Laurel Canyon

Laurel Canyon is a neighborhood in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, used by the CIA for a mind control project to create the hippie counterculture of the 60's. Laurel in Ancient Greece was associated with the god Apollo (nemesis of Dionysus). It is close to Mulholland Drive, home of Madonna, Jack Nicholson, Roman Polanski, Marlon Brando, David Lynch.

The project was modeled on the Monte Verità community in Ascona Switzerland (Carl Jung, Herman Hesse, Dada artist Hugo Ball, Isadora Duncan, Freudian Otto Gross, Paul Klee, Rudolf Steiner of Theosophical Society, Rudolf Laban of OTO Zurich). It was a destination for German Wandervogel (=blue bird Horus) youth groups, and declared a OTO center by Theodor Reuss in 1917.

Main actors (children from military families, mind controlled and trained to become actors or pop stars in the music industry):

- America (Gerry Beckley, Dan Peek and Dewey Bunnell of military families, hit records Ventura Highway, A Horse With No Name, and the Wizard of Oz-themed The Tin Man)
- Amy Gossage (girlfriend of Graham Nash, murdered day before Valentine's Day in San Francisco 1975. Her half sister died in a car crash)
- Angela Lansbury (The Manchurian Candidate)
- Bonnie Raitt
- Brandon deWilde (friend of Crosby and Parsons, movie with John Frankenheimer, Alfred Hitchock Presents episode with Diana Dors, accident in 1972)
- Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys, signed to Capitol Records by Nick Venet, mentored by John Hammond Vanderbilt Sloane, Loren Schwarz of William Morris Agency as handler)
- Bruce Berry (roadie of Crosby, Stills and Nash, brother of Jan Berry of Jan and Dean, who were managed by Lou Adler, overdose in 1973. Dean Torrence, of Jan and Dean, had played a part in the fake kidnapping of the son of Frank Sinatra, just a couple weeks after the JFK ritual)
- Canned Heat (residents of Chelsea Hotel)
- Carol King (signed to Ode Records of Lou Adler)
- Cass Elliott (The Mama's and the Papa's with John Philips, worked with Terry Melcher, dead 7/29/1973 in London, lived at the house of Harry Nilsson, where Keith Moon of The Who would die in 1978)

- Charles Chuck Heath (father of Sarah Palin, vice presidential nominee of John McCain, the Right Wing Church)
- Charles Manson (the 911 Sharon Tate ritual, associated with The Beach Boys)
- Christine Frka (babysitter of Moon Unit Zappa, log cabin, member of girl group Girls Together Outrageously, signed to Zappa's label, overdose before her 23d birthday)
- Christine Hinton (died in car crash in 1969, daughter of officer at Presidio army base like Paul Tate, friend of David Crosby and head of The Byrds fanclub)
- Clarence White (guitarist of The Byrds, run over in 1973)
- Danny Carey (drummer of Tool)
- David Crosby singer of The Byrds, signed to Elektra-Asylum of David Geffen, produced by Columbia producer Terry Melcher, the son of an Annapolis graduate and WWII military intelligence officer Major Floyd Delafield Crosby, cinematographer of Edgar Allan Poe movies the Pit and the Pendulum and the Raven. He met Andrew Philips in marine occupied Haiti. He is related to van Cortlandt, van Schuyler and van Rensselaer families, to Alexander Hamilton and master mason Stephen van Rensselaer. Their biggest hit Mr Tabourine Man was a cover of Bob Dylan of the Greenwich Village scene. Crosby played at Ciro's nightclub, Montery Pop, Woodstock, Altamont Speedway free concert, Esalen institute and the Matrix in San Francisco. He produced the debut album of Joni Mitchell. He had a cameo in Steven Spielberg's Hook (Peter Pan programming).
- Dennis Hopper (The Trip of Roger Corman)
- Diane Linkletter (born on Halloween, daughter of famed entertainer Art Linkletter, died in year of Tate murders, LSD media scandal with Timothy Leary as nemesis. Last person who saw her was Edward Durston, also present at death of blonde actress Carol Wayne in 1985, weeks after death John Zwyer, son-in-law of Linkletter)
- Donald Cammel (Performance with Mick Jagger, son of Christopher Cammell, biographer of Aleister Crowley)
- Eliza Dushku (Mormon Church)
- Eric Burdon (The Animals, Montery Pop Festival, friend of Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon, Coast to Coast)

- Frank Zappa son of Francis Zappa, who worked at Edgewood Arsenal in Baltimore Maryland (like Andrija Puharich), connected to MK Ultra. He lived at the Log Cabin of Vito Paulakes. He signed Alice Cooper, the GTA's and Captain Beefheart. His children Moon and Dweezil Zappa were VJ's on Mtv, made music for series Duckman (Seinfeld actor Jason Alexander), music for the Ben Stiller Show.

- Gram Parsons (The Byrds and the Flying Burrito Brothers, overdose of speedball in 1973 like River Phoenix. His body was taken by Phil Kaufman, a prison mate of Charles Manson at Terminal Island, to Yoshua Tree, the Mojave desert of Jack Parsons' Babalon Workings, to be burned at autumnal equinox. Avis Parsons was killed in 1993 like River Phoenix)
- Hans Habe (OSS/CIA writer, who had visited Monte Verità. He was married to actress Eloise Hardt, who played in satanic movie The Incubus with William Shatner. His daughter was found dead on Mulholland Drive, in anticipation of the 911 Sharon Tate ritual. He used pseudonym Alexander Holmes like John Holmes of Wonderland murders. He was the inspiration for Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange with Malcolm McDowell as Alexander)
- Harry Houdini (escape artist)
- Harry Nilsson (buddy of John Lennon)
- Howard Kaylan (cousin of Frank Zappa's manager Herb Cohen, The Turtles, hit record Happy Together, Mothers of Invention, played in Get Crazy with Malcolm McDowell)
- Iggy Pop
- Inger Stevens (Swedish, father Columbia University, played in movie the World, the Flesh and the Devil with Harry Belafonte, Madigan with Henry Fonda, Bonanza, CBS show The Twilight Zone, died on Belthane 1970)
- Jackson Browne (born in military family in Germany, made a song for Andy Warhol's protegé Nico, part of Greenwich Village scene, signed to Elektra-Asylum of David Geffen, relationship with Daryl Hannah, who also dated JFK Jr)
- James Taylor
- Janis Joplin (Haight-Ashbury scene, dated jesuit William Bennett, known for War on Drugs, resident of Chelsea Hotel with Leonard Cohen, performed at Woodstock, heroin overdose in 1970, club of 27)
- Jay Sebring (hair of Jim Morrison and Abigail Folger, lived in house where Jean Harlow, godmother to Bugsy Siegel's daughter Milicent, and Paul Bern of MGM, part of the 911 Sharon Tate ritual, played by Emile Hirsch in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood)
- Jim Morrison (The Doors, named after book of Aldous Huxley and quote of William Blake, died in Paris like William's mother Diana, club of 27)
- John Mayall
- John Philips (son of Marine Corps captain Andrew Philips, lived at Mulholland Drive, married Susie Adams, descendant of Founding Father John Adams. His first band was the Journeymen with Scott McKenzie. He was present in Cuba during the Cuban revolution, organized the Monterey Pop Festival. His wife Michelle Gilliam later married Dennis Hopper. John's third wife was Geneviève Waite, who modeled for Vogue with Hearst photographer Richard Avedon. Their daughter Bijou Philips was mind controlled with Scientology and played in Black and White with Robert Downey Jr and Brooke Shields, Almost Famous and Hostel Part II. She married Scientologist Danny Masterson, actor in That 70's Show. Mackenzie Philips was used to normalise pedophilia and incest in George Lucas' American Graffiti, on CNN and the Oprah Winfrey Show)

- Joni Mitchell (signed to Reprise, the label of Frank Sinatra, resident of Hotel Chelsea)
- Judee Lynn Sill (daughter of cameraman of Paramount Pictures. She sold a song to The Turtles, was signed to David Geffen's Asylum. Her first single was produced by Graham Nash. She was bisexual and overdosed in 1979)
- Lenny Bruce (comedian, mentor of Richard Pryor and George Carlin, Navy, guest on Hugh Hefner's Playboy Penthouse, married to stripper, had a daughter named Kitty=kitten programming. He was a friend of Paul Krassner of Ken Kesey's Merry Pranksters and Youth International Party with Abbie Hoffman, a student of Herbert Marcuse. Bruce died in his bathroom august 1966. His unreleased material was released by Frank Zappa and Phil Spector. He appeared on The Beatles Sgt Pepper's cover with Crowley)
- Linda Ronstadt (signed to Elektra, Vanguard, Capitol, Asylum, toured with The Doors, Neil Young, promoted in Newsweek, Time, Rolling Stone, dated Hollywood director George Lucas)
- Lou Adler (jewish, owner of The Roxy Theatre, married to sister of Daryl Hannah and Bond girl Britt Elkland, manager of The Mama's and The Papa's and Cheech and Chong)
- Marina Habe (found dead on Mulholland Drive, daughter of OSS/CIA writer Hans Habe and actress Eloise Hardt, who played in satanic movie The Incubus with William Shatner)
- Maya Daren (film with Anais Nin, Hella Hammid as cinematographer)
- Mickey Dolenz and Peter Tork (The Monkees)
- Natalie Wood (Hollywood Professional School, lived in house of Cass Elliott, in Rebel Without a Cause with James Dean and Dennis Hopper, drowned in 1981)
- Neve Campbell (jewish, Scream franchise)
- Orson Welles
- Owsley Stanley (Augustus, Stanley like Stanley Kubrick, director of 2001 ASO. He was trained at Charlotte Hall military academy, St Elizabeths hospital, worked at JPL of Jack Parsons. He was sound man and LSD dealer of the Grateful Dead and designed their Skull and Bones logo. He supplied Orange Sunshine LSD to The Beatles and the Merry Pranksters of Ken Kesey, who participated in MK Ultra, wrote One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. He did acid tests in Watts area of LA before the riots. He spread STP, tested in Edgewood Arsenal, in Haight-Ashbury. He was imprisoned in 1970 in Terminal Island, the prison of Charles Manson, Phil Kaufman, Leary and Gordon Liddy.)
- Pete Ham (Badfinger, signed to Apple Records of The Beatles, suicide in 1975)
- Peter Coyote (narrated the documentary Hippies on the History Channel, Diggers collective in Haight-Ashbury)
- Phil Hartman (roadie of Jimi Hendrix, classmate of Manson Family member Lynette Fromme)
- Phil Ochs (signed to Elektra, Vanguard and A&M, part of Greenwich Village folk scene with Bob Dylan and the Youth International Party with Abbie Hoffman, his father was treated with electroshocks. His brother Michael Ochs was assistant to Bobby James, lived in a house in Laurel Canyon. He participated in the John Sinclair Freedom Rally with John Lennon and Allen Ginsberg. He went to Chile to support marxist Salvador Allende. He had an alter ego, CIA operative John Butler Train, a hypnotic trick as described by George Estabrooks in Hypnotism. Joan Baez covered a song of him. He committed suicide in 1976)
- Phil Spector (Brill Building in NY, band the Wrecking Crew, studio musicians who recorded the music of The Byrds, The Monkees, The Mamas and The Papas and The Beach Boys, worked with Leonard Cohen, murder of Lana Clarkson who played in Roger Corman movies)
- Philis Major Browne (wife of Jackson Browne, overdose in 1976)
- Ramon Novarro (=roman, silent movie star of MGM with Latin Lover image, related to Dolores del Rio, partner of Orson Welles, gay, killed ritualistic by gay prostitutes on Halloween)
- Rick Rubin (producer of RHCP, Slipknot, The Mars Volta, Eminem)
- Robert Heinlein (Charles Manson's child was named after the protagonist of Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land)
- Sal Mineo (Sicilian screen idol, gay, ABC show Jukebox Jury, the Dupont Show, the Patty Duke Show, James Dean movies Rebel Without a Cause and Giant, last John Ford movie and Escape from the Planet of the Apes, portrayed Laurel Canyon cult leader Charles Manson in SWAT, girlfriend Jill Haworth had a relationship with Aaron Spelling, was stabbed by African American Lionel Ray Williams)
- Stacy Sutherland (13th floor elevators, shot in 1979 by wife Bunni =rabbit Alice in Wonderland programming).
- Stephen Stills (Buffalo Springfield, Crosby Stills and Nash)
- Steven Spielberg (his company Amblin made Laurel Canyon propaganda movie with Monarch butterfly poster, DreamWorks with David Geffen)
- Sue Lyon

- Tim Buckley (signed to Asylum and label of Frank Zappa with Herb Cohen as manager, overdose in 1975, his son Jeff Buckley covered a song of Leonard Cohen and drowned in Memphis in 1997= the OTO Rite of Memphis)
- Terry Melcher (educated at elite school Loomis Chaffee, son of Doris Day, producer of The Byrds and The Mamas and The Papas, lived at Cielo Drive 10050 with Mark Lindsay and Candice Bergen, what would become the house of Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate)
- The Beach Boys
- The Byrds
- The Eagles
- Vito Paulakes (entourage of The Byrds and The Doors, related to Winthrop Rockefeller, married Susan Szou/Cynthia Schaffer who he met when 16 y old. He was the first candidate to play Lucifer in Kenneth Anger's movie, he was replaced by Manson follower Bobby Beausoleil)
- Wulf Zendik (Zendik Farm sex cult)

History of Laurel Canyon

With the creation of the Hollywood film industry in 1910, the canyon attracted a host of ‘photoplayers,’ including Wally Reid, Tom Mix (car crash on 10/12 bday of Crowley), Clara Bow, Richard Dix, Norman Kerry, Ramon Navarro, Harry Houdini (US secret service and Scotland Yard, The Grim Game was shot on Lookout Mountain, died on Halloween) and Bessie Love.

In 1940 Science Fiction author Robert Heinlein (Stranger in a Strange Land) had meetings with Ron Hubbard (founder of Church of Scientology), Jack Parsons (OTO), Leigh Brackett and other occultists/science fiction writers at his Laurel Canyon home (the Manana Society).

The same year The Great Dictator with Charlie Chaplin (Oddfellows) was shot in Laurel Canyon, a parody of Adolf Hitler.

In 1942 Jack Parsons became head of the OTO. Moyna Macgill, daughter of George Lansbury (Peace Pledge Union with Bertrand Russell, Aldous Huxley, Gerald Heard) and her daughter Angela Lansbury move to Laurel Canyon and met with Aldous Huxley and Jidda Krishnamurti of the Theosophical Society.

The Lookout Mountain airforce base of Laurel Canyon, operated as a movie studio, it was later bought by Jared Leto.

In the early phase, the music industry was centered in New York (Tin Pan Alley with Kay Swift, wife of James Warburg), Nashville and Memphis. After EMI had bought Capitol Records, the Capitol Records Building in Hollywood was finished in 1955.

In the 60's Capitol released the albums of The Beatles in the US (Beatlemania). Lester Lou Adler (produced the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Cheech and Chong, signed The Mamas and The Papas to Dunhill Records) opens the first nightclubs like the Whisky a Go Go and Roxy Theatre at the Sunset Strip to promote obscure LA bands like The Byrds and The Doors.

The Laurel Canyon clubs and bands were promoted in the media by Life Magazine, Jack Paar and with celebrities Steve McQueen, Jack Nicholson and Jayne Mansfield. During its heyday, the canyon even had its own management company, Lookout Management, to handle the talent.

John Hammond Vanderbilt Sloane of Columbia Records, producer of Bob Dylan and cousin of William Sloane Coffin, mentored Nick Kevet of Capitol, who signed The Beach Boys.

The Laurel Canyon acts were promoted on the Ed Sullivan Show (CBS). All their artwork refers to blue bird Horus, Project Bluebird.

In 1964 The Beatles played at the Whisky a Go Go with Jayne Mansfield and Mamie van Doren.

AIP released LSD film The Trip during the Summer of Love in 1967, filmed in Laurel Canyon.

David Geffen founded Asylum Records in 1971.

In 1981 Laurel Canyon was used for a media ritual on 7/1 (71, date birth Diana), the Wonderland murders (Alice in Wonderland programming), in a house once inhabited by Paul Revere and the Raiders.

Demi Lovato bought a house in Laurel Canyon in 2016.

Laurel Canyon in popular culture

1991 Rick Rubin and the Red Hot Chili Peppers (friends of River Phoenix) use the Mansion, near the house of Harry Houdini, to record Sex Magic Blood Sugar.

1997 Boogie Nights Mark Wahlberg Julianne Moore about John Holmes and the Wonderland murders.

2001 Mulholland Drive David Lynch Naomi Watts Laura Harring

2002 Laurel Canyon movie with Frances McDormand Kate Beckingsale Christian Bale.

2003 Wonderland Carrie Fisher Val Kilmer (played Jim Morrison in The Doors of Oliver Stone)

The Mars Volta record De-Loused at the Comatorium at The Mansion (announces the overdose of Jeremy Ward).

Books on Laurel Canyon

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