John Philips

John Philips was a mind controlled singer, used in the music industry and Laurel Canyon scene to normalize hedonism, drug abuse and the gay-transgender religion, as part of the cultural marxist program Rock in the CIA controlled psychedelic counterculture of the 60's (Neptune in Scorpio era). He was the father of Bijou Philips, Chynna Philips and Mackenzie Philips.

He was the son of marine corps captain Andrew Philips. He attended Alexandria Virginia high school with Cass Elliott and Jim Morrison, who was in the naval kindergarten class of Frank Zappa's wife Gail Zappa/Adelaide Sloatman and the Bullis School like Henry Rollins (Washington punk scene) and Noor Phalavi (Pallavicini, Iranian royal family)

He co-founded the Journeymen with Scott Mackenzie and Dick Weissman and played a role in the Greenwich Village folk scene. He met his wife Michelle Gilliam and Ellen Naomi Cohen (Cass Elliott) and founded The Mama's and The Papa's.

The Mama's and The Papa's were managed by Lou Adler (Rocky Horror Picture Show, Cheech and Chong). He married Page Hannah, the sister of Daryl Hannah (relationship with JFK Jr) and later Britt Ekland (Bond girl in The Man With the Golden Gun). Cass Elliott's manager was Alan Carr, who also managed Peter Sellers and Tony Curtis and produced Can't Stop the Music of Greenwich Village act Village People.

He appeared on ABC show Hootenanny with Jack Linkletter, son of Art Linkletter (media ritual with Timothy Leary after the death of his daughter Diane Linkletter) and Fred Weintraub (Greenwich Village folk sene). Weintraub was the owner of The Bitter End and helped launching the career of Lenny Bruce, Randy Newman (University High School), Frank Zappa, Woody Allen, Joni Mitchell, George Carlin, Dustin Hoffman and Bob Dylan. He became executive vice-president of Warner Bros in 1970.

He was present in Cuba during the Cuban revolution (jesuit Fidel Castro).

He lived at Mulholland Drive with Roman Polanski, Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson. The Mamas and the Papas worked with Terry Melcher (son of Doris Day), who had met Charles Manson, lived with Candice Bergen at Cielo Drive, before Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate moved there.

In 1965 their version of California Dreamin' of Barry McGuire, released by Dunhill Records/RCA Victor, became a hit.

In 1967 he and Lou Adler released song San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair) and organized the Monterey Pop Festival with Haight- Ashbury acts Janis Joplin, Grateful Dead, The Who, Simon & Garfunkel (Columbia Records), Eric Burdon, Otis Redding, Buffalo Springfield, Jefferson Airplane, and Jimi Hendrix, playing the role of Horus Montu Ra of the Aeon card, letter shin: fire. Owsley Stanley provided LSD. The Mama's and The Papa's played at Fordham University of the jesuits.

In 1968 John and Michelle had Chynna Philips as daughter. Michelle Philips played in Saturation 70 with Gram Parsons and Anita Pallenberg (Rolling Stones entourage), based on Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland. She played John Dillinger's girlfriend in Dillinger (1973) and in Bloodline (1979) of James Bond director Terence Young with Audrey Hepburn, Ben Gazzara and Romy Schneider.

He lived in a house in Berkeley Square London with Mick Jagger and Chrissie Shrimpton (sister of Jean Shrimpton) and met with John Lennon.

He produced Roger Altman film Brewster McCloud (blue bird poster) with Shelley Duvall. He was used to normalze cocain and heroin addiction.

His 3d wife Geneviève Waite posed for Vogue with photographer Richard Avedon (Harper's Bazaar) with Monarch butterflies. She played in Joanna.

In 1970 Michelle Gilliam married Dennis Hopper.

In 1976 he made the music of The Man Who Fell To Earth of Nicolas Roeg (Performance with Mick Jagger) with David Bowie and Candy Clark (also in American Graffiti).

He married Susie Adams, descendant of Founding Father John Adams.

Mackenzie Philips played a flirt scene at age 12 in American Graffiti of George Lucas. She went to Hollywood Professional School like Judy Garland, Mickey Mouse Club member Anette Funicello and Sharon Baird, Val Kilmer, Carl Wilson (The Beach Boys), Ann Miller, Nathalie Wood. She dated Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, who bought the Boleskine house of Aleister Crowley. She played in CBS sitcom One Day at a Time of Norman Lear (People for the American Way) with Valerie Bertinelli (married to Eddie Van Halen) and So Weird (Disney Channel). She accused her father of sexual abuse on CNN and on the Oprah Winfrey Show (ABC Disney).

Bijou Philips was mind controlled with Scientology of Ron Hubbard (Laurel Canyon meetings with Robert Heinlein and Jack Parsons). She posed for Vogue (Polanski raped a girl after a Vogue photoshoot). She played in Black and White with Robert Downey Jr and Brooke Shields, Almost Famous and Hostel Part II. She married Scientologist Danny Masterson, actor in That 70's Show with Mila Kunis and Tommy Chong.

Chynna Philips played in Say Anything of Cameron Crowe with John Cusack and Eric Stolz and The Invisible Kid with Mike Genovese and Karen Black. EMI released an album of her.

In 1986 he released his autobiography Papa John. He co-wrote the song Kokomo of Laurel Canyon act The Beach Boys.

He helped spreading misleading conspiracy theories with Roseanne Barr (disinfo about mind control with Cathy O'Brien and Mark Philips) about Michael Aquino and Anton LaVey's Church of Satan.


born 8/30/1935, date Warren Buffett, Abraham Zapruder, Peggy Lipton, Cameron Diaz.

died 3/18/2001, date d Jacques de Molay, Samson de Brier.

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