Crude Oil or petroleum is a chemical substance of hydrocarbons (hydrogen and carbon) beneath the earth's surface, used by the Saturn-Moon cult as a fuel to control earth and the energy of humans as an energy farm. The oil industry is a cult of Hades/Pluto, god of the underworld, abduction, dark secrets, conspiracy theories.

The biggest oil companies are: Saudi Aramco (1,3 trillion), PetroChina (367 billion), China Petroleum (353 billion), Exxon Mobile (280 billion), Dutch Royal Shell, Total, Chevron, British Petroleum, Eni, ConocoPhilips, Texaco,..The biggest banks own the biggest oil companies.

In Egypt the statues of the gods were anointed with oil, symbol of sex fluid (female O, male EL). Christos=oil, Jesus Christ= the anointed one. Oil was used as a fuel to generate light in oil lamps.

1853 Myanmar exports its first crude oil.

1859 construction of the Suez Canal (god Zeus/Jupiter/Amon, the rock, Peter=>petroleum) in Egypt.

1870 (president Ulysses Grant) John D Rockefeller founds Standard Oil in Cleveland Ohio with Luciferian torch logo.

1886 founding of Burmah Oil Company.

1898 Warren Bechtel founds Bechtel Corporation.

1901 Edward Doheny drills the first well in Tampico Mexico.

1905 discovery of oil in Norte de Santander Colombia.

1907 Royal Dutch Shell Group (House of Orange, cult of Venus born from a shell).

1908 discovery of a large oil field in Iran, founding of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company with William Knox d'Arcy as first director (British Petroleum). Texas oil boom with Howard Robard Hughes Sr, Edward Doheny.

1916 united Arab State, in alliance with the British Empire (Henry McMahon). St John Philby works as advisor of the Ibn Saud family with Standard Oil Company (Rockefeller). Edward Doheny founds the Pan American Petroleum and Transport Company.

1918 Sid Richardson (Bass family) works with Clint Murchison Sr.

1920 John Rockefeller takes over Doheny's oil company.

1927 Upton Sinclair's novel Oil! character based on Edward Doheny. founding of Iraq Petroleum Company.

1933 death of Warren Bechtel. Stephen Bechtel leads Bechtel Corporation and the Hoover Dam project.

1936 discovery of oil in Saudi Arabia.

1942 jesuit Jean Paul Getty founds Getty Oil.

1947 Bechtel starts construction of the Trans-Arabian Pipeline from Saudi Arabia to Lebanon.

1956 Suez Crisis.

1960 founding of the OPEC in Baghdad (33d parallel) with Qatar, Iran, Ecuador, Venezuela, Angola, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Lybia, Kuwait, Algeria.

1966 founding of the Iraq National Oil Company.

The jesuits train JP Getty Jr (Swinging London scene, financed Kenneth Anger), Pia Miller Getty (sister married to Alexander Fürstenberg) and Gordon Getty (statue of Hades in their Getty Villa). Getty Oil signs a deal with Sinotrach.

Trevor Rees Jones (name bodyguard Diana) founds Chief Oil and Gas.

Robert Orville Anderson (University of Chicago, Psi Upsilon, Aspen Institute, LA County Museum of Art) founds Atlantic Richfield with Herbert Bayer (Bauhaus with Paul Klee).

1968 Dan Duncan founds Enterprise Products in Texas.

1973 media ritual in wich JP Getty Jr pretended his son JP Getty III was kidnapped by the Ndragheta mafia (Pluto=Hades, the god who abducted Persephone to the underworld). Oil crisis, OPEC embargo against countries who supported Israel.

1984 Getty Oil sells ESPN to ABC. George Keller, trained by the Dominicans, lets Standard Oil merge with Chevron Corporation.

1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill in Prince William Sound Alaska (William V).

privatisation of Russian economy with Viktor Vekselberg (Renova Group), Konstantin Kagalovsky (associated with Roman Abramovich and jesuit Eugene Shvidler) as head of oil company Yukos (one eye pyramid logo).

1997 Acces Industries of Len Blavatnik buys 40% of Russian oil company TNK.

2003 TNK merges with BP.

2005 jesuit Ahmed Chalabi as Minister of Oil in Iraq.

2010 BP oil spill media ritual with William K Reilly (CFR, WWF), governor of Mississippi Haley Barbour (CFR).

2011 bankruptcy of Getty Oil. murder of Muammar Gaddafi.

2013 Rosneft buys TNK-BP (Stan Polovets CFR) for 55 billion.

2017 Gerhard Schröder (Berggruen Institute, TC) as chairman of Rosneft.

2018 Marathon Petroleum buys Atlantic Richfield (ARCO).

Saudi Arabia