Natassja Kinski

Natassja Kinski is a mind controlled sex slave-actress, used in the media and Hollywood film industry to normalize pedophilia and to play the archetype of the Whore of Babylon, a mirror image of Sharon Tate (also born 1/24), the main character in the 911 Sharon Tate murders ritual and to announce the birth of Antichrist William. She was discovered by Roman Polanski age 15 (Persephone abducted to the underworld). She played in satanic movie To the Devil A Daughter as Catherine, similar to Tate's Eye of the Devil and Polanski's Antichrist movie Rosemary's Baby.

Natassja Kinski=Satan's Kin=Susan Atkins of Charles Manson's Manson Family. She is the daughter of actor Klaus Kinski and Ruth Tocki. Klaus Kinski (born 10/18 like Lee Harvey Oswald, Michael Aquino of Anton LaVey's Church of Satan, death Andreas Baader) played in:

The Cats (Bastardi with Rita Hayworth), Venus in Furs (also movie of Polanski), Marquis de Sade: Justine, Count Dracula (with Christopher Lee), The Net (Crowley's novel Moonchild the Butterfly Net, with Elke Sommer who played with Tate in the Wrecking Crew), Aguirre the Wrath of God, Nosferatu the Vampyre (Sharon Tate and Polanski acted in the Fearless Vampire Killers), Shoot the Living and Pray For the Dead (tagline Pray for Rosemary's Baby), Fitzcarraldo,..

They divorced in 1968, the year of Rosemary's Baby (in RB Mia Farrow has book of Alfred Kinsey=Kinski). She lived in a commune in Munich. She was 'discovered' by pedophile Roman Polanski at age 15.

In 1971 Klaus Kinski performed a monologue Jesus Christ Redeemer.

In 1983 she posed for photographer Helmut Newton (Vogue, HarperBazaar of Hearst) with James Tobback and a doll of Marlene Dietrich (doll programming, Dietrich on the Sgt Peppers album cover).

James Tobback was married to Sara Churchill Vanderbilt Russell and accused of sexual abuse by in total 395 women. He played in Alice with Mia Farrow. The shoot promoted Tobback's movie Exposed released on 4/22, date Jack Nicholson (Polanski raped Samantha Geimer after a Vogue photoshoot at Nicholson's house at Mulholland Drive, subject of The Shining).

The same year Newton made pictures of her for may issue of Playboy (rabbit logo Alice in Wonderland). Newton is associated with rainbows, his wife was Alice Springs. He made pictures of Kristine DeBell (sex comedy Alice in Wonderland at age 22). Madonna wore the dress of Kinski in Vogue 1990. Helmut Newton died in a car crash on 1/23/2004, date of Mariska Mansfield.

In 1988 Klaus Kinski published his autobiography All I Need is Love (song The Beatles) and Natassja filed a lawsuit against him.

Klaus Kinski died 11/23/1991, date of Vincent Cassel, Miley Cyrus.

With producer Ibrahim Moussa, she had a daughter, model Sonja Kinski.

From 1992 to 1995 she had a relationship with Quincy Jones, producer of Michael Jackson, who had a relationship with Peggy Lipton, and whose daughter Kidada worked for Disney and dated Tupac Shakur. He is also the father of Rashida Jones.

Her daughter with Quincy Jones, Kenya Kinski-Jones, was trained by jesuits in LA and used by Ford Models, Calvin Klein, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar. She had a relationship with actor Will Peltz, son of pro-Trump business man Nelson Peltz (Procter  & Gamble). Will Peltz is the sister of Nicola Peltz who married Brooklyn Beckham, the son of David Beckham.

She had a son with Vincent Spano.

In 2013 Pola Kinski published From a Child's Mouth with a testimony about her sexual abuse by her father.

Astrological chart

born 1/24/1961, date Sharon Tate, death Winston Churchill, 6 days before inauguration JFK, year of birth Diana Spencer, Barack Obama.

Asc: Scorpio (dark secrets), mc: Leo (Lust). Dom: Aquarius (the Star), Scorpio, Taurus - Moon (like Polanski, goddess Diana), Mercury, Pluto (kinkyness).

Houses 3, 7, 4. 3: Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn, 7: Moon in Taurus (opp Neptune in Scorpio), 4: Mercury in Aquarius. 5: Venus in Pisces, 8 (Shadow): Mars in Cancer (birth), 9: Lilith in Cancer, 10: Uranus in Leo, Pluto in Virgo.


1975 The Wrong Move
1976 To the Devil A Daughter as Catherine (announces William and Catherine) ritual to create Moonchild like Sharon Tate's Eye of the Devil, Polanski's Antichrist movie Rosemary's Baby, Christopher Lee (in movie with Jayne Mansfield of Anton LaVey's the Church of Satan, Sauron in Lord of the Rings)

Dennis Wheatley worked for MI6 like Aleister Crowley, wrote Gregory Sallust, inspiration for James Bond. Honor Blackman played in James Bond movie Goldfinger. Anthony Valentine (wedding Frederick and Elizabeth on Valentine's Day) as David Kennedy (son of Robert Kennedy). Scene with mask like Eyes Wide Shut (NK Nicole Kidman). 1976 was the year of release The Omen on 6/6, date death Robert Kennedy and Rosemary's Baby 2.
1977 Tatort: For Your Love Only (James Bond reference) raped as a 17y old girl
1978 Passion Flower Hotel (Leidenschaftliche Blümchen) the Empress pose of Sharon Tate in Valley of the Dolls,

and pose of Elke Sommer in Boy Did I Get the Wrong Number (in The Net with Klaus Kinski, The Wrecking Crew with Sharon Tate).
1978 Stay as You Are Roman architect Marcello Mastroianni (mm=33, Fellini movies) watch movie Vampyr (= Klaus Kinski in Nosferatu Vampyre)
1979 Tess Roman Polanski story of Thomas Hardy (actor Tom Hardy) set in 1880's era of HOGD. heart symbol like house Sharon Tate.

purple rose like Mia Farrow in the Purple Rose of Cairo. character that is raped and gives birth to a dead baby, scene at Stonehenge. Hanged like the Hanged Man pose of Sharon Tate.
1982 One From the Heart Francis Ford Coppola Rebecca de Mornay Harry Dean Stanton (d 9/15 like prince Harry), year Diana Queen of Hearts gives birth to Antichrist baby William V.
1982 Cat People (kitten programming, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer) Malcolm McDowell (mm=33, Sharon Tate murder ritual in A Clockwork Orange) character Alice (Alice in Wonderland programming) Ruby Dee (ruby slippers Wizard of Oz programming) Ray Wise, black leopard like Anton LaVey in his house in San Francisco. Mc: Leo (Lust). name of film of Mark Robson (Valley of the Dolls)

song Putting Out Fire Giorgio Moroder and David Bowie (eyes of the devil in Rosemary's Baby).

RKO Pictures of Howard Hughes (Mia Farrow enters RKO pictures movie in Purple Rose of Cairo)
1983 Exposed model Elizabeth in Paris Bibi Andersson (in Ingmar Bergman's Persona as Alma with Liv Ullman as Elizabeth on 8/31 date deah Diana in Alma tunnel) Harvey Keitel Ian McShane on 4/22 date Jack Nicholson (Polanski photoshoot at Mulholland Drive)
1983 Spring Symphony lover of Robert Schumann (Klaus Kinski played Pagannini)
1983 Moon in the Gutter (the Moon) Gérard Depardieu
1983 Maria's Lovers Robert Mitchum Keith Carradine (son of John Carradine OTO, who made movie Moonchild) John Goodman
1984 Paris Texas Wim Wenders (ww=33) as Jane Henderson Harry Dean Stanton (year birth Harry, Diana died in Paris) 5/19 date death Jackie Kennedy (Texas ritual), date wedding Harry and Meghan Markle (son Archie Harrison).
1984 Hotel New Hampsphire (bear pedophile symbol) Jodie Foster Matthew Modine Amanda Plummer
1984 Unfaithfully Yours Albert Brooks (Lady in Red)
1985 Harem Ben Kingsley (year 15 the Devil ayin: eye) one eye pyramid like A Clockwork Orange
1985 Revolution (1st Dom: Aquarius) Al Pacino Donald Sutherland 7/17 like Camilla
1987 Malade d'Amour
1989 Torrents of Spring Timothy Hutton (date Uma Thurman)
1989 On a Moonlit Night Rutger Hauer Peter O'Toole Faye Dunaway (=Dodi Fayed)
1990 The Secret (secret closet of Rosemary's Baby)
1990 The Sun Also Shines At Night Charlotte Gainsbourg (daughter Serge Gainsbourg)
1991 Humiliated and Insulted
1993 Faraway! So Close Bruno Ganz Willem Dafoe angel on top of Brandenburg Gate (2 years after unification Germany, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise in 1992 movie Far and Away) Lou Reed Wim Wenders
1994 Terminal Velocity Charlie Sheen James Gandolfini Christopher McDonald
1994 Crackerjack Christopher Plummer 8/18 date birth Polanski
1996 The Ring (also a movie of Naomi Watts)
1996 Somebody is Waiting Gabriel Byrne Shirley Knight (in The Group with Candice Bergen who lived at house of Sharon Tate)
1997 Father's Day Billy Crystal Robin Williams
1997 One Night Stand Kyle MacLachlan Robert Downey Jr Wesley Snipes
1997 Bella Mafia Jennifer Tilly Vanessa Redgrave
1997 Little Boy Blue as Kate (Catherine blue Moonchild George)
1998 Saviour Dennis Quaid
1998 Susan's Plan Michael Biehn Billy Zane Lara Flynn Boyle Dan Akroyd
1998 Playing By Heart Sean Connery Angelina Jolie Gena Rowlands (John Cassavetes) Ellen Burstyn
1998 Your Friends & Neighbors Aaron Eckhart (The Dark Knight) Catherine Keener Ben Stiller
1999 The Lost Son pedophile ring in Paris
1999 The Intruder Charlotte Gainsbourg
2000 The Claim Wes Bentley Milla Jovovich
2000 Time Share Timothy Dalton (James Bond)
2000 Quarantine terrorists genetically engineered global virus, announces the Corona ritual ABC (Disney)
2001 An American Rhapsody (=Bohemian Rhapsody wedding Bohemian king Frederick and Elizabeth) as Margit Sandor mother of Scarlett Johansson (Sandor Szavost name dance partner of Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut, 3 x SS)
2001 The Day the World Ended Randy Quaid
2001 Town & Country (the Hanged Man) Warren Beatty cheats on Diane Keaton with Kinski, Andie MacDowell Goldie Hawn Josh Hartnett
2001 Blind Terror
2001 Say Nothing as Grace (Nicole Kidman played Grace Kelly) William Baldwin
2001 Cold Heart (the Hanged Man) Avi Lerner
2001 Diary of a Sex Addict (kitten programming) Rosanna Arquette written by son of Gregory Peck (The Omen) Avi Lerner
2003 Paradise Found Kiefer Sutherland as Paul Gaugin
2003 Liasons Dangereuses Catherine Deneuve Leelee Sobieski (Eyes Wide Shut)
2004 A Ton Image (Art) Christopher Lambert
2004 La Femme Musketeer Gérard Depardieu
2006 Inland Empire David Lynch Laura Dern as Sharon Tate on Hall of Fame Hollywood Justin Theroux Grace Zabriskie Jeremy Irons
2013 Shugar filmed in Venice


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