Leonardo di Caprio

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio is a mind controlled actor of Italian-German descent, used in the Hollywood film industry's sodomy religion and the Climate Church. He plays the archetype of Horus, Antichrist William (Howard Hughes/Jack Parsons).

His father George diCaprio worked with jesuit CIA agent Timothy Leary (MK Ultra LSD research) and published underground comics of Lou Reed's wife Laurie Anderson and Robert Williams (Zap Comix of Robert Crumb). He was born 10/2 like Jack Parsons.

He started doing commercials for doll company Mattel (Barbie) at age 14.

He was educated at UCLA Lab School like Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth), Earl Sweatshirt (Odd Future with Tyler The Creator), Derek Bok (president of Harvard).

His climate change propaganda 'Before the Flood' was made by his production company Appian Way (the way to Rome) in cooperation with National Geographic (Disney) and History Channel (Hearst). As a priest of the Climate Church he met with jesuit pope Francis.

He had relationships with Monarch slaves Gisele Bundchen (Victoria's Secret, Climate Church, movie the Devil wears Prada) and Bar Rafaeli (gay agenda, model for HarperBazaar of Hearst, Mossad propaganda). His name Leonardo refers to sodomite Leonardo da Vinci and Caprio refers to beatle Khepri on the Moon card.

He is an Emeritus Board Member of Global Green (climate agenda of the UN) like Ted Turner, Yoko Ono and Edward Norton.

Astrological chart

born 11/11/1974 Scorpio, date Stanley Tucci, Demi Moore, Bibi Andersson, Calista Flockhart, Diana's visit to the White House in 1985, 14 days after Joaquin Phoenix, year 4 the Emperor. 1974 is the year of death Charles Lindbergh/Mansson, year Godfather 2 abortion Diane Keaton, few months before Aristotle Onassis (era of Roman Polanski fleeing the US).

Asc: Libra (climate change justice warrior), mc: Cancer. Dominants: Libra (Adjustment), Scorpio (death), Cancer (the chariot)- Pluto, Venus, Moon.

1: Pluto (dark secrets), Uranus (environmentalism) and Moon in Libra (era of Charles Manson and Polanski trial)2: Mercury in Libra, Mars, Venus and Sun in Scorpio, 3: Neptune in Sagittarius , 6 (duties): Jupiter in Pisces, 7: Aries, 10: Saturn in Cancer, 12: virgo.


1993 This Boy's Life Tobias 'Toby' Wolff (Sirius dog or wolf star, jackyll child in the Omen), child of Robert de Niro Michael Caton-Jones Tobey Maguire Chris Cooper (in Remember Me with Meghan Markle) Eliza Dushku
1993 What's Eating Gilbert Grape? Arnie Grape with Johnny Depp Juliete Lewis Crispin Glover Lasse Hallström
1995 The Quick and the Dead Fee 'The Kid' Herod Sam Raimi Sharon Stone Gene Hackman Lance Henriksen (The Omen 2) Gary Sinise Russell Crowe
1995 The Basketball Diaries Jim Carroll Scott Kalvert Mark Wahlberg Lorraine Bracco Ernie Hudson Michael Imperioli Juliette Lewis
1995 Total Eclipse (black sun, William born during solar eclipse) as Arthur Rimbaud (21st birthday, initiation of freemasonry ending spiritual darkness, gay agenda) David Thewlis
1996 Romeo + Juliet Romeo Montague rose cross symbolism, announcing the William and Catherine wedding) (Shakespeare Bacon, the bard), priest Pete Postlethwaite father Brennan in the Omen, Harold Perrineau John Leguizamo Baz Luhrmann.
1996 Marvin's Room Hank (vesica pisces like OTO and Moonchild) Meryl Streep as Lee (like Lee Remivk) Cynthia Nixon Scott Rudin Jane Rosenthal
1997 Titanic Jack Dawson with Kate Elizabeth Winslet as rosicrucian Frederick and Elizabeth Stuart wedding, year of Diana and Dodi's car crash, Osiris Slain pose with Rose Dewitt (rose dew cross), going through the Abyss.

David Warner Billy Zane James Cameron
1998 The Man in the Iron Mask, King Louis XIV 3/13 Aries invocation of Horus at spring equinox. sun king King Louis XIV =horus (owner of the Heart of the Ocean) both hero (mask as Jungian persona) and villain/shadow. Judith Godreche as Christine Belfort (=Jordan Belfort). Gabriel Byrne Jeremy Irons (scar in the Lion King) John Malkovich Peter Sarsgaard  jesuit plot (men in black in the Aviator), Alexandre Dumas.

1998 Celebrity, Brandon Darrow pedophile Woody Allen (purple rose) with Kenneth Brannagh (John Dee in Danny Boyle's London Olympics) Charlize Theron Winona Ryder Donald Trump
2000 The Beach Richard hidden island daath, Danny Boyle (Isle of Wonders of the Tempest), Virginie Ledoyen (Virginia) virgo 12th house (looking up) Guillaume (=William) Caunet (husband of Marion Cotillard) Tilda Swinton
2002 Catch Me If You Can (cc=33) Steven Spielberg Frank Abagnale child Harpo, flies with Pan (Saturn) Am, chased by Orion the hunter, man in black Tom Hanks (later played Hoover fbi jesuits men in black), scene in Alcatraz. Neptune: illusion, hard to catch. Christopher Walken as father Martin Sheen as foster parent.
2002 Gangs of New York Martin Scorcese (rabbits Alice in Wonderland programming) Amsterdam Vallon, Five Points where Heath Ledger would die, Horus vs Set, with Cameron Diaz (Marjorie Cameron) Daniel Day-Lewis born 4/29 date wedding William and Catherine, shot in Rome (the Beast of the Wore of Babylon), Cinecitta of Federico Fellini who died on day of death River Phoenix.
2004 The Aviator (AV phallus and cup) Howard Hughes=Horus archetype= rocket scientist Jack Parsons

movie producer like Dodi Fayed, Cate Blanchett as Katherine Hepburn, Jude Law as Errol Flynn Kelli Garner as Faith Domergue Ian Holm Danny Huston Gwen Stefani Willem Dafoe. filmed at the Cocoanut grove where Robert Kennedy was shot, and the house of George Hodell, who studied at Caltech like Parsons and Hughes. Flying of the Hercules (Parsons worked at the Hercules Powder Company). Hepburn leaves him for jesuit trained Spencer Tracy, enemy Alan Alda trained by jesuits at Fordham, Alec Baldwin=Trump also Fordham, end scene with paranoia about men in black (=jesuits). Alan Alda=Alan Ladd who played in The Carpetbaggers about Howard Hughes. 12/25 date The Wrecking Crew (movie in movie Once Upon A Time In Hollywood).
2006 The Departed Martin Scorcese, as William 'Billy' Costigan (William) Mark Wahlberg Jack Nicholson (both also Pluto as dom) Martin Sheen Matt Damon Alec Baldwin.
2006 Blood Diamond Danny (=daniel) Archer, sagittarius Art vitriol, with Jennifer Connelly who played wife of Howard Hughes in The Rocketeer. story of James Bond movie Diamonds Are Forever. womb of Lilith gate to underworld =blue daemon, heart of the ocean, blue blood, jackyll DNA. diamond ring also in Sherlock jr.
2007 The 11th Hour (climate change propaganda)
2008 Body of Lies Russel Crowe Mark Strong, terrorist iraq bombs Europe (announcing Isis ritual like Inception)
2008 Revolutionary Road as Frank Wheeler, with Kate Winslet, Kathryn Hahn july 23 like Rose Kelly David Harbour Scott Rudin
2010 Shutter Island (Scorpio: detectives, island of the dead with lighthouse, Capri=popular gay island, Greek island of Aristotle Onassis, where Howard Hughes was imprisoned in the Gemstone Files of Kenn Thomas, flashbacks of liberation of Dachau) as Edward 'Teddy' Daniels, with Mark Ruffalo, references to pedophile movie the Lovely Bones, the Vogue girl raped by Roman Polanski. Ben Kingsley Max von Sydow (movies with Bibi Andersson, also 11/11) John Carroll Lynch.

2010 Hubble Narrator (going through the Abyss)
2010 Inception Dominick "Dom" Cobb (cobb=spider making cobbwebs, Neptune dreams in Sagittarius, era of pedophile Roman Polanski fleeing to US) Michael Caine Ellen Page Joseph Gordon-Levitt Tom Hardy Marion Cotillard Pete Postlethwaite

Cobb uses doll house Alice in Wonderland programming (like Stanley Tucci in the Lovely Bones). Cobb is Roman Polanski on the run, putting Cillian Murphy Robert (=Howard Robard Hughes) into a dreamworld, releasing Mal, the anima.
2011 J. Edgar as J Edgar Hoover (Hoover=yhvh, Knight of Malta, FBI, gay) Pluto=abduction, investigating the Charles Lindbergh case, blackmails Martin Luther King Jr, Judi Dench (Bond) as mother, Naomi Watts as assistent. Shadow, men in black, dark side JFK, Jeffrey Donavan as Robert Kennedy. (Billy Crudup also in Almost Famous with cover like the Aviator) Amanda Schull (Suits with Meghan Rachel Markle)
2012 Django Unchained Tarantino Calvin J. Candie (white rose like Robert Thorne) announcing cultural marxist fake black liberation movement BLM (Black Church) (pluto abuse of power), Candyland=Shutter island (johnny cash man in black) Jamie Foxx Don Johnson Christoph Waltz (Blofeld) Jonah Hill
2013 The Great Gatsby Jay Gatsby, executive produced by Jay-z, remake of movie with Mia Farrow and Robert Redford 8/18 like Polanski, F. Scott Fitzgerald like Howard Hughes, Tobey Maguire Carey Mulligan Baz Luhrmann.
2013 The Wolf of Wall Street (ww=33) Jordan Belfort Rothschild banker, Jonah Hill Matthew McConaughey Margot Robbie (pink Alice in Wonderland), chased by FBI (Kyle Chandler). Plaza hotel of wedding Donald Trump and Maria Maples. archetype of Jared Kushner.
2015 The Audition Robert de Niro
2015 The Revenant, dec 25 winter solstice death Christ, osiris son Hawk (Inarritu Birdman) Dakotas (dk, building Rosemary's Baby). Hugh (hhughes) Glass (like Goidel Glass Scota bloodline), Arthur bear (teddy, like the Winters Tale), the dream of Nebuchadnezzar in book of Daniel, live with wild animals, hair growing like feathers of eagle, long nails. 44y after Man in the Wilderness with Richard Harris and John Huston. He chases Tom Hardy as John Fitzgerald (=Kennedy, Edward thomas Hardy sep15). fortress mountain location of winter scene of Inception. pluto: transformation.
2016 Before the Flood (climate change propaganda) National Geographic
2019 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood about the 911 Sharon Tate ritual, with Brad Pitt, as neighbor of Roman Polanski. Al Pacino as Marvin Schwarz, Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn) as Sharon Tate. character based on Steve McQueen who played Howard Hughes character in Nevada Smith, acts at Spahn ranch where Howard Hughes made the movie the Outlaw. Bruce Dern Dakota Fanning Lena Dunham Kurt Russell.
2021 Don't Look Up (Pluto: biggest fear) Jennifer Lawrence as Kate (Kate) Jonah Hill Meryl Streep Cate Blanchett Tyler Perry Ariana Grande Kid Cudi


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