The McMahon family is an Irish/Scottish family of Scottish Rite freemasons (mm=33), closely associated with other Scottish/Aryan families like Disney, Hearst and Kennedy, who are specialised in mind control. They are also closely linked to Donald Trump and the Clintons. McMahon is Irish for Son of the Bear. They have a motto about defending their Sacred Right (to Rule). Jesuit Martin McMahon was a general in the American civil war.


Ed McMahon was host of ABC (Disney) show Who Do You Trust and sidekick of Johnny Carson in NBC show The Tonight Show. He appeared in The Last Remake of Beau Geste (James Earl Jones), Fun with Dick and Jane (Jane Fonda, remake with Jim Carry, Téa Leoni and Alec Baldwin, impersonator of Trump) and Butterfly (Monarch butterfly mind control symbolism with Orson Welles and sex slave Pia Zadora).

Aline MacMahon played in movies with Mary Astor and Mickey Rooney (son used in Disney's Mickey Mouse Club).

Jim McMahon was invested into Order of the British Empire by prince Charles.

Vince Kennedy McMahon owns the wrestling league WWE (with masonic mm=33 symbolism), in apparent competition with the World Championship Wrestling of Ted Turner of CNN (married to Jane Fonda).

The WWE employed mind controlled wrestlers like Jesse Ventura (controlled opposition, friends with Alex Jones), Dwayne Johnson (later actor in Disney movies), Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Triple H, married to Stephanie McMahon), Hulk Hogan (team New World Order), Stone Cold Steve Austin and popularised Donald Trump and his typical stage antics (also friends with Alex Jones).

They organised a Valentine's Day Massacre event and Stephanie McMahon and Triple H were engaged on Valentine's Day, referring to the rosicrucian wedding of Frederick and Elizabeth and used predictive programming of the 911 Twin Towers ritual with teams 'Demolition' and 'Twin Towers'.

Triple H's previous girlfriend was Playboy model Chyna Laurer who was programmed in the Mormon Church, played in Illegal Aliens with Playboy sex slave Anna Nicole Smith and died of an overdose. He played in Blade Trinity with Wesley Snipes.

Vince McMahon worked with Bonnie Hammer, member of the board of IAC with Chelsea Clinton, Barry Diller, Michael Eisner of Disney, Victor Kaufman of TriStar Columbia, Bryan Lourd of Creative Artists Agency, Wes Moore (CFR, Oprah Winfrey Network). Bonnie Hammer is also chairman at NBC Universal, E! (responsable for shows of mind controlled celebrities Kardashian, Anna Nicole Smith, Coco Austin).

Shane McMahon founded financial technology company Ideanomics (hq in NY, offices in China).

The Donald Trump-Hilary Clinton election farce had typical wrestling match stage antics. Trump played the antagonist of CNN.

Linda McMahon served in the Trump administration.

Like the Aryan/Irish Disney family, they control the prison gang Aryan Brotherhood. Jesse Ventura played a member of the Aryan Brotherhood in Ricochet with Ice-T, jesuit Denzel Washington and John Lithgow.

Marshal Patrice de MacMahon was the 2nd president of the Republic of France.

William/Billy McMahon was the pm of Australia. His son Julian McMahon played in Charmed about witchcraft with Rose McGowan and Alyssa Milano.



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