Mind Control

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Mind Control (globally)

Generally speaking, the control system rules through the mind. Having a personality and belief system, thoughts are automatically manipulated. Unwanted emotions can be rationalized and enhance the mind control. Human beings are trained in the education system to feel small, insecure, as an insignificant species in an empty universe.

The consciousness that rules this planet, taught humans to worship a form of God as something external. This worship of something/somebody external, giving away one's power to these invisible controllers, is an energy they crave and led to the first religions and cults (cult of Osiris/Dionysus, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, the Left Wing and Right Wing Church,..).

The west is controlled with left brain imbalance, a solar religion, culture based on rational, analytical thought. The east is controlled with right brain imbalance, a lunar religion, culture based on dogmatic belief, with a Saturn religion in the middle, where the pineal gland/one eye resides.

Because mind control is their specialty, they have always been seeking ways to find the tools for ultimate control.

Trauma based mind control

The sodomy practices of Ancient Egypt led to the rites of Luciferian Kundalini initiation by the Cathars, Templars and jesuits. The practices of the Inquisition was research on torture and how to break the mind.

History of Mind Control

Through techniques of torture, trauma can be created and the mind can be split: the mind dissociates or splits in attempt to shield the mind from memories too painful.

Used techniques are: pedophilia, sexual abuse (anal rape in particular), torture, near drowning and other NDE, confinement in cages, starvation, blinding light, electro-shocks, sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, drugs like LSD, hypnosis,..

Because of the trauma, as a defense mechanism, the mind dissociates and breaks into different compartments, creating mirror alter ego's (Multiple Personality Disorder). To escape the trauma, victims go back to a childlike mindstate. Dissociation and alter ego's can triggered with certain hypnotic triggers.

This practice continued in multi-generational abuse, so children of specific bloodlines of elite families could be selected to be used as a propaganda tool.

These techniques were developed halfway the 20th century by the CIA and families like Disney and Hearst, with movies Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz as a manual. The trip to Oz/Wonderland is a metaphor for dissociating, where the consciousness switches into another alter while being abused. The techniques are now used on the most visible people in the media, music and movie industry. Commercials, tv shows, news rituals like 911, Isis, Covid19 all use the same symbolism and techniques of trauma based mind control, NLP and hypnosis techniques, control through language, intimidation to evoke fear, confusion,...


Mind Control in pop culture

The trade mark of mind control is the use of symbols:
- Butterflies (the Monarch butterfly as symbol of rebirth as a Monarch)