Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood was a mind controlled actress, used in the Hollywood film industry. She married Robert Wagner (The Pink Panther, Austin Powers franchise, later married Jill St John) and Richard Gregson. She was the sister of actress Lana Wood and the mother of Natasha Gregson Wagner (Lost Highway, High Fidelity). She supposedly drowned in 1981 (like Robert Kennedy's son David Kennedy). Like her sister she attended Hollywood Professional School.

She lived in the Laurel Canyon house of Cass Elliott (The Mama's and The Papa's with John Philips).

Her sister Lana Wood was a friend of Ruth Gordon (Minnie Casavetes in Rosemary's Baby). She played The Girls on the Beach (1965) of Paramount Pictures with Gene Corman (vice-president of MCA, brother of Roger Corman) and The Beach Boys. She also played in ABC show Peyton Place with Mia Farrow and Diamonds Are Forever with Jimmy Dean and Jill St John.

Astrological chart

born 7/20/1938, date of James Holmes ritual, Chris Cornell, Gisele Bundchen, Josh Holloway.

Asc: Libra, mc: Cancer. Dom: Cancer (the Chariot), Taurus, Libra - Moon, Venus, Saturn.

Houses 10, 7, 11. 10: Sun, Mars conj Pluto in Cancer, 7: Moon in Taurus, Saturn in Aries, 11: Mercury in Leo, Venus in Virgo.

died 11/29/1981, by drowning, year of marriage Charles and Diana.


1943 The Moon Is Down Carrie 20th Century Fox
1943 Happy Land Little girl who drops ice cream cone Don Ameche Dickie Moore Juanita Quigley Cara Williams (Hollywood Professional School, married John Barrymore)
1946 Tomorrow Is Forever Richard Long (Hollywood High School)
1946 The Bride Wore Boots Carol Warren
1947 The Ghost and Mrs. Muir Anna Muir (as a child)
1947 Miracle on 34th Street Susan Walker
1947 Driftwood Jenny Hollingsworth
1948 Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay! Bean McGill
1948 The Green Promise Susan Matthews
1949 Chicken Every Sunday Ruth Hefferen
1949 Father Was a Fullback Ellen Cooper
1950 No Sad Songs for Me Polly Scott
1950 Our Very Own Penny
1950 Never a Dull Moment Nan
1950 The Jackpot Phyllis Lawrence
1951 Dear Brat Pauline
1951 The Blue Veil Stephanie Rawlins
1952 The Rose Bowl Story (Grail Cup, womb of Rosemary) Sally Burke

1952 Just for You Barbara Blake
1952 The Star Gretchen
1954 The Silver Chalice Helena
1955 One Desire Seely
1955 Rebel Without a Cause as Judy James Dean Dennis Hopper
1956 The Searchers Debbie Edwards
1956 A Cry in the Night Liz Taggart
1956 The Burning Hills Maria Cristina Colton
1956 The Girl He Left Behind Susan Daniels
1957 Bombers B-52 Lois Brennan
1958 Marjorie Morningstar Marjorie (=Marjorie Cameron) Gene Kelly Martin Milner
1958 Kings Go Forth Monique Blair Frank Sinatra Tony Curtis
1960 Cash McCall Lory Austen
1960 All the Fine Young Cannibals Sara "Salome" Davis
1961 Splendor in the Grass Wilma Dean Loomis Warren Beatty Elia Kazan
1961 West Side Story Maria Rita Moreno music by Leonard Bernstein, based on William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet United Artists.
1962 Gypsy Gypsy Rose Lee
1963 Love with the Proper Stranger Angie Rossini
1964 Sex and the Single Girl Helen Gurley Brown Lauren Bacall Tony Curtis
1965 Inside Daisy Clover Daisy Clover
1965 The Great Race Maggie DuBois Tony Curtis
1966 This Property Is Condemned Alva Starr
1966 Penelope Penelope
1969 Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice Carol Sanders
1972 The Candidate Herself Martin Landau
1975 Peeper Ellen Prendergast Michael Caine Laurence Olivier
1979 Meteor Sean Connery (James Bond) Karl Malden Trevor Howard Henry Fonda
1980 The Last Married Couple in America Mari Thomson
1980 Willie & Phil Herself
1983 Brainstorm (Stanislav Grof as consultant) Christopher Walken Cliff Robertson Louise Fletcher


Laurel Canyon