Kyle Richards

Kyle Egan Richards is a Monarch mind controlled sex slave (kitten programming) of the Hilton family, used in the media industry (program Pop culture) and Hollywood film industry.  She is the sister of Kim Richards who played in Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell of Curtis Harrington with Yvette Mimieux and Lou Frizzell. They were friends of Michael Jackson, who named his daughter Paris Jackson.

Her half-sister is Kathy Hilton (like Kate Middleton), sister of Nicky Hilton (married to James Rothschild), granddaughter of Conrad Hilton (Order of Malta), who founded Hilton Hotels in 1919 and married Zsa Zsa Gabor (Paris nightclub Moulin Rouge) and mother of Paris Hilton.

Paris Hilton was signed to the modeling agency of jesuit Donald Trump and made famous through her sex tape with poker player Rick Salomon, who also married Elizabeth Daily (Beverly Hills High School), Shannon Doherty and Pamela Anderson (Playboy). The video was released through Kevin Blatt of Red Light District Video, which released a video the same year of Joan Laurer (Playboy, Mormon Church, WWE of McMahons). She had a relationship with Stavros Niarchos III, related to the Onassis family and Jackie Kennedy (JFK ritual near the Dallas Hilton).

Her husband Mauricio Umansky participated in Dancing With the Stars.

born 1/11/1969, year of the 911 Sharon Tate ritual.

Filmography, discography and tv appearances

1974 Police Woman Angie Dickinson
1975 Escape to Witch Mountain (witchcraft) Disney Kim Richards as psychic children Eddie Albert (Roman Holiday) Ray Milland as Aristotle Bolt Donald Pleasence (played Blofeld based on Aristotle Onassis) novel of Alexander Key
1975 Little House on the Prairie NBC as Alicia/Samantha Michael Landon (Bonanza) as Charles Alison Arngrim (HHS, admitted incest, daughter of Norma MacMillan, voice of Gumby character) Melissa Gilbert Shannen Doherty (Beverly Hills 90210)
1977 The Car James Brolin John Rubinstein Elliott Silverstein (The Twilight Zone) Anton LaVey (Church of Satan) as 'advisor' Universal Pictures
1978 Halloween (orange=33=death symbolism) John Carpenter Donald Pleasence as Sam Loomis Jamie Lee Curtis Nancy Stephens as Marion Nick Castle Sandy Johnson (Playboy) Charles Cyphers as Sherrif Leigh Brackett (like Leigh Brackett)
1979 Fantasy Island as Rebecca
1980 The Watcher in the Woods Disney Pinewood Studios Betty Davis
1984 Down to Earth David Kaufman (gay agenda)
1989 Curfew Christopher Knight (The Brady Bunch) New World Pictures of Roger Corman
1998 ER George Clooney Angela Bassett
1998 Love Boat the Next Wave Phil Morris Joan Severance
2005 I Want to Be a Hilton NBC
2006 Pledge This Paris Hilton Sofia Vergara Carmen Electra
2010 The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Denise Richards (2/17 like Paris Hilton) Bozoma Saint John (Netflix)
2014 The Hungover Games (parody of The Hangover and The Hunger Games) Robert Wagner Tara Reid porn actress Kayden Kross (Wicked Pictures)
2014 Lady Gaga G.U.Y.
2016 Keeping Up with the Kardashians (family of Kylie Jenner)
2017 The New Celebrity Apprentice Boy George
2020 This Is Paris
2021 The Prince
HBO Dan Stevens as Charles Iwan Rheon (Ramsay Snow in Game of Thrones, Inhumans) as prince William Orlando Bloom as Harry Lucy Punch as Catherine Alan Cumming
2021 Halloween Kills Judy Greer Anthony Michael Hill Jason Blum
2023 Morgan Wade Fall In Love With Me
2024 The Holiday Exchange (gay agenda)


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