Orson Welles

George Orson Welles was a mind controlled actor-director, used in the Hollywood film industry and theater scene. He was made famous in 1938 with the CBS radio series Mercury Theatre On the Air The War of the Worlds of HG Wells (British propaganda Wellington House, Fabian Society) as an experiment in mind control through mass media spreading hoaxes, studied by Hadley Cantril at Princeton.

Welles was part of the Federal Theatre Project in NY during the Great Depression. He directed the Shakespeare play MacBeth with an African American cast. He founded The Mercury Project with John Houseman, who produced the Blue Dahlia (announced the Black Dahlia media ritual of Hearst newspapers).

He had relationships with Rita Hayworth (later married to prince Aly Kahn UN), Paola Mori (di Gerfalco), Dolores Del Rio and Oja Kodar.

The War of the Worlds publicity stunt was even mentioned in a speech of Adolf Hitler. HG Wells also wrote The Island of Dr Moreau and the First Men on the Moon (the moon landing as archetypal media hoax).

Hadley Cantril studied the reaction of the public in the Princeton Radio Research Project with Paul Lazarsfeld (Columbia University), Frank Stanton (CBS, THF, ambassador to the Vatican) and Theodor Adorno (Frankfurt School, the Left Wing Church), funded by CIA (Rockefeller Foundation). 25% of the 6 million people who heard the broadcast, believed it was real.

In 1941 he made Citizen Kane, with a screenplay by Herman Mankiewicz (Algonquin Club with Dorothy Parker Rothschild, screenwriter of Wizard of Oz). Citizen Kane was based on William Hearst, his guardian Walter Parks Thatcher was based on JP Morgan.

Screenwriter Howard Koch wrote Invasion from Mars about the publicity stunt, adapted into the 1975 CBS tv movie The Night that Panicked America with Paul Shenar (Alejandro Sosa in Scarface with Al Pacino) and John Ritter, broadcast on Disney's ABC.

Welles made propaganda for the Office for Coordination of Inter-American Affairs (led by Nelson Rockefeller under Franklin Roosevelt) with Rita Hayworth, Walt Disney, Bing Crosby and John Ford.

From 1943, William Paley, president of CBS worked for the Psychological Warfare branch of the Office of War Information. He was married to Dorothy Hearst and later to Barbara Cushing Mortimer (daughter of neurosurgeon Harvey Cushing, Scroll and Key of Yale, present at the Truman Capote ball in 1966). They were friends with Grace Kelly and had two children William and Kate (William and Kate). Katherine Cushing was married to Francis Xavier Shields (related to Brooke Shields).

Harry Houdini (Laurel Canyon) taught him stage magic. He worked with Dolores Del Rio as assistant and performed at The Mercury Wonder Show at Cahuenga Boulevard Hollywood as Orson the Magnificent (Professor Marvel in Wizard of Oz) with Agnes Moorehead (Bewitched), Rita Hayworth (later replaced by Marlene Dietrich).

He worked with Patrick McGoohan.

Astrological chart

born 5/6/1915, date George Clooney, Sigmund Freud, Tony Blair, Maximilien Robbespierre, Rudolph Valentino, Victor Neuburg, Andreas Baader, d Frank Baum (Wizard of Oz), Archie Harrison (Harry and Meghan). (Ursa: bear)

Asc: Gemini, mc: Aquarius. Dom: Aquarius (the Star), Gemini, Taurus - Uranus (alien, chaos, disruption), Saturn, Pluto.

House 9, 12, 1. 9: Moon and Uranus in Aquarius, 12: Sun and Mercury in Taurus, 1: Saturn in Gemini, Pluto in Cancer. 2: Neptune in Cancer, 10: Jupiter in Pisces.

died 10/10/1985 (after Diana dances in the White House with John Travolta, in black velvet dress like Rita Hayworth in Gilda), date George Hodell (Black Dahlia), Jay Sebring, Kill Bill.


1937 The Spanish Earth John Dos Passos Ernest Hemingway Joris Evans funded by Dorothy Parker
1940 Heart of Darkness (unfinished) novel of Apocalypse Now
1941 Citizen Kane
as Charles Foster Kane (based on William Randolph Hearst) Joseph Cotten Dorothy Comingore (Dorothy Wizard of Oz) Herman J Mankiewicz Mercury/RKO Radio Pictures later sold to Howard Hughes
1942 The Magnificent Ambersons
1943 performances with Rita Hayworth in the Mercury Wonder Show (Alice in Wonderland)
1943 Journey Into Fear Joseph Cotten Dolores Del Rio RKO
1943 Jane Eyre as Edward Rochester
1944 Know Your Ally: Britain British propaganda
1944 Follow the Boys as magician sawing Marlene Dietrich in half (Black Dahlia ritual)
1946 The Stranger Edward Robinson Loretta Young RKO
1946 Tomorrow is Forever Claudette Colbert Natalie Wood
1946 Duel in the Sun Gregory Peck (the Omen)
1947 The Lady from Shangai Rita Hayworth Columbia Pluto in Leo

1948 Macbeth (William Shakespeare) Jeanette Nolan (Pasadena Playhouse)
1949 Black Magic as Count Cagliostro Nancy Guild as Marie Antoinette
1949 The Third Man
1949 Prince of Foxes as Cesare Borgia (family that founded the Jesuits) Tyrone Power
1950 The Black Rose Tyrone Power Jack Hawkins Laurence Harvey (mind controlled assassin in The Manchurian Candidate)
1951 Othello
1953 Man, Beast, Virtue Italian comedy produced by Dino de Laurentiis
1954 Royal Affairs in Versailles as Benjamin Franklin Edith Piaf Brigitte Bardot production company of Ignace Morgenstern (related to Francois Truffaut)
1955 Mr Arkadin
1956 Moby Dick John Huston (friend of George Hodell, Black Dahlia killer) Gregory Peck
1957 Man In the Shadow
1958 Touch of Evil (film noir) Charlton Heston Janet Leigh Marlene Dietrich Zsa Zsa Gabor (Conrad Hilton)
1958 The Long Hot Summer Joanne Woodward Angela Lansbury
1959 Compulsion lawyer based on Clarence Darrow (Intercollegiate Socialist Society with Walter Lippmann) Martin Milner
1960 Crack in the Mirror dual roles (split personality) Juliette Greco Bradford Dilman produced by Darryl Zanuck
1960 Austerlitz (Napoleon masonic sign 2nd veil) Claudia Cardinale Jack Palance
1961 La Fayette as Benjamin Franklin
1961 The Tartars Victor Mature MGM
1961 King of Kings Jeffrey Hunter as Christ
1961 Ro.Go.Pa.G Jean-Luc Godard Piero Paolo Pasoloni Roberto Rosselini Rosanna Schiafino (tabloid industry)
1962 The Trial novel Franz Kafka Anthony Perkins Jeanne Moreau Romy Schneider Elsa Martinelli
1963 The V.I.P.s Richard Burton Elizabeth Taylor
1964 The Finest Hours British propaganda about Winston Churchill
1965 Marco the Magnificent Anthony Quinn
1965 Chimes at Midnight (Shakespeare) Jeanne Moreau
1966 Is Paris Burning? screenplay by Gore Vidal (Fabian Society) and Francis Ford Coppola Alain Delon Jean-Paul Belmondo Kirk Douglas Jean-Pierre Cassel Anthony Perkins Glenn Ford Billy Frick as Adolf Hitler written by Larry Collins (educated at elite school Loomis Chaffee)
1966 A Man for All Seasons Leo McKern Robert Shaw Susannah York Vanessa Redgrave
1967 Casino Royale as Le Chiffre (Lucifer, based on Fleming's friend Aleister Crowley) David Niven (In Eye of the Devil with David Hemmings and Sharon Tate) as James Bond Joanna Pettet (friend of Sharon Tate) Peter Sellers Ursula Andress Daliah Levi John Huston Jean-Paul Belmondo William Holden Woody Allen Tracy Reed Columbia Pictures

1967 The Saylor from Gibraltar Jeanne Moreau Vanessa Redgrave Umberto Orsini (Rosenberg)
1967 I'll Never Forget What's'is'Name Oliver Reed Marianne Faithfull (Habsburg, Mick Jagger)
1968 The Immortal Story Jeanne Moreau
1968 Oedipus the King (incest) Christopher Plummer (The Imaginarium with Heath Ledger, movie becomes real) Lili Palmer Donald Sutherland
1968 House of Cards
1968 The Last Roman (Kampf Um Rom) Laurence Harvey (The Manchurian Candidate which announced the JFK ritual) Harriett Andersson (wife of Ingmar Bergman)
1969 The Merchant of Venice Charles Gray
1969 12+1 Chairs Sharon Tate (mass media hoax the 911 Sharon Tate ritual) Vittorio Gassman (Shelley Winters)
1969 Battle at Neretva Yul Brynner Anthony Dawson Franco Nero
1970 The Deep (unfinished) Laurence Harvey Jeanne Moreau
1970 The Kremlin Letter John Huston Max von Sydow Bibi Andersson
1970 Start the Revolution Without Me (Uranus: revolutions) Gene Wilder Donald Sutherland Billie Whitelaw
1970 Catch 22 Alan Arkin Bob Balaban (Capote about Truman Capote) Martin Sheen Anthony Perkins Jon Voight Art Garfunkel (Columbia Records)
1970 Waterloo as Louis XVIII Christopher Plummer
1970 The Begatting of the President
1971 A Safe Place as the Magician Tuesday Weld Jack Nicholson Francesca Hilton

1971 Ten Days Wonder Anthony Perkins directed by John Ford (CIA) Peter Bogdanovich John Wayne Steven Spielberg (made a remake of War of the Worlds) Henry Fonda Clint Eastwood Maureen O'Hara Martin Scorcese
1972 Get to Know Your Rabbit (Alice in Wonderland) Brian De Palma Katherine Ross (The Stepford Wives)
1972 Treasure Island (Osiris Risen pose, Skull & Bones)
1972 Necromancy Michael Ontkeen (Twin Peaks)
1973 F for Fake (one eye) Laurence Harvey Clifford Irving (wrote fake biography of Howard Hughes) Peter Bogdanovich
1973 Battle of Sutjeska as Winston Churchill Richard Burton as Tito
1975 Bugs Bunny Superstar (rabbit Alice in Wonderland) Tex Avery
1976 Voyage of the Damned Stuart Rosenberg (The Amityville Horror) Faye Dunaway Malcolm McDowell Lee Grant (The Omen) James Mason Max von Sydow
1978 Filming Othello
1979 The Muppet Movie (mm=33) Jim Henson Telly Aristotelis Savalas Steve Martin Richard Pryor Edgar Bergen (father Candice Bergen, house of Sharon Tate) Frank Oz Mel Brooks
1979 The Double McGuffin Elke Sommer (The Wrecking Crew with Sharon Tate) George Kennedy Ernest Borgnine
1980 The Secret of Nikola Tesla as JP Morgan
1982 Butterfly (Monarch butterfly programming) Pia Zadora as Kady Tyler (famous bath scene Aquarius the Star) Stacy Keach Ed McMahon Edward Albert (Butterflies Are For Free) directed by Matt Cimber, ex-husband of Jayne Mansfield
1984 The Spirit of Charles Lindbergh
1984 Where Is Parsifal? Mackintosh Peter Lawford Donald Pleasance Tony Curtis
1986 The Transformers
1992 Don Quixote
2018 The Other Side of the Wind John Huston Susan Strasberg Dennis Hopper

Orson Welles in popular culture

1994 Ed Wood Johnny Depp (androgynous Mercury) Patricia Arquette Vincent D'Onofrio as Welles Disney.

1999 RK0 281 Liev Schreiber as Orson Welles, Melanie Griffith as Marion Davies, John Malkovich, James Cromwell as William Hearst. BBC HBO

1999 Mulholland Drive David Lynch Naomi Watts Laura Harring (Rita Hayworth persona, had Alzheimer) visit theatre with Rebecca Del Rio

2005 War of the Worlds Steven Spielberg Tom Cruise (Truman Capote ball in Eyes Wide Shut) Dakota Fanning Tim Robbins Miranda Otto (name The Tempest)

2006 Fade to Black Danny Huston (5/14 like Rita Hayworth) as Welles  Paz Vega Christopher Walken

2008 Me and Orson Welles Richard Linklater Zac Efron Claire Danes Christian McKay as Welles
2018 They'll Love Me When I'm Dead Alan Cumming Cybill Shepherd
2020 Mank Gary Oldman as Herman Mankowicz Tom Burke as Welles Charles Dance as William Hearst Amanda Seyfried as Marion Davies Lilly Collins David Fincher


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