Menahem Golan

Menahem Golan was a Russian jewish mind controlled Hollywood movie director and producer, involved in pedophilia and MK Ultra with Roger Corman. He was trained by the Israeli Air Force (Mossad). With his cousin Yoram Globus he founded The Cannon Group to make B-movies in South Africa with Chuck Norris, Charles Bronson, Dolph Lundgren and JC Van Damme (delta programming). Globus worked with Regent Entertainment (gay agenda). Golan= Golem. In 1992 Avi Lerner founded Nu Image (later Millennium Films) with directors of The Cannon Group like Sam Firstenberg.

born 5/31/1929.

died 8/8/2014 in Tel Aviv.


1970 Lupo! Yehuda Barkan
1972 Escape to the Sun Laurence Harvey (mind controlled assassin in TMC)
1975 Diamonds Robert Shaw Richard Roundtree Barbara Hershey Shelley Winters 
1975 Lepke Tony Curtis 
1976 The Passover Plot Donald Pleasence
1977 Operation Thunderbolt Klaus Kinski
1978 Lemon Popsickle Jonathan Sagall
1979 The Magician of Lublin (book of Isaac Singer awarded the Nobel Prize, song of Kate Bush) Alan Arkin Louise Fletcher (OFOTCN) Shelley Winters Valerie Perrine
1979 The Swap Robert De Niro
1980 The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood (Whore of Babylon) Martine Beswick (James Bond) as Xaviera Hollander Adam West Edie Adams (Julliard, Actors Studio)
1980 Dr Heckyl and Mr Hype (MPD) Oliver Reed
1981 Lady Chatterly's Lover (DH Lawrence) Sylvia Kristel (Playboy, Hugo Claus of nazi family)
1982 Hospital Massacre Barbi Benton
1983 Hercules
1983 Sahara Brooke Shields
1984 Over the Brooklyn Bridge Elliott Gould
1984 The Naked Face (broken glass) Sidney Sheldon (I Dream of Jeannie) Roger Moore Elliott Gould
1984 Love Streams John Cassavetes Seymour Cassel Doe Avedon (wife of Richard Avedon)
1985 Salomé Jo Champi
1985 King Solomon's Mines Sharon Stone
1985 Mata Hari Sylvia Kristel Curtis Harrington
1985 Runaway Train Jon Voight Eric Roberts
1986 Field of Honor (Korean War)
1986 Cobra Sylvester Stallone Brigitte Nielsen
1986 The Naked Cage Shari Shattuck (Playboy, married to Ron Moss of The Bold and the Beautiful)
1986 Invaders from Mars Karen Black Louise Flechter
1986 The Delta Force (delta killer alters) Chuck Norris 
1986 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Tobe Hooper (Poltergeist) Dennis Hopper
1986 Pirates (sodomy symbolism) Charlotte Lewis (sexual abuse media ritual with Gloria Allred) Roman Polanski
1986 Otello (Jolyon West's Otello complex) Placido Domingo
1987 Masters of the Universe (Mattel dolls, castle programming) Dolph Lundgren Frank Langella Courteney Cox (Friends)
1987 Superman IV Quest for Peace Jerry Siegel Mark Rosenthal Christopher Reeve Gene Hackman Mariel Hemingway (Mossad propaganda Steal the Sky) speech at the UN
1987 The Barbarians Ruggero Deodato (Cannibal Holocaust)
1987 The Hanoi Hilton
1987 Though Guys Don't Dance Ryan O'Neil Isabella Rossellini Norman Mailer
1987 Surrender Michael Caine
1987 Shy People Barbara Hershey music of Tangerine Dream
1987 Snow White Diana Rigg
1987 Barfly Charles Bukowski
1987 Going Bananas Dom DeLuise
1989 Masque of the Red Death Frank Stallone
1990 Captain America Matt Salinger (jewish, Philips Academy, son of JD Salinger, Revenge of the Nerds with Robert Carradine) Ronny Cox (sodomy film Delivery) Ned Beatty (Deliverance, Superman)
1990 Bull's Eye! Michael Caine Sally Kirkland Patsy Kensit
1992 Danse Macabre Robert Englund
1993 Emmanuelle 7 Sylvia Kristel
2002 Crime and Punishment Crispin Glover
2009 Oy! My Son is Very Gay! Evgeny Afineefsky Lainie Kazan Carmen Electra


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