Order of St John

The Order of St John is a masonic organization that worships John the Baptist (pictured as a decapitated head, associated with the star Sirius), that traces its origins to the Knight Hospitalier sodomy cult (rivals of the Knights Templar who also worshiped John the Baptist as gnostic Christ) that was founded in 1099 to fight the crusades in Israel and later became the Order of Malta, that uses a Grand Master and degrees of initiations, but is mainly a papal order that works in alliance with the Jesuits (Catholic Church).

It uses the Babylonian 8 pointed star of Ishtar/Isis as emblem, associated with Venus, the lightbringer, the morning star with her 8 year cycle (Maltese Cross, also used by the protestants as the Hugenoth cross and present in the Union Jack). The white cross on the flag of the Order of St John was also used by the Ghibelines who fought the papal Guelph faction. Frederick Barbarossa of the Ghibeline faction was loyal to the Knights Hospitalier.

The Knights Hospitalier/Order of Knights of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem had its headquarter in Jerusalem Israel, Rhodes, Malta and St Petersburg Russia.

John the Baptist was used as a Christian veil for paganism, sun worship during summer solstice (St John Church in Glastonbury) to avoid persecution by the Catholic Church.

Franciscan Ramon Lull designed a plan to unite the Knights Templars and Order of St John in one order. Foulques de Villare, master of the Order of St. John, would lead the order, both headquartered in Cyprus. The dissolution of the Templars in 1312 was blamed on the Knights Hospitalier. Ramon Lull developed one of the first contributions to computation theory.

During the Peasant Uprising of 1318 in England, their properties were damaged. The uprising was led by Watt Tyler (title in freemasonry),

An obelisk was put in front of the Arch Basilic of St John in Rome. Cambridge has a St John College faculty. The Knights Hospitalier of St John had their priory in Clerkenwell London. The Borgia's cooperated with the anti-protestant De Guise family.

Early members: Philippe Villiers de l'Isle-Adam, Emmanuel de Rohan-Polduc, Manoel de Vilhena, Wenceslaus Habsburg of Austria, Adam Schwarzenberg, William Jardine, James Matheson Villiers (decapitation sword in their clan emblem), Edward George Bulwer-Lytton, Alesssandro Borgia, Giovanni Battiste Tommasi, Jean-Baptiste Ceshi a Santo Croce, Galeazzo von Thun and Hohenstein, Amadeo di Savoia-Aosta, Ludwig III, ..

The first modern masonic lodge was founded on 6/24/1717 (St John's Day).

In 1888 Queen Victoria founded the Venerable Order of St John (Most Venerable Order of Saint John of Jerusalem), while Wilhelm II and Francis Joseph I ruled Prussia. She married Albert Saxe-Coburg. A year earlier the Cecils created the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, selected Aleister Crowley to become prophet of the Aeon of Horus.

Alice Liddell of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, was used by priest Robinson Duckworth (Oxford, chaplain to Prince of Wales), who was present at the funeral of Charles Darwin.

Kiril Vladimirovich (Russian Romanov dynasty with double headed eagle emblem), married to his cousin his Victoria Saxe-Coburg (Order of St John) helped spreading antisemitism with the White Russians of the Aufbau movement of Max Erwin Scheubner-Richtner, Alfred Rosenberg, Erich Ludendorff, in Munich Germany. Order of St John member Boris Brasol helped spreading the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and blamed the Bolshevik Revolution on the jewish Warburgs.

Violet Maxse (Order of St John) married Edward Cecil and later Alfred Milner (Coefficients with Bertrand Russell). Alfred Harmsworth (The Times), married to Mary Milner (Order of St John) worked for Wellington House with Fabian HG Wells, jesuit AC Doyle (HOGD) to make propaganda for the British Empire. The Cecils (with help from the Milners and Huxley's) created the League of Nations/United Nations.


British faction: William Cecil, William Nelson Cromwell, Robinson Duckworth, AC Doyle, Mary Milner (married to Alfred Harmsworth/Lord Northcliffe), Herbrand Russell (Royal Society, Tavistock), Alan Borg (Victoria and Albert museum), Walther Nikolai, Victoria Saxe-Coburg (married to Kirill Vladimirovich Romanov), Arthur Saxe-Coburg (Governal-General of South Africa), Violet Maxse, ..

US faction: William HT Bush, Douglas Fairbanks Jr (role of Zorro), William Potter Gale (Posse Camitatus),..

German faction (Johanniterorde): Otto von Bismarck (Order of the Golden Fleece).

The Hungarian Schwarzenbergs (decapitated head on coat of arms) created the Bohemian Club and Skull and Bones fraternity at Yale University.

Giancarlo Pallavicini advisor of Mikhail Gurbachev (Club of Rome), was lieutenant from 1988.

Prince Richard Duke of Gloucester, son of Prince Henry and grandson of George V, first cousin of Elizabeth II (named after Elizabeth I who worked with John Dee), is Grand Prior. He is also a member of the Order of the Garter (like William V) and married Danish princess Brigitte van Deurs Henriksen.

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