Osiris was a mythological figure in Ancient Egyptian mythology, identified with Orion, constellation that represents the masculine electric energy of the torus, the universe, Milkyway galaxy, while Sirius represents the female energy, his wife Isis. The Aryans (Irish) worshiped Orion as the Green Man, seen as a warrior with sword or hunter. His spine/axis, the Djed pillar, represented equilibrium and stability. He was killed and cut up in 13 pieces by Set. Osiris was a Dying God, God of the Underworld with 42 judges (24 nr of Jupiter) at the Weighing of the Heart ceremony. During spring he was reborn as his son Horus.

The 3 pyramids of Gizeh are a mirror image of the three stars of the belt of Orion. The pyramid shafts were aligned with Orion and Sirius as they served as a stargate, sexual union of the male and female. The yearly death-rebirth cycle of the sun, was synchronized with the death-rebirth cycle of the Divine Feminine and Masculine Sirius and Orion and the inundation cycle of the Nile as the River of Life.

The first card of the Tarot, the Fool represents Orion and Sirius, at the beginning of the annual cycle (the Hero's Journey).

According to his mythology, he was cut in pieces by his brother Set (Saturn) and Isis went to the underworld to re-member the pieces, including his phallus.

The meeting of Osiris as a judge in the underworld, was recreated in initiation rituals. Bulls (oxes) that embodied Osiris and Taurus (the torus field, Bull of Heaven) were sacrificed in Memphis.

In funeral rituals, mummies were placed in their coffin with crossed arms, the Galactic Cross above Orion.

In Greece, the cult of Osiris became the cult of Dionysus (phallic worship, rituals of dismembering).

In freemasonry the death-rebirth mystery of Osiris and Dionysus became the murder mystery of Hiram Abiff (Hiram was Phoenician King of Tyre on the 33d parallel).

Frank Baum of the Theosophical Society wrote the Wizard of Oz (Osiris).