Orion and Sirius

The star Sirius and the constellation Orion represent the feminine and masculine energy of the Milkyway galaxy. In Egypt, Sirius was worshipped as the goddess Isis and Orion as the god Osiris.

The 3 pyramids of Gizeh are a mirror image of the three stars of the belt of Orion. The pyramid shafts were aligned with Orion and Sirius as they served as a stargate, sexual union of the male and female. The yearly death-rebirth cycle of the sun, was synchronised with the death-rebirth cycle of the Divine Feminine and Masculine Sirius and Orion and the inundation cycle of the Nile as the River of Life.

To corrupt and conquer the Divine Feminine, as the first step in the takeover in 3 steps, the Divine Femine was corrupted into dark feminine goddesses like Isis, Lilith, Ishtar, Ashtar,..Sirius is the origin of the word 'serious' as the star was worshipped as the Death Star, associated with sacrifice, when she disappeared behind the sun.

In Ptolemeic Egypt Sirius was named the Dog Star. Women were treated as dogs, veiled, chained and stoned in punishment rituals of the 3 monotheistic religions. In Christianity the story of the 3 magi announcing the birth of a virgin child, refers to the 3 stars of Orion pointing to Sirius (Isis-Mary the Virgin).

In freemasonry, Sirius (the Divine Feminine) is the endgoal of the Mason's journey. Masons like the Founder Fathers of the United States signed the Declaration of Independance on july 4, the aphelion of Sirius, when it becomes 'independant' of the sun.