Kesha is a Monarch mind controlled sex slave/singer, used in the Hollywood film industry and in the music industry for the program Pop culture, to play the archetype of the Dark Feminine (Whore of Babylon), to normalise satanism, one eye symbolism and the gay-transgender agenda. Her logo contains the Sig rune of Heinrich Himmler's SS (sodomy lightning symbol, kiss of death/life). She was treated for bulimia. Her mother Rosemary 'Pebe' Sebert worked with Pitbull, Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton.

She visited Alcoholics Anonymous meetings with her mother from one year old (like Paris Hilton). Her mother married country singer Hugh Moffatt.

One of her producers is Benny Blanco (Britney Spears, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Wiz Khalifa). She worked with Australian duo The Veronicas.

She appeared in a PETA campaign with Iggy Pop (rabbit logo, Alice in Wonderland programming). She pushed the gay agenda in Seventeen magazine of Hearst.

She toured with Macklemore. She worked with Harley Pasternak.

In 2017 she accused her producer Lucasz Gottwald (SNL, Rawkus, Britney Spears, B.O.B., Juicy J) of rape.

She is signed to Sony.

Astrological chart

born 3/1/1987, date Justin Bieber, Javier Bardem, Ron Howard, Harry Belafonte.

Asc: Sagittarius, mc: Virgo. Dom: Pisces (the Moon), Sagittarius, Capricorn - Jupiter (lightning, like Heinrich Himmler), Sun, Mercury.

Houses 3, 4, 2. 3: Sun and Mercury in Pisces, 4: Moon and Jupiter in Pisces, 2: Neptune and Venus in Capricorn. 11: Pluto in Scorpio.


2005 The Simple Life Fox Paris Hilton Nicole Richie
2008 Katy Perry I Kissed A Girl (gay-lesbian agenda)
2009 Flo Rida Right and Round
2010 Animal, Take It Off (one eye), Tik Tok (one eye)
2010 Cannibal (split mind symbolism)
2011 Walt Disney's princess Kesha blue bird symbolism (Project Bluebird) Oz Rodriguez
2012 Warrior, Die Young (pentahtam, one eye pyramid), Crazy Kids (sign of Harpo)
2012 Katy Perry Part of Me (mirror alter symbolism) Adele Lady Gaga
2013 Kesha : My Crazy Beautiful Life staged reality show MTV Steven Tyler jesuit Liz Gately
2015 Jem and the Holograms produced by Scooter Brown (Justin Bieber) Aurora Perrineau (Aurora theatre of James Holmes ritual, daughter of Harold Perinneau) Ryan Guzman Molly Ringwald Juliette Lewis Universal Pictures
2017 Rainbow (Wizard of Oz programming), Praying (one eye pyramid), Raising Hell feat Big Freedia (transgender agenda)
2017 A Ghost Story Casey Affleck Rooney Mara
2020 High Road

the Music Industry

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