Niccolo Machiavelli

Niccolo Machiavelli was an Italian propaganda writer, philosopher, historian and freemason, who lived in Florence. He worked in the late 1400's as secretary, after Giralamo Savonarola was executed and the Medici's were temporarily exiled. The Medici's and Julius II defeated his militia and accused him of conspiracy. He was married to Marietta Corsini (papal elite family Corsini). As a diplomat he worked with the pope and French king Louis XII (House of Valois). In 1513 he wrote The Prince promoting ruling through fear, deception and opportunism with Cesare Borgia (family who founded the Jesuit order) as example, dedicated to Lorenzo de Medici.

He also wrote the Art of War (fear and war is associated with Mars, the child). After his death Discourses on Livy was published.

He influenced Francis Bacon, Benjamin Franklin and marxist Antonio Gramsci. HG Wells wrote The New Machiavelli.

In 1807 Johann Gottlieb Fichte wrote On Machiavelli as an Author and Passages from His Writings.

Leo Strauss (University of Chicago) published Thoughts on Machiavelli.

In 1967 his descendant Nicoletta Machiavelli played in Matchless with Ira von Fürstenberg (sister-in-law of Diane von Fürstenberg) Henry Silva (The Manchurian Candidate) Patrick O'Neil (Actors Studio) and Donald Pleasence.

In program Hip Hop Tupac Shakur named himself Makiavelli (last album crucified as Jesus Christ with Illuminati reference, died 9/13, date Cesare Borgia). 50 Cent was used to promote the book 50 Laws of Power.

born 5/3/1469, date David Beckham, William's daughter Charlotte.

died 6/21/1527, date summer solstice, Antichrist prince William V.