed and Eric Schmidt.

Dom: Gemini (the Lovers), Cancer, Aquarius - Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter.

Ronald Reagan

JD Salinger