Michael Keaton

Michael Keaton is a mind controlled actor, used to announce the James Holmes Phoenix ritual (rebirth of Joker Heath Ledger). He plays the Horus (William, Jack Parsons, Elon Musk) archetype. He played Batman (with Jack Nicholson as Joker). He was married to soap actress Caroline McWilliams (William) and Courtney Cox (Monica in Friends).

A lot of his movies parallel with Buster Keaton's movie 'Sherlock Jr' about entering the screen world (movie becoming real).

Astrological chart

born 9/5/1951, date Freddie Mercury, Rose McGowan, Raquel Welsh, Virgo yod the Hermit, keaton=kate, 20 days before Joker Mark Hamill.

Dominants: Virgo (the Hermit), Libra, Leo - Mercury (ea Enki, in Virgo), Saturn (in libra), Jupiter (in Aries).

Venus, Mercury and Sun in Virgo, Jupiter in Aries, Uranus and Lilith in Cancer. Mars and Pluto in Leo. Saturn and Neptune in Libra, moon in Scorpio.


1978 Rabbit Test Joan Rivers Billy Crystal
1979 All's Fair CBS (Colonna - Order of Jesters) sitcom
1982 Nightshift lust Kevin Costner Shannen Doherty Ron Howard
1983 Mr Mom (mm=33, Sherlock jr end scene, yod hand) as Jack (Mercury androgynous) Christopher Lloyd Aaron Spelling 
1984 Johnny Dangerously John Dee
1986 Touch and Go=pose of Mia Farrow's Purple Rose of Cairo (movie-real), Bobby Barbato
1986 Gung ho the chariot (supposedly cast as lead in purple rose of cairo, nept in capr) Ron Howard
1987 The Squeeze (Twin Towers mercury ruling gemini) yod hand
1988 Beetlejuice (the moon, Betelgeuse star of Orion) Tim Burton Winona Ryder , decapitation queen of swords, black and white stripes, white paint like the Joker (month of introduction the Joker character), beetle Khepri, Beatle John Lennon the baptist (uranus in capricorn). Mercury the Magician.

1988 Clean and Sober osiris risen, Morgan Freeman (Lucius Fox)
1989 The Dream Team (Christopher Lloyd) William Caufield
1990 Pacific Heights Joker Matthew Modine keyhole lock Daath Melanie Griffith aug 9, Golden Gate bridge San Francisco
1991 One Good Cop artie lewis
1992 Batman Returns (Adjustment) Michelle Pfeiffer as Selina Danny DeVito Tim Burton

masque ball of The Tempest and Eyes Wide Shut
1993 Much Ado About Nothing (Shakespeare) Kenneth Brannagh (James Holmes Olympic Phoenix ritual) Denzel Washington Keanu Reeves Emma Thompson Kate Beckingsale
1993 My Life (touch hand, yod virgo) Nicole Kidman (wife of Tom Cruise in EWS) Queen Latifah
1994 The Paper (Mercury writing in Capricorn the Devil) Robert Duvall Ron Howard

1994 Speechless
1996 Multiplicity (twins clones) Andie McDowell
1997 Inventing the Abbots (Joker Joaquin Phoenix, brother of River) Jennifer Connelly Liv Tyler
1997 Jackie Brown (Jackie Lee, Virgo=minorities) Quentin Tarantino as Raymond Nicolette point gun at audience Robert de Niro (also in Joker) Samuel Jackson Pam Grier Chris Tucker Bridget Fonda Robert Foster Michael Bowen Jr novel by jesuit Elmore Leonard
1998 Desperate Measures (red eye like Damian in the Omen, features the Mellon Bank building) cuffs 3 Aries, rule of 4, Alim, Alma award Andy Garcia
1998 Jack Frost (Saturn ice death winter king, frozen in time, Jack Nicholson frozen in The Shining) after car crash reborn as snowman, Kelly Preston (Scientology) date Danny Lloyd The Shining, child Joseph Cross (tiferet formula, rose +cross) Horos Stauros 5/28 date d Stavros George Livanos, George I

1998 Out of Sight (FBI) Jennifer Lopez George Clooney
2003 Quicksand sand=time, Michael Caine (butler of Batman)
2004 First Daughter (president McKenzie=Kennedy) Katie Holmes (Rachel in Batman Begins)
2004 Herbie Fully Loaded (car phallus) beetle 53 Khepri the Chariot Disney Lindsay Lohan (father also named Michael, with Joker Jared Leto in Chapter 27)
2005 Game 6 (newspaper=book Sherlock jr)
2006 Cars (Uranus in Cancer) George Carlin Cheech Marin
2007 the Last Time
2007 The Company about CIA Natascha McElhone
2009 Merry Gentlemen Frank Logan
2010 The Other Guys Will Ferell Mark Wahlberg Dwayne Johnson Eva Mendes Samuel Jackson Steve Coogan
2010 Toy Story ken (Kennedy)
2011 Hawaiian Vacation ken doll kennedy
2012 Noah's Ark noah (Oannes, John)
2013 Blindsided
2013 Robocop
2014 Need for Speed monarch
2014 Birdman Alejandro Inarritu Emma Stone Edward Norton Naomi Watts Zach Galifianakis James theatre (=the James Holmes Phoenix ritual)
2015 Minions Sandra Bullock Jon Hamm Steve Carell
2015 Spotlight (cover up pedophilia of Catholic Church) Rachel McAdams Mark Ruffalo Stanley Tucci
2016 The Founder (Mac Donalds Scottish nobility linked to the Bruce clan) =Donald Trump (mercury=trade, Virgo king of pentacles industrious patient) Mercury ruling Gemini (JC Lynch in 'Jackie', chasing Jackie Brown) watches On the Waterfront in cinema
2017 American Assassin target
2017 Spiderman Homecoming stark tower Tom Holland Robert Downey Jr Gwyneth Paltrow Marisa Tomei Donald Glover Zendaya
2019 Dumbo Danny DeVito Colin Farrell Eva Green Tim Burton Disney
2019 Spiderman Far From Home
2020 The Trial of the Chicago 7 Sacha Baron Cohen as Abbie Hoffman Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Dark Knight Rises) Frank Langella Netflix
2020 Worth Charles Wolf Stanley Tucci Tate Donavan
2022 The Flash (lightning symbol) Bruce Wayne / Batman Ben Affleck


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